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Police DB

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by say_wat, May 9, 2007.

  1. Just a question of curiosity; every time i drive past a RBT (in vic - on car), it seems that the coppers look at my NSW number plate and wave me past. Is this because they don't have access to the NSW database of numberplates on their system?

  2. They have access to NSW vehicle registration records.
  3. Perhaps can't be arsed remembering your alcohol + driving laws.. :LOL:
  4. Yep... they can't be arsed and they're not sure of the fine print so they dont want to get into an argument.

    A while ago a mate of mine blew 0.04 while driving on a Vic Leaners Permit and got a "no worries mate". When driving near Eden... it's not even that far over the boarder.

    Anyway, never had any hastle driving in other states.
  5. That's certainly not the case here in Albury, the Victorian coppers seem to go after NSW drivers with extra zeal.
  6. I thought drink-driving laws were federal? Can't be over 0.05 on your full licence, and must have BAC of 0.00 when on your learners or provisional licence (or taxi/bus driver etc)?
  7. These vary between States....

    Some States allow a BAC of 0.02 instead of 0.00 for learners, probationary drivers and professional drivers...which, to me make much more sense than being 0.00 as some medications, mouthwashes or even lollies can see you over 0.00 without even having a drink.
  8. So they should

    Bloody tourists :p

    (I'm kidding).......
  9. Most cops in Vic will wave riders passed a RBT because it's too much of a pain to wait while you pull off your helmet. It may also be because anyone heavily under the influence is likely to have balance and co-ordination issues.
    You'd either be riding erratically or crashing if you were intoxicated.
  10. I was RBT'd in Johnson St Maffra yesterday afternoon. Had to take the lid off. No big deal.

    Thought of ducking down the service Rd just to see what would happen :grin:
  11. Indeed - but I've still been tested on occasion. Even commented on the fact I wouldn't have made it this far if I was drunk, but the reply was: "You'd be surprised how many drunk bikers we get." I was thinking, 'sure you do!' :p

    As I don't want to get done for riding without a helmet, I make sure I stop, take my gloves off, turn off the ignition, put the sidestand down, take my helmet off and blow. Obviously I've got to do it all in reverse before I take off again. ;)
  12. Tourists? Nah mate, only go there under sufferance :cheeky:
  13. If the Police Officer requests you to remove your helmet while sitting on your bike, you probably don't have to worry about being "done".....see rule 304 below:

    304. Direction by a police officer or authorised person

    (1) A person must obey any reasonable direction for the safe and efficient regulation of traffic given to the person by a police officer or authorised person, whether or not the person may contravene another provision of the Road Rules by obeying the direction.

    Penalty: 3 penalty units.

    Note Authorised person and police officer are defined in the dictionary.
    (2) It is a defence to the prosecution of a person for an offence against a provision of the Road Rules if, at the time of the offence, the person was obeying a direction given to the person under subrule (1).
  14. What ? No self control, resist the urge!! :p :p :p
    (Also kidding, feel welcome)

    er, just make sure you leave asap. :p ( kidding)
  15. But seriously, I love Victoria. Every time I come to the F1 I read the articles in the Hun about how much taxpayers money is used to subsidise the event and it gives me a warm inner glow ;)