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Police hoon rant (lol)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mendy, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Yesterday i'm at the beach (st kilda) with my dog and friends, my dog is having a drink from the buket out side the restaraunt near the sand.
    All of a sudden, without warining a cop cars drives by, nearling hitting my dog and friends bike, after which the passenger gives me a stupid nod as if to say 'its all good" :roll: He had no hazards on or did not beep or such. By the way he was driving on the pavement which is for walking, bikes, and scooters, etc. it was a dangerous manouvre, whish dogs, people alot of kids running around, While watching they almost mowed down two kids on skateboards, numerous people sunbaking on the grass/sand and actaully scraped anothers persons bike. I no this may sound like it is a stupid cry, but trust me if u saw this u would be horrified.
    :evil: :evil:
    (Rant OFFICIALLY over)

  2. file transfer protocol ???

  3. QFT
  4. How fast were they going? Would hazard lights have alerted you to them had they been operating considering you didn't look at them till they were nearly next to you? Do you know why they were driving down the path? Had there been a report of a mugging in that general area and were they looking for the offender? Without knowing what they were there for can we judge or comment. Perhaps you could have gone up to them, said hi and friendly enough asked what was up. Just a suggestion.

    At the beach near us the police presence is minimal and assaults and thefts from cars common. I know what I would prefer. :cool:
  5. You'd prefer the police running over your dog and bike?
  6. The dog and the bike weren't run over. So yeah! Having the police drive pass once in a while. :roll:
  7. Fondle The Police
  8. I've also witnessed a case of police irresponsibility (to say the least).

    I was waiting at an intersection to turn right, there were 4 cars in front of me. The light turns red for us. After a while (this intersection takes ages), the Ford in front of us starts flashing its lights (turns out its a unmarked police car), goes into the oncoming lane and proceeds to go across the intersection even tough it was a red light. As a result of this, a car that had right of way going across, had to brake hard and got rear ended. Note that it only had its lights/siren on for only a couple of seconds.

    Common sense would dictate, that if the cop looked before crossing then the accident would not have happened.

    Maybe the cop car had a reason to be in a hurry, but wtf is up with cops putting on their siren, run a red light, then turning it off. I've seen this happen at least 4 times.
  9. FFS they are allowed to do so.
    Some of you haters really need to look at yourselves first before you criticise.
  10. Sorry Smee I don't agree. Police power is derived from us the people despite what the constitution says about some senior citizen in London. We are their authority, paymasters and bosses. I think people have every right to vent when they see Police authority being misused. Both the examples given were stupid and irresponsible on the part of the police involved.
  11. Smee dont get me wrong.
    I DO have respect towards the police force.
    The fact they could have done it on foot, horses, bikes, u name it. But a car was a BIT much. And yes, my first hought was they are loking for junkies, thiefs, wateva. BUT, they were all chilled , with arms on windowsills and looking at scenery. Trust me, they were NOT seriously looking out for someone.
    When your out after a crim, u do NOT almost run people over like this
  12. So they were cruising for boobies on the beach, probably just stopped off at the donut shop. All in a days work. :LOL:
  13. Horses and bikes would be a nice thing but are limited in number. Foot would be nice too but if all they have rostered is a vehicle and the whole area to cover then doing it on foot is a pipe dream. Fact is that they have the authority and the right to do it in order to protect the public by patrolling the area. No one was hit by the car so it worked. The relaxed nature comes with acting professional. If they were to come screaming around the corner lights and sirens on telling every one to get the f out of the way then that would be over the top.
  14. What he said
    Mendy: It's a matter of perception like how some drivers view motorcyclists.
  15. It would be interesting to see what the actual cause of the police being in that area was or what the call was on the radio that caused them to run a red light legally. We didn't hear it so don't know and to comment on it with authority and strength of conviction without knowing the truth is questionable. I am all for having a go when we know the facts but just basing it on supposition and conjecture is premature.
  16. What he said.

  17. The question to answer is 'who' becomes a police officer... I'd say the vast majority are not the most intellectual lads who were attracted by the novelty, perks and power of being a police officer. Even if that wasn't their exact intention, as its said "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

    There are good, genuine cops too, who were only motivated by the thought of serving the community and making it a better place, but I have my reservations about the majority...

    Puts on flame suit.
  18. The question wasn't the 'who' it was the 'what', what were the police doing, what job or task did they have.

    I would suggest you look further into it. My experience is that the majority are motivated by helping the public and making a difference. Yes some would become disillusioned by dealing with a public who hold your view and refuse to help in times of need. Have a closer look at these so called perks. How about listing them.

    It is easy to point and bag police as it is more popular than supporting them. You live in an area with historical problems with drugs and other issues, the police make an attempt at showing police presence to discourage anti social behavior and then you complain about it. If some one is going to complain when they patrol then there something to consider. If the complaint makes it to police management, you can see that patrols like that will drop and then the public will complain about lack of police. Do you see a pattern? Complaints against police by a public who don't know what they are doing and don't care are a fact of life.

    How about taking a step back and consider what it would be like to walk in their shoes, don't go the popular route and bag them but consider what it is that they have to achieve and what lack of support they get when trying to achieve it.