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Police Launch Covert Motorcycle Operation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DuHAST, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. http://police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=10006

    Police Launch Covert Motorcycle Operation
    Mon 5 February 2007

    Dangerous motorcycle rider behaviour is being targeted by an unmarked, high powered touring motorcycle in an effort to curb the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities in the Yarra Ranges.

    Police are aware that motorcycling enthusiasts from metropolitan Melbourne as well as regional Victoria regularly use Yarra Ranges roads.

    The operation comes after reports that motorcyclists have been racing each other, leading to serious injury and death.

    Inspector Ian Sutton, Region 4 Traffic Inspector, today urged all motorcyclists to take care on the roads or risk their lives and getting caught.

    “There are stretches of roads throughout the Yarra Ranges which continue to be popular spots for motorcyclists,†Inspector Sutton said.

    “The roads that we will be closely targeting during this operation include Reefton Spur, Maroondah Highway, Black Spur, Melba Highway, Yarra Glenn to Healesville Rd and Wellington Road,†he said.

    “We are targeting these areas with the new covert police motorcycle in a bid to cut the alarmingly high number of accidents in this area every year, some resulting in death.

    “Last year, 150 motorcycle collisions were recorded in the Yarra Ranges and 13 motorcycle fatalities in Region 4.

    “The serious injuries sustained by motorcyclists involved in some of these accidents may require years of rehabilitation, surgery and loss of movement.

    “We are extremely concerned about the reckless behaviour displayed by some motorcyclists using our roads and want to stress that these roads are unforgiving; one small error of judgment could very easily turn to tragedy.â€

    The Road Trauma Reduction Strategy is a project partnership with Victoria Police and BMW Australia, who have kindly donated the motorcycle used in the operation.

    Sara McMillan
    Media Officer
  2. Surely if there is a singular bike, it will become known and be publicised almost immediately, and therefore lose its effect almost immediately?????
  3. Exactly, word spreads fast!
  4. ... specially on an internet forum. I mean they are even saying what BRAND of bike it is.....
  5. mmmm high powered touring bike? BMW maybe?

    13 deaths that's a lot.
  6. Possibly to some extent although unmarked cop cars have traditionally been Falcons and Commodores and people still get pinged by them.
  7. What brand of bikes do the Vic cops use normally? Could it just be a normal police bike, sans markings and panniers maybe?
  8. True.. Was with my mate in his car one time, and we got pulled over by a unmarked magna.
  9. This is nothing new in this area. An unmarked bike of German manufacture has been cruising the hills for many a year. Frankly if I see a BMW being ridden quickly(!) I am suspicious straight away.
  10. Yep, even in country towns where the police don't have that many unmarked cars or change them that often people still get caught. I can just imagine beemer riders having a lot of fun in the Yarra ranges pretending to be unmarked cop bikes.
  11. I wonder if the accident rates have anything at all to do with the shabby state of affairs with the road resurfacing thats been a total joke of late?

    Let's not also discount logging trucks dumping diesel over the roads, as well as the odd deliberate diesel dumping by persons of malicious intent.
  12. yeah but I reckon lack of ability to control the bike at speed is probably the biggest issue here. Notice I did not say speeding.

    The road surface is fine for people going for a Sunday drive or for hauling logs. It is not a racetrack and was never meant to be one, although i have treated it like one! :grin:
  13. hey!, I resemble that! :)
  14. lol! It works both ways though. When I lived in the UK, if I saw a Ford Sierra being driven slowly I'd always be concerned it was an unmarked police car (which it always was!).
  15. In fact they do on another report of this -

    "Covert bike to patrol Yarra Ranges
    By 7News Police are using an unmarked, high-powered motorcycle to catch riders breaking the law in the Yarra Ranges.
    The operation - using a BMW touring motorbike - was conceived in response to reports of motorcyclists racing each other, leading to serious injuries and deaths.
    "The roads that we will be closely targeting during this operation include Reefton Spur, Maroondah Highway, Black Spur, Melba Highway, Yarra Glenn to Healesville Road and Wellington Road," Inspector Ian Sutton of Victoria Police said.
    "We are targeting these areas with the new covert police motorcycle in a bid to cut the alarmingly high number of accidents in this area every year, some resulting in death.
    There were 150 motorcycle collisions last year in the Yarra Ranges and
    13 deaths in the region. "

    Watch out for the touring BMW's.
    We need an sms link up.......
  16. Hahaha. Thats so funny.
  17. Having said that I should add that , personally , I never ever speed on public roads, so am not in danger of said encounters with bmw's . :roll:
  18. I know the spur is a fun ride with lots of twisties and it's certainly no secret that quite a few netrider regulars have been known to do the odd hot lap so to speak. Having said this, it's pretty understandable that the Police are going to target this area (amongst others).

    Is it really that expensive for a track day booking that riders have to use the roads to have a bit of sport on? I'm not privy to the pricing so those who do know please reply to this.

    don't get me wrong! I'm not against giving the bike a good squirt every now and then but it seems easier and safer to just hit one of the tracks , at least you can get a benchmark to improve your skills from.... certainly no trees/cliffs/armco/oncoming traffic etc to worry about on a track...
  19. A PI track day will cost $219, Broadford $125, Winton $135

    Of course, trash a bike at the track then you are uninsured. Trash your bike on the Spur (assuming you live to care) and the insurance covers the damage.

    And seeing the way some of us ride (no angels here!), we probably deserve the extra special care we get from the lads in blue. Mind you, I much prefer being stopped by a bike cop than a car cop, as long as you weren't being a total prick they tend to be quite good to talk to.
  20. thanks cejay.
    Didn't think of the insurance issue to be honest. I just figured if I was going to come off at speed, I'd much prefer to skid off the tarmac onto grass than into armco or trees!!! :grin:

    Don't get me wrong either, I've been a bit heavy with the throttle when I was kid but these days I just go out on the bike with the idea of coming back to my wife and kids as healthy as I left, firmly in mind.

    i guess it boils down to the fact that I'd rather get f*#ked up by a cager than by my own recklessness.