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Police now targeting ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jekyll, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Saturday. Brand new Street 675. Perfect riding weather. Found an amazing string of twisties in the Royal National Park I never knew existed before, then took the sea bridges route for the first time ever and marvelled at the view. I was just coming into town, glancing at the Triple's ever-surprising instrumentation, and thought to myself "the only thing that could possibly spoil this now, short of a sudden violent death, is a speeding ticket.".

    When, cresting the next hill, shone forth the NSW Police sign:

    [ seatbelt use ]


    For some reason, I laughed so hard inside my helmet, I still don't know if I wet my pants.

    That is all.
  2. so... were you stapped in? :LOL:
  3. haha!

    was the amazing string the short stretch up Mckell Avenue to Waterfall? I love that underutilised bit of road myself.
  4. It wasn't a secret - or even underappreciated - bit; just the stretch through the woods from that left hander about 10 km in from the Sutherland entrance, all the way to where you turn left onto the sea bridges route. Sir Bertram Stevens Dr most of the way, I think.

    I don't know how I missed all that on my first couple of trips in ... I guess it was just that I was heading back to Sydney and thought I'd already covered the "fun" part - but I'll be going back :)
  5. i hate to say it,but i wouldnt laugh they are actually doing a blitz(speeding) through there at the moment. I went through there on saturday to and didnt see a cop which was good,but on saturday i pulled out of a ride with a few of my mates and 2 out 3 got booked,they also had an rbt setup at the entrance of the park.
  6. They should replace it with this one


    is it "motorcycles! , use extreme caution"

    or "Motorcycles use extreme caution"

    but then it should say " motorcyclists use extreme caution"

  7. god bless.
    funny cause it's true
  8. How good is this bike jek?! I did 260km yesterday through torrential rain and freezing weather and it was TOTALLY worth it! I had two truckies come up and ask about the bike (no one did that on my awesome little VTR250)...

    Today I'm heading down to Lorne on the Great Ocean road before dropping into the Suspension thing Johnny O is organising.