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Police New Tactics around Mt Glorious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Simson, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. I was speaking to a gentleman who lives at Esk and he informed me that he recently spotted police setting up in the bushes around Mt Glorious (I am assuming they are also probably doing this in other motorcycle hot spots) in full camouflage gear using TruCAM systems.

    Of course this is all in the name of road safety and has nothing to do with revenue and budget targets.

    In other news the Brisbane airport was shut down recently due to some unidentified objects entering the air space. Turns out that they were just a couple of lost pigs reversing back up because they took a wrong turn. :D
  2. Are you suggesting that the police care more about revenue than our safety?
    :shock: Shocker!
  3. Dear Mr & Mrs. Fuzz

    Thank you for hiding in the bushes taking happy snaps of speeders. You are no better than the common folk who use their phone to record potentially dangerous incidents instead of trying to do something about an escalating situation.

    It must be grand to be able to tell your friends and family what you do for a living. "I'm a paid bystander." Do you send posthumous fines to those that perish further down the road, which would likely have been avoided if your presence was visible...

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  4. Since when was it an "escalating situation"? And how would their visible presence at one point stop something that happened further down the road where their presence isn't?
  5. How much of the news footage nowadays is someones smartphone? And how often do you see someone actually step in compared to not.

    The second part may be hypothetical but people slow down when they see police. If there were an incident attributed to speed a few corners after a camera sniper then wouldn't it seem likely that if the police were visible it could have been averted?

    Just makes sense to me.
  6. If there was an accident attributed to speed and the police where not within koowee of the place would it still be there fault for not being nearby and visible ?
  7. That's a bit of a stretch. I'm simply saying what has been said for years, visible presence is more effective than photo's. Active vs. Passive
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  8. When I used to ride the RNP on weekends there was one or two particular hidey holes police liked to build their pens in. Slow down until out of sight then back on the pace for next corner, everytime.
  9. Well that's a little different to attributing accidents to their lack of presence.
  10. And that you tube vid posted up about speeding shows that.
  11. I wore the blue uniform. It's a tough job - thankless, low paid, menial in many ways. But it was a job I was proud of doing, because I thought I was making a positive contribution to our society.

    Unfortunately, its easy for people to pass judgement from the outside without having any idea whatsoever of the sh!t those men and women on the ground go through every day.

    All that being said, from my perspective now as an outsider, there appears to be a lot more "bad apples" in the bunch than there was back in my day.

    Oh well.....I'll just keep doing my thing, riding the twisty roads and breathing clean air. Can't change the world, so better learn to adapt :)
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  12. My late sister was in the Vic Police in the 70's and my other sister was married to a Vic cop in the 80's through to the early 00's (when she divorced him).
    I have to say that of all cops I knew/know personally the split between 'good blokes' and 'arseholes' would be roughly the same as it was in my days in the RAAF and people I've played sport with.

    I can't speak for everyone, but my beef isn't so much with the cops at the 'coal face' as it is with the hierarchy and government.

    Hell, even most of the arsehole coppers I know admit privately that the 'speed kills' mantra is a crock of crap.
  13. personally I have no issue with the coppers, I do believe that a visible presence is a far greater deterrent not only to speeding but bad / inattentive driving as well. When I do get done for something, it's my fault not his, so I cop (pun intended) it sweet
  14. This is why I do track days... ya don't have to worry about dumb shi*t like this.