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Police hunt 179kmh rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by geobryrap, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Has anyone seen this? Does this mean if you go REALLY fast past a camera, that by the time it takes the photo you are too far away for them to read your plate? And if so does Vic use the same cameras. cheers George.

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  3. TopGear did this experiment, I think it was over 170km/h and the camera did not go off.
  4. Never mind speeding motorcyclists, what about speeding journalists posting articles before they've written any copy for it?

  5. lol. The article seems to missing quite a number of "words".



    November 26, 2009 05:05pm

    POLICE are on the hunt for an idiot motorcycle rider snapped doing 179kmh in suburban Hobart.


  6. I love that article;

    November 26, 2009 05:05pm
    POLICE are on the hunt for an idiot motorcycle rider snapped doing 179kmh in suburban Hobart.

  7. No, but if you have an incompetant camera operator, you're allowed to go crying to the media when they f**k up
  8. The speed camera photo shows the location as a 100km/hr zone.

    Not reeeeally suburban.
  9. lol. 100km/h isn't suburban at all.
    bloody sensationalist papers.
  10. It never ceases to amaze me how you guys can excuse this sort of stupidity in a motorcyclist when you wouldn't if it was a car driver. It's not the reporters fault that the rider is a moron, it's his.

    Call it sensationalist reporting or whatever you like, fact is, the fool was exceeding the posted limit by nearly double what it was. HE'S responsible, I hope they charge his ass off and sling him with a huge fine. He deserves it for doing something that is going to ultimately impact upon my ability to enjoy riding my bike.
  11. That's a bit cruel and unusual don't you think? How would he ever sit down again?

    It's not like he could grow a new one. He's not a woman after all.

  12. dunno how they figured it was even a honda cbr1000 from the photo I saw (somebodys got a good eye for detail)
  13. 179kph? is that all.... must be stuck in second
  14. What a tool. Hope he gets caught and licence revoked.

    My wife is an emergency doc, i'll ask her if she saw any parts of him.

    Don't we have tracks to do this sort of thing?

    So he's stupid AND cheap.
  15. 180kmh on a CBR1000 is like, what, a few seconds full throttle?
  16. See now, it's comments like these that just make me a tad pissed off.

    Speeding? Yes
    Idiot? Probably

    No reason to go making nasty comments about a hypothetical untimely demise.

    How are you guys over in Safety Land anyway? Tripped over a fluoro vest yet? :censored:
  17. Do we know for certain it wasn't an emergency?

    How does the journalist know he is an idiot? Are they psychic, or just editorialising.

  18. I seem to recall an episode of Top Gear where they tried to outrun a camera - they succeeded but I think it needed to be a VERY high speed to work. Similarly on an episode of Mythbusters - they didn't get it to work but they also didn't get fast enough. They did however reference a "British TV show" that succeeded (Top Gear).

    It appears however that it doesn't need all that much to make the numberplate unreadable.

    I don't think that people are trying to excuse the behaviour when they are pointing out that 100km/hr isn't surburban. It's more that the media always seems to put the additional little bit of spin on to make it sound worse. After all saying it was in a "suburban" area makes it sound like it was a 50 or 60 limit. And that's where it goes from being merely stupid to being totally moronic!

    To my mind all a shot like that will do is encourage stupid people to go as fast as they can past speed cameras.
  19. IIRC the "Top Gear" crew DID manaage to sneak past a speed camera, but it was in a TVR Chimera and they had to do 170 MILES PER HOUR before they achieved it....
  20. Update The report now has some "words" I wondered where the reference to a CBR1000 came from.

    Quote; The motorcyclist was travelling along the Brooker Highway towards Granton but was going so fast the camera was unable to capture his number plate.