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Police leading the example.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by XLAR8, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. On my way home from work today, i was sitting at a red light in my ute (still cant ride with my torn rib cartilage, its only been 3 weeks :nopity:) and i was watchmaking all the bikes go past... oh check out the old Honda 750/4 i said to myself then i noticed a Harley at another red light and sort of went meh...

    the light went green for the Harley and as it went past i noticed it was a squiding cop wearing short sleeves and short shorts .

    but this aint as bad as what i seen next he was balancing a duffle bag on his tank. watching him going around the corner was most amusing.
  2. Nearly as good as the effort I saw last night. Sitting at a red light. Cop pulls up beside me, waited about 10 seconds, then on came the flashing red & blues. Cruised through the red, and not 50 metres down the road switched them off, and casually continued on his way. No hurry at all. I think I need some for my car. Cut my morning commute by about a 1/3 I reckon.
  3. I rarely see cops wearing any more then a helmet and their normal HWP shirt and pants.

    They are extremely skilled riders. Only a few motorcycle cops (i dont know but its like less then 5 i think) have died in a riding accident. Watch some videos on youtube of them showing off their slow riding and maneuvering skills. They dont really need ATGATT, they dont fall off.

    Not to mention, a lot of their time is spent sitting at the side of the road, im sure all of you know that if its summer and your not moving, you are going to be baking hot, and if someone flies past them they dont have time to gear up in their leathers before following in pursuit.

    This is why cops do not wear much gear. Especially in the summer time.
  4. Maybe they should let Rossi and Stoner know that they should wear short sleeves in GP because they are experienced.
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  5. my biggest problem isnt that fact that he was squiding but the whole balancing act he had going on with his duffle bag, if any one of us on this forum had done this balancing act of a large object unsecured on the petrol tank we would be fined and ridiculed for endangering other motorist.
  6. I've seen cops and more commonly ambo's do that many times. I'm willing enough to assume the ambo's have a legitimate reason for doing so and given they do it more often than cops, perhaps some of the police that do it have legitimate reason as well. Not commenting on the one you saw, just my experience of it in general.
  7. Saw a fire truck fill up their tank at a servo in Bondi yesterday morning than casually click on the red and blues, cut across two lanes of traffic and go through a red on the other side of the road. This interaction was enormous and then it just causally drove away and switched them off 100m up the hill..
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    It's not their skills, it's usually others that get you in trouble. They should know that all to well.
  9. I think you guys are underestimating the skills of a motorcycle cop. Yes you can go on about how you never know for sure etc and how its likely to be another motorist. But these riders have the skills to avoid even the nearest of near misses in a split seconds. Go on youtube, watch them demonstrate what they can do with their huge touring bikes. The proof is in the numbers, australia wide hardly any of them have gone down while on duty, to a point where it pretty much doesnt happen.

    Combine their elite skills with the fact they spend 80% of their day radaring at the side of the road in the heat, with the need to immediately hop on the bike and go (no time to gear up) and you will understand why they squid it.
  10. if bike cops are so skilled then why couldnt they keep up with me through the twisties the other day???
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  11. Probably because they are on touring bikes and you are on a supersports.
  12. If it was the 11th September its probably because you crashed and they didn't see you go off the road :p
  13. We get it! You're impressed with police riders, and their amazing skills!
    Us mortals can only aspire to be so good. Eurgh!
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  16. Ok here's a riddle. What if your a hwp then go back to being a mere mortal? Do you go back to being a shit rider like everyone else? What if you do the same courses as the cops? Of course the answer is your inferior without the badge.

    My most recent example of seeing a cop leading by example (I see it all the time) was last weekend driving to the snow at 2am. I'm going through goulbourn on the Hume (divided rd 110kph) when I see a car driving in the right lane head on toward me. This car is green and has no markings on it what so ever. I freak out, hit the brakes and start high beaming the car and hitting the horn. As soon as I notice it's a commodore I change my tune quickly to "shit better stop high beaming this prick he must be a cop". Yes it was, he pulled off the road into his sneaky rats nest in the middle of the road. Umm seriously wtf how is this expectable? I hope the **** gets flattened by a truck next time. I'd love to write a formal complaint but I'm sure it'll come back and bite me on the ass the boys stick together, don't they unconnected?
  17. Cop riders never crash because as soon as every numpty on the road sees them, they slow to a crawl and give the cop a wide birth... Makes me laugh, overtook a cop the other day on the Monash, he was doing about 90 with a procession of cars doing 90 behind him - not the first time I've witnessed this, I'm sure the do it for a giggle...
  18. because there were no witches cones to guide him
  19. are you implying im HWP?

    Because im going to chase so many bikes down on my 250 with all of 40hp. lol
  20. They could have, they just couldn't be bothered...[-(