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VIC Police expanding camera use & night time camera use

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chicken78, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Are they running out of money or are they just getting greedy?
  2. night cameras I heard was being introduced decemeber
  3. and we dont pay enough "road tax" already?

  4. December according to another article, but interestingly the arguments against the publics perceptions and "myths" on the validity and overall use of cameras seems to come across as "scraping the bottom
    Of the barrel" to justify and substantiate their use.
  5. It was a suggestion from the AG. They don't need to be told twice. He also suggested that they stop publishing their locations.

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  6. Not about revenue raising, yet the final point isn't "Be safe, slow down." I don't understand how people can be so stupid.
  7. makes sense to me. kittens are nocturnal.
  8. I don't know what the Auditor General and the rest of that wacky knobs have been smoking but they have done nothing towards making our roads safer and efficient!
    I get caught at every set of lights. The road maintenance is eroding away.
    I must be absolutely stupid if they are trying to sell me this sugar, honey coated safety crap!
    What percentage of those caught speeding throughout that period were involved in a accidents that caused serious injury and or death?
  9. Kind of a derailment but...tonight I was riding home and a copper had pulled over another person, on the other side of the road. I was going about 70-75km/h in a 60 zone.
    He walked up to the middle of the road while i passed and did nothing? I looked back and im assuming he was writing down my license plate. Can he actually fine me for that?
    There was no radar gun in his hand, just pen and notepad.

    edit; sorry made a new thread
  10. This is probably worth starting a new thread so someone like Justus can reply.
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  11. Mate the amount of coppers I have gone past doing at lest 30km/h over the speed limit while they have someone else pulled up... there's not really much they'll do. Unless you're doing like 120 in a 60 zone.
  12. He can if he actually got your number. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you actually get a letter.
  13. Sheeple are that stupid! Darwinism is dead, we're deal with an idiocracy these days.

    From what I've read on this forum, a police officer is considered an expert witness on speed in a court of law, so he/she can 'guesstimate' your speed and issue you a ticket for it. However, the darker it was, the more likely a defence lawyer would be able to pull that 'guesstimate' into question, IMO.
  14. Idiocracy, now there's the most horrifying comedy movie ever made... (if you haven't seen it, you should)
  15. I saw some of it on Youtube, that was enough!!
  16. Yes he can. He's an expert witness. Don't be too surprised if find you were doing more than that.
  17. News story on radio this morn as i was riding in, the point 2 point cameras on hume hwy are about to be fired up again, apparently they are NOT [cough bullshit] deemed as being revenue raisers, rather more a life saving device!!
    Yesterday morn, riding in on citylink just near 7:30am spotted blue tarp covering maybe a body just under Albion St bridge. Didnt hear anything on news except traffice diversion off at moreland rd but only got tail end of story. sad shite if it was a jump.