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Police doubt Falconio's murderer is guilty !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Oct 3, 2007.


    Police doubt Falconio killer's guilt

    Police believe Bradley Murdoch did not shoot Peter Falconio, despite pressing for his conviction, according to a new book.

    True crime author Robin Bowles alleges that a Northern Territory officer made the extraordinary claim during Murdoch's trial.
    Bowles claims a police officer waiting to give evidence in the Darwin Supreme Court trial told her during a court adjournment: "We know he wasn't the shooter. But he's going down for it".

    Surely we're not going to see another MASSIVE stuff up Lindy Chamberlain style by the NT Police???
    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  2. It's an allegation, with no name attached, made by an author trying to drum up business for a book he's written. What do you think he's going to say?

    And everyone knows it wasn't a dingo.......
  3. Joanne Lees have more to admit I reckon !

    . . . . and she has a great set of norks . . .

  4. Well I can confirm the latter for sure :grin:


  5. Yes, she has an awesome set of cans ;)
  6. they say that when one loses a part of them, other senses are amplified.
    your nork/chick/hootergirl spotting has been exceptional of late. keep up the good work :LOL:
  7. hahaha

    Look who's talking ! :LOL:
    Just keep the country-boy thing going Joel ! :grin:


    man, i feel like a bundy !
  8. A NEW Netrider record; only TWO posts before a thread was derailed, with bonus points for the fact that it got derailed to breasts :rofl:..
  9. doonx,

    sorry mate, they did that just to boost the sales of the book. there was a bit of outrage about it in the uk some time ago. whats-her-face was happy about it and prepard to put herself as a suspect of sorts in the minds of book buyer$ so there wasnt much anyone could do.

    its a straight up lie and not uncommon

    cheers :cool:
  10. What has this go to do with breasts? :?
  11. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. I am not sure where you heard this bit i disagree that she put herself out there to helpthe sales of a book. One book written by the only person who actually got to interview murdoch does not paint her in a good light and she got no money from it.
  13. I saw a film last night called 'Forbidden Lies$'. Norma Khouri was the author and is a case in point to be extremely sceptical of the written word.
  14. That book is actually quite good. The author was scrutinized by the media for passing fiction off as fact, but there was no evidence that she had lied about anything. She clearly stated that she had changed certain parts of the story so that the identities of those included written about were not revealed. What did you find so far fetched?
  15. This thread needs more BOOBS!
  16. can we get back on track here please people!!

  17. [​IMG]

    Good enough ???
  18. Nope. Maybe loz can find something suitable. Go loz
  19. LOL. Watch the film!

    But the part where she changed the names, the decade(!), the locations. How she lived in the US, was married, had children. How she can't actually prove anything of what she wrote actually happened. How everytime she tried to, she ends up making up stories....

    The documentary maker was trying to help her get to the bottom of the story, but Norma has a very effective way of not telling the truth. In the end, so much of what she wrote wasn't true that you end up doubting the whole story. Which is a pity as Honour Killings are a serious issue in some parts of the World.
  20. Fair enough, i will have to see the film to pass comment i guess.

    Sorry for going OT.