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Police nab hoons in Middle Park and Albert Park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tigress, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. If the report is correct, being unlicensed and having an unregistered bike wouldn't do his cause much good and if true, not much between the ears if he's also picked that spot of all places to do a mono...
  2. Hope it's not a Netrider.....he should have known better.
  3. Nah, we're good, safe beige folk we are!
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  4. Lmfao cam!!!

  5. Yes you all are lol

  6. Oh yeah....except him!! ha Ha!
  7. Hey I've got a*Netrider card, it's my get out of Jail Free card :p
  8. I would prefer to be regarded as 'tope'....beige is well... so common these days.
  9. I checked the Vicpol FB page and the people of Melbourne are beginning to fizz their pants already. Bet ya a hundred bucks a muppet calls for Gaol time.

    51 people have died this year so far and I can't recall how many of them were hoons. Just 'good safe beige folk' killing themselves and motorcycle riders. Yet there's no call for Gaol time when an innocent life is taken through negligence. Go figure.
  10. I don't have mine yet, but joined in Jan...hmmmmm must follow up on that.
  11. If you get pulled over mention my name.

    ....no wait
  12. I did.

    They locked me in a cell. With a llama. Some rubber gloves. A pair of gumboots. And two condoms.
  13. You got two condoms??? You lucky bastard!!
  14. Where the hell is Seabrook anyway? Maybe he can swim home.
  15. Or run over by some prick on purpose! #%*%#
  16. There's so many bad things you can do that results in a slap on the wrist compared to "hooning". I saw a girl cop $600 and 6 months susp for high range DUI on that rbt show last night.

    We should start a thread and post everytime we see an article referencing a lenient punishment for something ****ed up then compare it to trivial victimless hooning incidents.

    It's something that is always on my mind since I'm now up to $10,000 in legal fees defending my ongoing (it's been 14 months so far) criminal driving charge for alleged speeding.
  17. I LOL'd so hard....
  18. which part was the "hoon" offence? was it the mono or riding unlicensed?? If mono, you seriously loose your bike for 30 days for a mono?? No wonder Ned Kelly built himself some armor and started shooting...
  19. Roger that, it used to be 48 hours but they upped it to reduce all the carnage on the roads. So far it's worked a treat.

    However if they can't be fucked towing you you get a $160 fine or thereabouts. But then they don't get to fizz their pants either so it doesn't happen often.