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Police not wearing gear

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by The_brick, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. I have just come from visiting a mate in Berwick, and was riding home.
    Sick of going down the freeway and having plenty of time, I decided to head down the princess hwy.
    Turning off the freeway at Narre Warre, I had to come to a stop because of lights.
    Looking down the rd i noticed a bmw which looked like a police bike comming my way. I didnt think it was because the ride was where a short sleve shirt and pants and what looked like work boots.
    On closer inspection I noticed that it was a cop and he was turning onto the freeway inwhich i had just come off.
    I know there has been alot of talk of squids lately, and now the police are getting into the act.
    I was is full gear and it wasnt hot at all today.
    All i can say is Vic Police leading by example. :twisted:

  2. It's rare to see a NSW Motorcycle Policeman in anything BUT a short-sleeved shirt. I guess since it's not a legal requirement to 'suit up' they neither enforce nor observe it....
  3. I've neva seen a bike cop w/out full leathers so I wouldnt say its the

    Was he obese? :LOL: Maybe he was prolly just abit lazy to dress up :p
  4. not illegal but hey he should be setting a good example for other riders i agree
  5. True True.. :wink: :wink:
  6. Not sure how hed go with workcover if he came off, dont think his superiors would be too impressed.
  7. didnt look obese.
    Just thought it was weird I've been riding in vic on roads for 19 years and it is the first time i have seen a cop this way.
    Might have to have a chat to some police i know and see what there view is
  8. At a focus group about some hunter valley stuff, was talking to a cop who was a rider, and who wanted to get into the police bike division.

    He was saying in NSW at least, the cop riders won't let anyone make them wear gear, and if a newbie cop bike rider wanted to wear gear, he'd be given a choice. Stay as a police bike rider without gear or get out.
  9. I remember mention of a discussion with a police rider somewhere in Vic where it was mentioned the supplied riding gear left alot to be desired, and as such it was either buy your own gear (or custom tailored to look like police gear... another minefield), or simply go minimal/squid.

    That said, the most common bike coppers i see around my area are the ones doing the Eastern Fwy on the chookie's; and they usually wear dirt bike gear which blends in very nicely. I've never actually seen the chookie pull someone over though; only the occasional undercover Bimmer bike.
  10. are obese police officers less likely to wear correct riding gear?
  11. Interesting because I would imagine that as a disciplined Force, and being under the control of the Government, they wouldn't have much choice in the matter once it came down to a workcover requirement. Must have a mighty strong union.

    When you think about it, having another rider not only tell you you are not allowed to wear protective gear but to enforce it is obscene.
  12. Hmm I have spoken to a mate of a mate who is a Bike cop... they have a deal with some Shoe shop (same one that us post was using at one time) and they get THE most comfy boots!!

    Also I belive they have a deal with STAG and get their Lether pants and jackets from there... Oddly the same (but yellow) jackets are avalable for Postes (we have a chice b/w lether jacket and wet wether gear which includes pants... so guess what we choose??)
  13. i was coming through cranbourne on the way home this arvo, and saw two police bikes talking outside the cop shop there, both were not wearing all covering gear, but then they may have still been getting ready to head out. wierd to see two bikes together though, i aint seen that for years except for special events and such
  14. Like just about everyone that rides a bike up here in north queensland, I have never seen a motorcycle cop wearing a jacket or gloves. Usually an open face helmet too. I reckon around 2% of people up here wear gear.

    I dont hop on the bike without fully suiting up... and people generally think you are strange. If I take my jacket off in front of someone I always get asked if I get hot.. 'only when Im not moving'
  15. Might mention this to a mate who works for Workcover.
  16. A friend in the NSW Police Force has told me that shortly all NSW bike cops will be getting Draggins cargos to match the new GD cargos being worn by 'regular' beat police.

    They can also wear their police-issue leather jackets on the bike, but they are not great protection due to single stiching, no padding, etc. Several officers have had custom jackets made for them with CE armour, but looking like a standard issue jacket from the outside.

    As for worksafe, I believe the NSW police have a single Worksafe vehicle policy - they don't target motorcycles specifically as that would then impact the insurance as they are a higher risk...
  17. Ahh, dont worry about it..... Soon they will be wearing their tight horse riding pants, long boots and fitted short sleeve shirts again.... And, instead of sirens, you will hear the sound-track to CHiPS...... Daa ddaaa ddaaaaadddaaaaaaadddaaaaaaaa
  18. I've actually never seen a cop bike in full gear.
  19. Wow was just about to create a post about this!

    Well I have to say in all my years in NSW i have never seen a cop with protective gear on.

    Like yesterday I saw a group of about 5 cop riders all in shorts, shirts crappy workmen type boots.

    I really think that they should set an example and deck out in the right gear no matter how hot it gets. Even a jacket would be some kind of start.

    Correct me if I am wrong but doesnt skin react the same way when it comes incontact with the road be it civillian or the arm of the law?
  20. I agree - surely they should know better than anyone what happens in the event of an accident since if they're experienced they've probably attended a few. Only time I ever see the local bike cop (parking inspector) wearing protective gear is when it's wet - even then it's just standard issue police leather jacket and pants.