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Police lie about speed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jem, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. most likley nothing as they are a closed club and look after their own unless ther two officers are first subjected to trial by media
  2. Oh, so much irony, delicious.

    That is a great paragraph.
  3. So police can also use phones while driving? speed whenever they like?
  4. Yes because they are specially trained and a better person than you or I am

    come to think of it they should let the public get special training in using a phoen while driving that way the public will also be experts and not get fined for it if they have passed the training
  5. these are the same guys that reckon they can accurately estimate our speed to book us?
  6. The police lied??? ......and this is news?
  7. Isn't one of our biggest gripes against the ever changing and strictly enforced Victorian speed limits that it is often impractical and inappropriate to constantly drive 'looking at the speedo'?

    If I was hoicking along at 150kph in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle I'd be watching the road, the side roads, the other traffic, pedestrians, bikes, scooters.....everything but the speedo, regardless of how many there were in the car!! Fair call, this is Monday Morning umpiring of the worst kind, analysing the GPS data to try to ascertain what they were actually travelling at.

    They didn't ask to chase the guy: why is it their fault that he drove so fast and so dangerously that he caused a fatal, regardless of what speed they were doing. He may just as likely have done the same if it was a Gold Standard driver in the pursuit car ](*,)
  8. Really? What was Senior Constable Bedpan looking at then?

    ...and are you saying the po-po are incapable of determining a speed differentiation of above 20kph without looking at a speedo? and yet the general public are expected to tell the difference of 5kph?
  9. I think he was busy giving Constable Horny a blow job.
  10. Police shouldnt need a speedo but, they can just estimate speed with their experience.
  11. I'm surprised the chase wasn't called off 30 mins before the crash as per usual.
  12. I think that's what the inquiries about.
  13. Worth keeping a close eye on this one. Good material to use as reference for a speeding fine in court perhaps??