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Police nab 212km/h biker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/police-nab-212kmh-biker-20090128-7r4x.html

    " Police are stunned at the stupidity of a unlicensed motorcyclist caught travelling at almost 150km/h above the speed limit in Melbourne's west.

    The rider, 24, motorcyclist was caught driving at 212km/h in a 70km/h zone in Grieve Parade, Altona North, by a policeman who just last month attended a fatal collision 200 metres up the road."

    WTF? they should lock this guy up ( preferably with Ivan Milat ) for at least a year.....suspended licence, unregistered bike....what was going through this guys mind?
  2. definately not good in a 70 zone
  3. It's an industrial area. The fatality they're referring to occurred on a Wednesday. This was on a Sunday in a deserted industrial area. Depends on where he was picked up. There's about a 500m straight stretch towards the southern end of Grieve Pde that has almost nothing around. 200m further north there's a fair bit around that you wouldn't want to too go fast in.

    Not saying that makes it all fine, but am saying that depending on exactly where this guy did his thing, then giving it a bit of stick along an open and semi-deserted road is far, far, far, far, far removed from the Belanglo State Forest killer.

    Still, never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who fail the grasp the basic concept of time and place, but I was guilty of that when I was young too I guess.
  4. What a load of sh!te. No doubt he deserves harsh penalties in the way of fines, weekend detention, licence suspension etc etc, but jail for a traffic offense that caused no one harm :roll:

    No doubt he will be reamed by the current policy used by the courts but If he was talking on his mobile and killed someone he would get less then speeding and causing no one harm.
  5. The story is now here at the Herald Sun. Check the comments section for the predictable range of insights from wowsers which will no doubt range from disbelief, to calls to crush the bike, wanting the guy to never drive again for the rest of his life, to stopping just short wanting to have the guy executed.

    Seems to me that the only two things that the Herald-Sun really pushes is anti-speeding, and public services (health, schools, transport). It's interesting very few people comments on most stories there, but whenever there's a speeder involved, all of a sudden there will be one hundred comments calling for punishment more strict than that found in despot nations.
  6. sorry should have inserted "sarcasm" emoticon above re: milat comment.....

    but come on....leave that sh*t for the track.......some of us have done those speeds on road but as you say in the current legislative/punitive climate with the courts, police etc you really are going to get reamed for doing that....
  7. Excessive speed while while riding un licensed and unregistered :shock:

    its pharkwits like this that give the rest of us a bad name

    Take his toy from him and crush it.

    He might think twice (if he is capable of thought) before doing something like this again.

  8. Speeding is not the same as murdering, stealing, bashing, glassing, vandalism, dealing drugs, r@pe, torture, sexual abuse, terrorism etc.

    On the youthful exuberance scale of "fun <---> f*cked up shit", speeding will always be heavily towards the "fun" side, and there will always be an incoming supply of people who will want to enjoy the thrill of speed without really considering the risks (including the penalties of being caught).

    Two days ago I was gobsmacked at the stupidity of this girl I observed.

    Location: 100m away from a completely blind crest in a 70kph zone. She pulls into a driveway and drops off her boyfriend. Then she proceeds to reverse out swerving across the opposite side of the road, then back to her side, and then keeps on reversing at about 30kph against the flow of traffic direction right the hill to the top of the crest, before heading forwards again and driving past her boyfriend.

    I call out to the guy something along the lines of "WTF is she thinking?". He replies: "Oh, she's got some new rims on and just wanted to drive by showing them off". I point out the absolute abject stupidity of reversing at speed against the direction of traffic up to the top of a blind crest, to which he shrugs, has a think, and then agrees that it was a bit silly.

