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VIC Police crackdown on m/c safety in October

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by itchin, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Just seen on the news "police crackdown on motorcycle safety october" anyone hear anything?

    • WEDNESDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2015 12:55
    Police are putting motorcyclist safety at the forefront of their minds as they gear up for Operation Motosafe.

    The operation will run throughout Eastern Victoria during October and coincides with the 2015 Pramac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix drawing visitors to Victoria.

    Forty-seven people have been killed and 781 seriously injured on eastern region roads during the month of October between 2010 and 2014.

    Eastern Region Road Policing Inspector Stewart Westfield said motorcyclists were overrepresented in road trauma.

    “It is a sad fact that motorcyclists have accounted for 21 per cent of deaths and 29 per cent of serious injuries in this time despite only accounting for about four per cent of registered vehicles,” he said.

    “To reverse this trend we need all road users to look after each other, stay within the speed limit and take regular breaks on long journeys.”

    Operation Motosafe is designed to ensure a maximum visible policing presence in an endeavour to reduce road trauma in particular involving motorcycles.

    The grand prix will be a major focus of the operation with a highly visible police presence ensuring visitors to Phillip Island arrive safely.

    Between 16-18 October police will be on patrol in and around the race track and on all roads leading to Phillip Island.

    Random breath testing sites and road blocks will be set up during the operation, with police also using automated number plate recognition technology to detect any unregistered and unroadworthy vehicles.

    There will also be a police presence at the track to ensure the event is enjoyable and trouble-free for patrons.

    Senior Sergeant Dave Watson said crowd behaviour at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in previous years has been positive.

    “We are hoping the good behaviour continues at this year’s event,” he said.

    “Drunkenness and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, and police will not hesitate to evict unruly fans from the event.”

    Ben Radisich
    Victoria Police Media Unit

    Operation Motosafe 2015 - Victoria Police News
  3. Same as every year. They're making their presence known so behave around the OZ GP.
  4. Behave never!
  5. Yes single handedly the group most damaging to Victorian Tourism. They will be up to their full range of tricks, Stopping riders who are legally obeying the law for finger wagging. Lecturing riders on the dangers inherent in riding and how you should wear tin suits. They need to lift their game and be more welcoming to tourists and local riders alike. The income generated is useful for the state and helps to pay their wages. Discouraging people from visiting the state is stupidity incarnate.
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  6. Its a real shame thier behaviour is abhorent.. Serve and protect my a$s
  7. serve and revenue...

    for a laugh go read the thread from earlier in the year.
  8. here we go again....ffs

    vicpol harrasment.
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  9. Maybe early in the season, I saw 2 HWP pulling up cages. But I always watch in case they decide to target the lone bike (after I have passed), as they have done to me a number of times in the past.
  10. Which country do you live in?????
    Serve and protect has never been vicpols motto.
  11. But I'm sure they'd be be quite happy to protect his arse; rubbers are cheap.
  12. motto.
    uphold which right?
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  13. Guys guys guys - I think you've got it all wrong.

    The release says:

    They're looking out for our safety this time, not our hip pocket, so I'm expecting this year to be different. I'm looking forward to seeing a blitz on those who pose a threat to our safety. Texting drivers, and those talking on their phones. Many random drivers pulled up for alcohol and drug tests, plus car drivers pulled over and handed leaflets about sharing the road with us, and how to be aware of our presence. Not to mention drivers who cross the line when going around blind bends, and merge lanes quickly without looking or indicating. Plus - it'll also be great to see more motorcycle police out and about to experience what we do and identify and target these drivers that pose a danger to us.
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  14. You forgot handing out leaflets to inform drivers about the new filtering laws....


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  15. That's why it was Tenez la Droit in my day. No one knew what it meant ;)
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  16. #16 simon varley, Oct 5, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2015
    so that's 10 motorcycle fatalities and 227 serious injuries over that period - ie 2 deaths and 45 injuries each October on average. Statistically that probably makes October one of the safer months to ride doesn't it?
  17. There was a statistical spike in October 2010; without that it would show as a more normal month.
  18. They shit me side ways! Never back their bullshit up with any stats, then when asked they avoid the question. Let's see what my $27.50 to PURCHASE information using the 'freedom of information act' gets me...
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  19. I read it as an average of 11 deaths/october and 195 serious injured. That's 1 killed every 3 days and 6.5/day serious injured. Serious injured means that the rider was left with a permanent disability.
    I spoke with someone who in July 2015 lost both legs and arms. I think he should give us a speach of how "police" is bad in Victoria ... When I spoke with him, he was crying (every day he does) because he thought it was all for "revenue rising" and thought he knew better.

    As for bitching about police, I urge you, go and ride in Russia, Eastern Europe, Rest of Europe, China, Africa, etc... you'll see how good our police is. I have only words of prise for them. I've been riding for almost 9 years now and driving for 11. I NEVER had a ticket nor got "harrassed" by police. And if by "harrassed" you understand that you are getting stopped and checked by police at motor vehicle compliance, then you'd better start bitching about that to VicRoads and the gov, they make the rules and the officer(s) only enforces it as much as (s)he desires (don't piss him off).

    In my opinion they are just doing their job and they are doing a pretty damn good one :)
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  20. This has been a paid service announcement for VicPol, Your Policing Pal whois fun to be with. tm

    If that's the case then why do police in other states manage the process without condescension and harassment. Have we complained to political leaders, you are darn effen tootin we have. Do police present peer reviewed evidence that their techniques work, They don't. Do police have an ingrained anti motorcycle bias in the senior management, without a doubt. Do Police present such biased and unsupported information to their "political masters" as a fait accompli, they do.

    Saying well at least it isn't Russia is a cop out, pun intended. We havre every right to expect better of our police. They are our employees.
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