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Police looking for motorcyclists

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeffco, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Dont know if this is the right forum to post but This guy desevres to have the book not just thrown at him but also beaten with it.

    Police hunting stunt-performing motorcyclist who hit a pedestrian
    • by:Christopher Gillett
    • From:Herald Sun
    • April 14, 20139:12AM

    POLICE are hunting a dangerous stunt-performing motorcyclist who hit a pedestrian then sped off in Melbourne’s north.
    The near-fatal collision happened close to the intersection of Lygon and Barkly streets in Brunswick East about 9.45 last night.

    Senior Constable Marty Beveridge said it is believed the male rider, on a blue and white motorcycle, performed a mono - a stunt where the front wheel is lifted off the ground.

    He then allegedly lost control and struck a 61-year-old Burwood man who was crossing the road.

    The crash caused the rider to fall off his bike.

    He then fled and was last seen on Barkly St going towards Sydney Rd.

    The elderly man was taken to the Royal Melbourne hospital in a serious condition.

    Police are appealing for the rider to come forward.
    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.

  2. 61 years old is not elderly
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  3. I used to think it was but not so much now days
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  4. On the remote chance that this guy is a netrider, turn your self in mate. You stuffed up, live with the consequences. Having someone in your family hurt through someone elses idiotic behaviour is bad enough but to leave them with the spiteful hatred of an unknown coward is just cruel.
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  5. #5 mainstage, Apr 14, 2013
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    Pedestrians should always look out for other road users when crossing the road .
    I hope the police did there job and tested the pedestrian for alcohol use :beer:

    Remove tongue from cheek
  6. A hit and run is a hit and run, the guy should hand themselves in.
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  7. Compared to me, 61 is a youngster, I taught my female friend to ride motor cycle at 61,
    So where does the old come in,
  8. Himself?

    tsk tsk.

    Doubtless this **** is a coward. But I may suggest it is likely that he is also unlicensed or riding outside his license class or on a non registered vehicle. Pissing off seems to be the modus operandi for these guys.
    A real motorycyclist would be accepting of their fate and taking responsibility for their actions, not to mention they would have performed the stunt without crashing. Losers ride bikes as well is drive cars, don't confuse motorcyclists with this excrement.
  9. Maybe not, but it's too old to jump lithely out of the way, and too old to do a proper wheelie (in my case at least).

    So I guess that since it wasn't far from me, I could theoretically have been either participant.
    Or known them. Sobering.
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  10. Gutless, incompetent and stupid, this dude has got the lot.
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  11. A bit harsh guys, Yes he screwed up and needs to contact the Police and face the consequences but I can understand being afraid and doing a runner. Let those that have never screwed up cast the first brake caliper.
  12. A big harsh? The guy ran someone over and left them lying on the road basically, that's as low as you can go in my book.
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  13. Nope. And a wee bit of a mono isn't much of a stunt, either.
  14. I am not denying the seriousness of the situation, even ignoring the law common humanity says you should render assistance.

    Of the assembled riders, who has always been in 100% control of the bike at all times. Who has not made a foolish decision and gotten away with it through luck more than skill. Situations can go out of control very quickly this is one of those times. A fraction of a second earlier or later and he may have just gotten a frown and shake of the head from the pedestrian as a hoon. Now the pedestrian was taken to the hospital as Serious, likely to recover but a long road.

    It is better for us to urge the person to contact the police and deal with the consequences. If you are on this forum I know you are afraid but it is better for you in the long term to deal with this. People will support you if you man up but not if you hide from the situation.
  15. Dropped it, so there's every chance he/she is NR material, although maybe not with the wheelie...
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  16. But he didnt, he did hit him.

    We complain when guys get booked for not causing any harm. This guy hit someone then took off. I bet he is a cager that just got a bike, they are that type of scum
  17. You don't do a runner, period!
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  18. I'd like to know what he was wearing so I can stereotype large numbers of riders based on his actions.
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  19. For the benefit of those unfamiliar, the location is an exceptionally busy area, with a lot of traffic on Lygon street, and turning into Lygon st, and many pedestrians in the area at all times of the day and night.
    I honestly would not cross Lygon street at that point without the greatest care. To ride aggressively in that location is either extremely bad judgement or else a panic reaction. Neither excuse riding off.
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  20. Sounds like he was on a Gixxer!

    We already know GSXR riders are a bunch of douchebags (according to google).

    Haha, j/k. :rofl:
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