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Police in red commodore, like fire brigade car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dupster, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Riding on weds night to get my last hit before my bike went into the workshop for a week and a half *cry/twitch*, cruising along next min one of those red commodores comes up behind me I can see the lights on the roof. so I think ah cool its one of those fire brigade cars, speed up to about 95ish (in an 80 zone) to pass a car and get out of the lane to let him pass, next min he hits it, its a cop! Does a 1 sec flash of the cop lights/siren and drops it and flies off. lol lucky and with all the bs in the past I still cant believe I didn’t get screwed.

  2. We've got a red Falcon (I think. All Aussie sedans look like taxis to me :grin: ) with the disco lights over here. It's AFP, not the local boys, which probably explains why I tend to see it near the airport.

    I'm reasonably confident they don't have jurisdiction here for traffic offences, although I haven't really pushed my luck. I've split past them fairly aggressively though and they didn't bat an eyelid.
  3. You get alot of cops that have alot of common sence. He probobly knew your intensions once you'd pulled over. Either that or was late for Dinner.

    I'm not to fond of cops most of the time, but you do get the odd one that are complete champions.

    I remember once I was up at Maccas near mine a few months back preety late and two of the old uniform rolled in. I was asking them a couple of questions about Laws, they sat down with us and ate, we talked with them for a good 30 mins or so.
  4. So its pretty common place now to see unmarked cops in SS, XR6 een typhoon....yesterday heading down the great western highway towards Parramatta i saw a 4wd on the side of the road just before resevoir road. Didnt think much of it, it was a white ford explorer with grey bumpers, got a bit closer and i realised it had disco lights in the back window! it had all the gear on the dash just like the SS's and typhoons and he had pulled someone over!
  5. Yeh the red commodores/falcons with the yellow tape on them will be AFP, All states have offices for them.
    I almost fell for that as well, thinking it was a firey and not paying much attention till they floored it past me.
  6. It's probably protective services which are AFP, but don't have police powers. They're more like "security guards" but are sworn AFP members.
  7. No it clearly said highway police, I've seen the AFP ones before and he had the radar on the roof and all that. Maybge they have gone with the red colour for all the above replies including my original post.
  8. Are you achin for some bacon, you can be a big pig too!

    Oink! :LOL:
  9. I did have a bacon and egg roll this morning and I also saw my gf last night too.

    omfg will 5pm ever come today.....i need a beer
  10. there's a red fully badged highway patrol car around here and a light blue one too, they seem to be cost cutting and after a while of using cars unmarked they throw the lights etc on top and use it for general traffic duties cruising around manning rbt stations etc, i am just gussing its to save costs as i see them work unmarked for a while then notice them reappear months on fully marked
  11. i only ever see coloured SS's never falcons, and all colours - red, green, purple, and perhaps orange?. Always HWP. they dont bother me to much. unmarked cars definately do. plain revenue raising, hiding then jumping out at someone, instead of being obvious and making their presence felt.
  12. Mm, pretty much all the HWP cars I see these days are brightly coloured, fully-marked Commodores, Falcons and so on. Red, green, blue.. Frankly it's more rare to see white.
  13. If you can't pick an unmarked car, you're not paying enough attention to be doing whatever you're doing wrong.

    Says the man who's been pulled over by an unmarked car or two in his time. :oops:
  14. just check the rims, they seem to take the alloys off and put on stocks, dont know why
  15. i think i have seen almost every color holden and ford you can get for a cop, the most random cop car was a purple ve sv6 ute, unmarked, even had peter stevens sticket on the back window, with lights in window - front and bac, radar mounted, computer and all the normal inside.
  16. Saw an unmarked gray Ford Territory the other day. I think it was an AFP unmarked car.
  17. TMU have an unmarked black Territory turbo they've used up in the hills, seen it a few times in the yarra ranges/valley. how are you deciding if its AFP or VicPol if its unmarked?
  18. There's quite a few of unmarked police cars going around.

    I've spotted an unmarked orange BF FPV GT that pulled someone over in Sydney.