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Police Escort

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Police escort when filtering

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  2. Rider in vic would have been tasered then shot then had his bike confiscated for hooning.
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  3. that was awesome.
  4. Mad.. let's go to NY! (y)
  5. I thought this thread was about an escort who dressed up as a policewoman! :D
  6. should be used as a training video
  7. The dude on the harley must have smelt real bad. Buffer zone much.
  8. That was awesome, I love that cops attitude
  9. Awesome!
  10. Common sence prevails, Imagine them doing that here, Hahahahahahahaha
  11. VicPol would allow that!

    There will also be a cop 50m down the road who pulls you over and fines you.
  12. Wow, the cop coming out the door even nods. Geez, Yank cops are really polite. Some of our blueys could learn a lesson or two...