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Police now targeting....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. I did the Canberra to Sydney and return run over the last week and noticed on the way out of Canberra and Sydney the signs "Police now targetting... Motorcycle speeding". So based on the fact that I did the speed limit the whole way, if this needed targeting then I should have been passed by lots of speeding motorbikes because they obviously think it is a problem (Unless you think the sign actually affects the way people ride/drive - yeah right).

    Not one. I got monstered by literally hundreds of cars doing at least 10 over the limit though. But in 600km of riding, I was not passed by one bike. In fact at some points closer to Sydney, the cars were falling over each other to get around me, even though I was doing 110! Pure chance? It would be steep odds if it was.

    From what I saw, if police are targeting motorcycle speeding it is poor use of resources given the predominance of speeding cars.
  2. It's all pretty reactionary isn't it? A few bikes get on the news for (getting caught...) doing silly speeds, so the police put up "targetting motorbike" signs as they are under pressure to appear to be doing what's needed most.
    However, I'd lay $100 down that when they're hiding behind the trees with their radar, they're targetting whatever vehicle crosses their path. I don't believe for a minute that a cop will sit there ignoring the cars speeding past waiting for a bike to come along. I wouldn't pay much attention to it.

  3. I saw that on the way out of Canberra today for a cruise and thought it was very amusing
  4. Another thing I've noticed in my cage actually, is that while a camera will get you for doing a few k's over, actual police with radars/lasers are a hell of a lot more realistic/nice in what they go after you for.

    I have an eye for cameras, I tend to spot the suspicious looking cars and double check my speed before passing them (never been caught). Police however, I often don't see them until well after they spotted me, and I've been caught out a couple of times by them recently, where I've seen a radar/laser pointed at me, looked down and I was doing 4 or 5 k's over the limit, and was allowed to keep driving. I like that. Even though I was technically speeding, I was hardly an accident waiting to happen.

    I have no problem with police, I've been pulled over a couple of times but never been booked, I've had chats for other reasons (mates cars, witnessing accidents, "various" ;) ) and I've never ran into a "bad" cop, I've always been polite and friendly and have always had the same treatment in return. I think a lot of the flak the police cop should be focused on the government, or the upper management of the police force. The coppers we see and deal with out on the road are pretty fair and just (not in the Kevin Wilson sense... ;) ).

    Anyway, enough ranting.

  5. It's the old magician's trick. They want you to think that YOU think that they are looking for something specific OVER HERE while they are looking for anything OVER THERE! Solution; keep to the speed limits, no matter what the other idiots are doing.
  6. when driving back from canberra in the cage on the long weekend it seemed that as long as you were within the 0-15km/h over the posted limit, the highway patrol cars wouldn't bother pulling you over. i went past police that were parked on the side a number of times - at times i was doing speeds of up to about about 1250km/h (in the flow of traffic)...
  7. To quote the fast and the furious....

    "damn, that guy is fast!" ;)

  8. can you tell i've been up all night? :LOL:

    time to get take a nap before the GP starts 8)
  9. Heh ;)

  10. Fixed cameras have a 3km tollerance. That rule only applied to the fixed cameras when they brought them in but the Gov decided to to clarify the rules in their advertising. All other cameras, radars and lasers etc., are supposed to give a 10% leeway as they've always done. :wink:
  11. i once saw the same sort of sign coming home from canberra, but it read
    police are now targetting 'DO-NUT SHOPS'

    last week on a family drive up the 'thunderbolt hwy' a sign stated ' motorcyclists beware this is not eastern creek'
  12. heh, yeah I saw that sign on Thunderbolt's Way when I was doing the recce for the Tamworth Ride. I thought it was a bit over the top; that road is a bit rough to ride too quickly IMHO. I believe the same sign is at the start of the Oxley Highway as well.
  13. i doubt they're actually "targetting" anything, but being motogp time it makes sense to give the bikers something to think about... even if it is for their own safety