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VIC Police launch Halo as final toll announced - FEB VICPL OP

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. I'd think about cycle lane use for a while....

    There are more tables on the web page. Removed them from the quotes below as it looked messy.


  2. What is it about cycle lane use that you want to look at?
    More significantly, what impact has it had on road trauma?
  3. Who me?
    Only reason I stated thinking about cycle lane use is because I tend to read between the lines of operational press releases and nothing to do with any opinion of mine..

    In this case I read VicPol may be paying more attention to anyone using them who technically shouldn't...
  4. I think this line from the VicPol release explains:

    That tells me that if a cop sees anyone riding their M/C in a bicycle lane - that they will fine that rider.....

    I think Joe's reason for pointing it out, is because there is NO evidence to prove that riding a M/C in a designated bicycle lane is in any manner dangerous or likely to cause injury to a bicycle rider....
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  5. OK, Certainly wasn't attributing anything to you Joe, but I may have misread your comment. Agree with you and JK.

    For myself, I'd rather see VP spend a bit more energy on SMIDSY than on issues that have no bearing at all on road trauma (perhaps I should tell them).
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  6. the jump in pedestrian deaths just points out that drivers don't look where they are going.
    i see more and more drivers looking down in their laps.
    because they don't want to be seen using their i-phones.
    they glance the windscreen as little as they feel they need to.
  7. I read this

    as anti SMIDSY.

    Not that I wouldn't love to bash the cops, but it is better than normal.
  8. Some pedestrian collisions would be the car at fault but I reckon the majority would be the pedestrain steping out into the path of a vehicle which has right of way.

    I think we've all had close calls with distracted foot soldiers (IPod, phones, etc).
  9. This worries me. I read this as them getting heavy on filtering "for our own good".
  10. agree with Minglis on both points, I have had a few close calls when 'numbnuts' walk off the footpath to carve thru traffice cause they cant be farkd walkin to ped lights, iPhone hammerin at the ears an no friggin idea about the world around them..
    The stopping of filtering is frustrating, what benefit is there in sitting behind a shit load of cars when you slowly make your way up front, leaving a vacant spot for a car that can help move traffic along?
  11. Ah, I see where this is going now. This is VP getting it's own back for being made to look stupid and belligerent at the Inquiry.

    The battle lines are drawn, and filtering is going to be the front line.
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  12. Have I missed something completely here or are you Victorians getting punished for NOT dying in great numbers.
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  13. the worst part will be that it'll be sold as being for OUR safety etc... all nice and reasonable. "I have to fine you mate... it's just too dangerous for you... will someone think of the kittens!!"
  14. Love the anti-splitting/filtering propaganda VicPol spew out right after the inquiry into it... I would like to hear their reasoning why it's fine for pushbikes to do it but not motorcycles. But hey if they can't win any debates on it or give any reasons why doesn't mean they can't just keep enforcing it anyways..
  15. So us "risk taking" bikers are twice as smart as cagers and four times as smart as the pushies.

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  16. Question... on a road such as say... Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn (the open sections, not the section through the shopping precinct) you have two lanes each way, the right hand side of the left lane (ie. outside where cars park) is marked with a bicycle as a bicycle lane (but not defined by lines) but i've always been a bit confused as to if we're allowed to ride in this space because if there were no parked cars it would be a normal car lane? I ride in it anyway, just want to be sure. If all the above makes sense :)
  17. I'm not sure in that EXACT case, but I asked a copper about riding in lanes partially-occupied by parked cars such as on Dandenong Rd, and he said he'd question if it's a good idea, but it's technically legal. Take it with a grain of salt, but…
  18. Finally something I can agree with. :)
  19. One hundred police per day? Still trying to justify there massive numbers.

    The TAC is spending our money well.

    And here it is again the quote of the year.

    “Research shows that if all drivers dropped just 1km/h off their average speed we could save about 15 lives every year and avoid up to 300 serious injuries.”


    So many speed limits were reduced and yet the road toll is up. Why don’t the TAC, Victoria Police, VicRoads, Dept of Justice, MUARC and Redflex explain why this is so. Did they lie to us?
  20. quick, everyone grab hold of something. A rift was just torn in the space/time continuum.
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