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VIC Police, Hi Viz, & beards

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Whitey, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that the Police are wanting to force us to change our ways and have mandatory hi viz, but they have been told they have to shave off beards, moustaches and cut long hair to comply with changes and are taking it to VCAT as discrimination and a breach of their human rights.........

  2. oh god, I missed the ampersand in the topic ...

    I thought this was about police growing hi-vis beards.

    Bloody gingers are everywhere!
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  3. I laughed out loud when I heard it today, I wonder if they find it ironic?
  4. Thing that got me was the chick (cant remember her name) saying "We don't want our police to look like bikies" :-s
  5. the nazis did'nt have beards
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  6. #6 Fractalz, Oct 8, 2012
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  7. Didn't the nazis have a Santa?
  8. I can see it now.....

    Police "Pull over, random license check"
    Rider "No, you have a beard and a ponytail. How do I know that's not a fake badge, gun and you didn't steal a marked police car"

  9. First a definition


    Facebook 'mob' lacks responsibility: Lay

    I have a lot of Time for the Chief Commissioner, but did he think really hard about this before saying it or has he been the victim of gross misreporting?

    "that's to behave appropriately"

    I'm sorry - but who determines what "appropriate" is?

    Those in charge of facebook pages have the tools to control their pages, if they don't - why is it Facebook's responsibility to "censor" what is the bastion of free speech. If you don't like it, no one is holding a gun to your head to read it.

    Beards, Hi Viz, "appropriate" speech, what next - frog marching down the street in brown uniforms. Really - any wonder this place is nicknamed the "Nanny State", more "appropriately" it would seem we are headed towards a "fascist" state.

    First - take away their guns...

    Bikers incensed at police firearm seizures

    "seizing hundreds of guns - many of them registered" - exactly how many were not registered?
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  10. Scary stuff

    I have no answers .... but am disturbed by the current mentality of govco against citizens. When the police decide who can or can't have firearms >>> then we are in big trouble!!!
  11. Why do they care so much about moustaches when their members can parade around in full tattoo sleeves?
  12. ha yeah, full tattoo's are fine, but beards aren't? idiotic.
  13. No, full sleeve tattoos are supposed to be on the way out, or at least to be covered up as best as practical. Was supposed to be come into play when the beard/moustache changes hit.

    VicPol, upholding a set of standards the community doesn't even give a shit about anymore.
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  14. The Police Association secretary, Greg Davies, says the Chief Commissioner has the right to set presentation standards.

    "The vast majority of our members are quite satisfied with the direction that's come out,"

    "These members aren't. They've got a right to pursue it through VCAT.

    "While we support the members' entitlement to go to VCAT on it, the legislation would appear to be in place that give the Chief Commissioner the authority to do it."

    Mr Davies says force command seems to be happy to have the issue clarified.

    "The Chief Commissioner's office have said they don't have any issue with being taken to VCAT by the members," he said.

    Beards are permissible only for those like Sikhs who have cultural or religious reasons to wear them.

    The Police Association, a labour union, said the nine were on their own in their case before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

    "We're not providing any representation or support in their quest for a change," Police Association spokesperson Sandro Lofaro said.

    Staff Writers
    From: Herald Sun
    October 08, 2012 12:00AM

    WHEN Ken Lay became Chief Commissioner last year, he issued an edict on how he wanted his police force to look. Beards, tattoos and long hair were no longer acceptable.

    The changes, which came into effect on January 1 this year, were widely applauded by the community, which welcomed the clean-cut police force. Many had thought the changes allowed by former Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon, who wanted her officers to be more approachable, had gone too far. Supporters of Mr Lay's decision said a clean-cut police force commanded more respect. Not all police officers were happy, though, and today, nine male Victoria Police members are going to VCAT to fight for their right to wear a beard or long hair.

    This is unfortunate. Victoria Police has made it clear that beards will be allowed for those who have cultural, religious or medical reasons to keep them. The Herald Sun believes Mr Lay was right to want to clean up the appearance of Victoria Police, and hopes this legal face-off is resolved quickly so that everyone involved can focus on the main job - keeping the community safe.


  15. Yep, can't trust anyone with a beard. << very narrow minded and discriminatory to all people with beards.

    So instead of having a police force representing the general public (yes beards, tattoos, long hair) we have an "elite, better than you" police force. Where the comissioner is saying that people with beards, tattoos and long hair aren't as trustworthy.

    Wonder what the policy is for pubic hair, shaved or bushy?
  16. The standards should and are rightly higher than the general community.

  17. Sweet now ill know if this cop that's been following me around demanding i bend over is a real cop by whether his moustache stays or goes. Still have to wonder about his construction worker and Indian mates.
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  18. What standards are those? Where does it say what a human should look like? I don't remember reading that rule book anywhere? Perhaps there is case law that shows the correct personal standard?

    What a crock, judge the contents of the book, not the cover.
  19. but they did wreck a perfectly good moustache style..... dare ANYONE to grow a hitler mo' come movember.
  20. i dounno about this, i would argue that the moral/ethical standards should be higher, as should many other attributes... but what benefit is gained from tailoring appearance toward a deemed "appropriate" standard? doesn't it just say that many in the community's appearance is inappropriate? and your statement that it's somehow a "higher" standard.... what exactly does that mean? that the community at large are somehow of a lower standard? this mentality is similar to a blue collar/white collar class segregation.... for many people wearing a white collar and a suit is inappropriate, this action by the police commissioner implies there is some sort of one dimensional scale of what is appropriate and what, then, does it say about people who operate on a scale with a different axis... for example, my Dad's a fisherman, he and all his mates ALWAYS had beards, the fact is they keep your face warm, the fact he's out in the elements rather than sitting behind a desk somehow translates to him being less trustworthy? Seems to me the comissioner needs a dose of reality and he's exposed himself for the one dimensional, out of touch with the public, stereotyping wanker that he clearly is.
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