    Some guy doing 212kph in a semi-deserted stretch with good visibility would be far less dangerous as you can see danger up ahead and slow down pretty quick, and yet if someone had come over that crest at the speed limit on a motorbike, it would've been a 100kph crash straight into the rear of her car with almost no time to react. The speeding guy gets slapped silly by the law, but dickheaded chick would be fine 'cos she wasn't speeding. :roll:
  9. hmmm

    sometimes we are our own worst enemies.
  10. the lesson here is to go far, far away from any cops, or other people. most people just dont get it, they cling to posted speed limits like divine law without knowing what the speed limit is and how its calculated.
  11. Well, even if he had a license it would be gone after that stunt so same difference really

    That’s the problem with fast bikes, one spastic jerk of the wrist and you hit 200+

    I downgraded myself to a 250 to preserve my license and cut through traffic jams (I know that’s a cliché) but it’s also very cheap to rego and insure
  12. Time and place is exactly what this dude should thought of. On an open freeway, no traffic, yeah why not, there is no-one there to see you anyway. Not that I know the area he was in at all but sounds like he was just out for an adrenaline hit and maybe hadn't got too far from home. Kinda seems like there is more to the story that they are not telling. Like why did the guy lose his licence in the first place.
  13. Why did he stop, i'm never stopping there if i were him
  14. Now we wonder why people judge majority (all) motorcycle riders as hoons and we get a negative reaction from drivers. This guy might have been doing something harmless in the sense of no traffic at all but there could be the odd case a car pulls out and he gets killed.. the driver lives with that for the rest of their life. Absolute stupidity. There is no point crushing the bike as he will just get another one and rego??? Well who cares about rego as i doubt next time he will stop. Jail might be the only step where he sees what it is like inside and it scares the sh*t out him where he learns his lesson... but on the other hand he comes out becomes a crim and ends up stealing one of our bikes...

    Death penalty maybe??? (im saying this completly sarcastic).

    Let him go to the alfred in the trauma unit where he sees people who have had a bad stack.. that might make him slow down.
  15. Report in the paper today about cops speeding and how most of them get off. Usually based on "being on duty" or whatever.

    Funny how when the general public speeds, even if it's only a few kays over on a multilane divided carriageway that they're the harbinger of death. But cops who fly through traffic at greater speeds in order to catch one of these miscreants are seemingly immune to the laws of physics that us mere mortals are afflicted with.
  16. Unlicensed & unregistered... I feel no association with this man. Calling him a motorcyclist might be a bit of a stretch, after all what defines a motorcyclist? Is it simply one who rides a motorcycle, or is it one who has the relevant training & experience & rides a motorcycle?

    As for what he did... Oh well, no harm done.

    As for the Police speeding, I am led to believe they recieve special driver training which means when they speed, no kittens are killed. :wink:
  17. The general public believe that speeding is a serious threat to life and well-being, and given the information they are fed, why wouldn't they? In truth, there is plenty of evidence to support that view, for cars at least. Drivers regularly wipe out themselves, their mates and others on roads like Grieve Parade. Riders kill and maim themselves often enough to reinforce the point. That may not be as much of a threat to other people as a speeding car, but you're asking a lot of the public and the police to make that distinction.

    Grieve Parade isn't long enough or distant enough to justify this speed at any time. Sorry. I don't mind a bit of a squirt either, but the fact that the guy hasn't got a current license hints that maybe he hasn't got the wits or the self control to have one anyway.

    edit: just this minute I heard on talkback radio, a neighbour of this particular rider claiming that he has been up to naughty speeds (100+) all around the residential area for some time now, and the subject of many complaints to the police. Well, that's what he said, anyway...
  18. So why isn't this training available to the general public?

    I'd happily pay the costs in exchange for complete immunity to traffic law. :)
  19. Unlicenced, unregistered. Anyone got the accident stats handy as, IIRC, there are a lot of deaths etc where the rider is unlicenced and unreg.

    Wrong time & place but the anecdotal evidence suggests that this dim wit cannot make that judgement for himself. What to do? Well, not having a licence never stopped people from getting behind the wheel/bars and being unreg doesn't seem to bother too many people either. Why? Not much chance of being caught. Chances are that if this guy wasn't speeding he would've gotten away with it this time 'round.
  20. As it happens, the news today also included a story about a significant number of cops having been charged for speeding whilst on duty but without a good operational reason for doing so.

    So they aren't immune at all, it would seem. Everybody's got to pay...