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Police kill 13 suspected drug traffickers in Brazil slum

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Jul 1, 2007.

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  2. someone posted a pic a long time ago of a soldier in iraq wearing all his get up with gun, patting a kitten on a doorstep.

    those men are going to be screwed up when they're old enough to know what they did and that their own responsibility of their actions out weighs any orders that were handed down.

    just like the older generation who are mental disturbed from what they did in WW1 and 2. there's an old man who walks up and down victoria road in uniform every day to punish himself for what he did.

    young men get high from the power of holding a gun, and the excitement of war. their ego is soo inflamed it over rules any intellect that might be their at that age. they're so easy to brainwash into believing anything is acceptable. its only fun when its paintball.

    as for the guy smoking the cigar, there's no hope for him.

  3. So you think everyone who gets involved in wars / killings has no hope left?

    Don't you think there is plenty of people that have no remorse for killing?
    This world is filled with all types of people.

    I've seen some screwed up stuff on the net, but for the people in the video's it's everyday life.

    Yes, alot of people have problems because of wars - but you never hear about the people that come back and don't have any problems.
  4. everyone? read again, i said THE GUY WITH THE CIGAR

    sure, im a fan of true crime and serial killer profiles.

    as for war, it seems to be standard. get young boys who have more ego than brains and maniputate them by appealing to their ego and add some hate into the mix while you're at it.

    my point is that those who went to war wouldnt chose to return [if they were young and able to] because they're wiser now.
  5. War is bad, but it makes the world go around and always has done so.
    Morales, are merely belief trends. Nobody knows for certain if we are supposed to eat each other for survival or sing and eat vegetables.

    I wish the world was heaven too, but unfortunatley shit aint like that
  6. So.. a guy is smoking a cigar and holding a gun.

    Thats perfect logic to say there is no hope left for him.


    Go Brazil!!!!!!
  7. Only 13?? they need some practice. One way of avoiding court costs i guess, may be they could teach a few other DEA agencies a few things.

    Stump IMHO your way off, there are many reasons to kill another person including doing what your told in a job that you take on knowing you may have to kill.
    The guy in the pic is probably thinking "mmm Nice cigar, cant wait to get home and see the kids tonight, wonder whats for dinner"