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Police check - Victoria

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Pugsly, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. After 6+ weeks of being off the road due to a medical condition I went for a quick spin in the hills with @chillidog this morning.

    Once I was used to not being able to hear my bike over his new pipes :) it was a nice enjoyable (albeit cool) ride.

    Not long after the round-a-bout where we parted company (Chilli went straight) I was pulled over by motorcycle police. The guy was friendly and professional, did a quick check, let me have a look at his ride, and I was on my way.

    I have no idea where he came from. He wasn't at the round-a-bout, I didn't see him on the side of the road. He just appeared with lights on.

    So heads up - the operation to check up on bikes continues in the Dandenongs. At least there wasn't 7 cops and 5 police cars there, asking me questions for an hour about my jacket. :)

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  2. Oh mate, if your heading up the dandenongs next weekend with chilli or yourself let me know and I'll come along.

    Ontopic though, the cop seemed alright and he didnt fine you for your camera lol
  3. Unmarked bike.

    He didn't worry about the camera either - Good job Mr Copper.
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  4. Sounds like a top bloke, no attitude at all.
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  5. It's a K1600GT: it's a fairly fast machine and they appear out of nowhere ;)

    I saw one (same colour) parked in a side road off Beach Road, Brighton, watching one weekend for anyone who would catch his eye. That's why I use the cruise control .....
  6. Met the gentlemen today near Healsville, working on his day off for TAC checking for unroadworthy bikes. Friendly bloke but yeh a Ninja getting behind us quickly.
  7. It might have been the machine I have seen on the Eastern Freeway about a month ago.
  8. Thats him, believe he works out of the Nunawading station
  9. :eek:
    That's harassment !!!
    Why did he pull you over if you hadn't done anything wrong?
  10. I'd agree in some respects, but at least the stop was done with the person's rights intact and the presumption of innocence in play.

  11. VicPol have more than one unmarked K16: in fact there are quite a few, about 10 if I recall. So you can see them all over the state if you're lucky ;)
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  12. I've got absolutely no issue with being pulled over *occasionally*, having a few safety items checked and being treated as courteously as I was. If such a check keeps someone from spearing off a road into a tree, I'm all for it. Just as I have no issue with RBT.

    What was in the video of the bloke in QLD at the servo was IMHO clearly harassment, and if I was pulled up repetitively and asked the same questions over and over, then I'd start feeling somewhat harassed.
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  13. occasionally being the highlighted word, but MC riders get pulled over for random checks much higher then car drivers in VIC maybe just as high as truck drivers

  14. so what exactly makes you think that?
  15. You're lucky they did not give you a bit of this - note to self, it looks like filtering is not legal.

    image. image. image.
  16. What was that all about?
  17. This is what I've heard:

    I was travelling on kings road heading towards the servo (shell) to fill up fuel. I filtered through some traffic to get to the front of the traffic lights, next minute without warning I was ripped off the bike. I fell on the floor & was capsicum sprayed then the cop shut my visor on the helmet. One of the HWY patrol officers kneed me in the back & arrested me. Then I was dragged like a rag doll on the concrete to which I was repeatedly physically assaulted (punched/kicked/ & repeatedly slapped & verbally abused). Then they frisked me grabbed my wallet ran a check on my license & bike(registered) (licensed to operate motorcycle ). They tried to look for any excuse to pin something on me but come up empty handed. When the sgt arrived to the scene the HWY patrol officers & the sgt had a brief conversation (not sure what they were discussing) the HWY patrol officers took off from the scene (no fines/details or names were obtained). The HWY patrol officers said that I was trying to evade police. I had no idea there were police anywhere near me & that I was in no way trying to evade them, I said I was simply lane filtering to get to the front of the traffic lights which I did do & came to a COMPLETE STOP, then I was simply waiting for the lights to turn green to which I was surprise attacked.
  18. And this from the person who posted the photos:

  19. agree what the fark
  20. Fek, thats a bit rough.