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Police chases are for our own safety

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. ONE man has been rushed to hospital after a police car smashed into the car he was travelling in on Oxford St this morning.
    The man was cut free from a Toyota Carolla after the highway patrol car collided with it at 7.45am near the intersection with Green St in Paddington.
    Inspector Amanda Calder said the police officer was conducting a routine patrol of Oxford St when he spotted a vehicle committing a traffic offence.
    “He was trying to catch up to that vehicle, but at this stage we’re not really sure what happened and the investigation’s still continuing,’’ Ms Calder said.
    "At this stage we only have one witness who was looking from the opposite direction. At this stage we don't know if the highway patrol car had its lights and siren on.
    A passenger had to be cut out of the Corolla after it collided with a police car. Picture: Brad Hunter
    “The highway patrol car does have in-car video and that will obviously be thoroughly viewed and that will tell us what happened.’’
    The male passenger was taken to St Vincent's hospital suffering a suspected fractured pelvis and internal injuries.
    The female driver was treated for shock and the male constable was taken to Sydney hospital and has been released.
    The crash was captured in the police car's camera footage and the street remains closed to traffic as crash investigators try to determine the cause of the crash.

    Read more: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/na...on/story-fnii5s3x-1226677548279#ixzz2Yks9UN4c

    7:45 am. Oxford St. One witness looking the wrong way. Riigggghhht.
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  2. it's a accident...who cares ...the cops were doing their job and fcuked up it's bound to happen especially in the city

    glad no-one was hurt...time to move on.
    so around 2am is when you decide to put your tin foil hat on eh?

    sure cops can be absolute dickheads but they can and have been known to let people get away with things that would surely see them lose their license or worse

    personally i'm just over the cop bashing bullshit - if it turns out these cops weren't chasing anyone in the first place ? i'll eat the shoe that i was wearing when i suddenly put my foot in my mouth....otherwise - it's a black n white accident shit happens...another example of no matter how much training you have accidents can still happen.
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  3. I'm waiting for the inevitable "seems the in car video malfunctioned and didn't capture anything"
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  4. I was wondering how long it would take for this one to start. These are happening all the time but no one bothers. A copper is involved and it is headline news and the topic of forum rants.
  5. What? :banghead:

  6. Just happened to be 2am when I started looking for a news article on it. I'd struggle to ever believe a crash on Oxford St only had one witness during peak hour.
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  7. Witness being someone who cared enough to stop and give their details. How many people left the scene?
  8. true that.
  9. Reading between the lines, No Lights and Sirens so no warning to other road users. Police have a range of responses, radio, other units. In the case of Speed cameras they don't need to identify the driver so I am not sure what legal requirement there is identify the driver by police in other situations.

    It is not Police bashing to want to examine the protocols under which a road pursuit is authorised. Police state that enforcement is for reasons of public safety, in this incident the public was put at risk. We don't know what kind of traffic offense was witnessed by the police. If the situation was not life threatening then a mail summons base on the alleged perpetrators license plate would have seemed the safer option.
  10. I do believe there is some degree of contact they have to make.
  11. he dead? ...will he never walk again? i hold the same view with riders...if it's just a matter of abit of time to heal n surgery? soldier on

    survival of the fittest.....people get it too easy now-a-days.v

    and @cjvfr ...your reading between the lines of a prepared statement, it's probably alot worse than that and the cops should be strung up in the city centre however we are believing media sources and police statements ? it's pointless, much like a rider down thread unless you yourself were involved or have spoken with those involved and have information to pass on it's all just talking shit and trying to poke holes in a story that's truth will more than likely never be known
  12. for the record.

    inb4 lilley *puts tin foil hat on*
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  13. I don't usually get caught up in these threads but that is a stupid and offensive comment. I know someone who had similar injuries (fractured pelvis & internal injuries). He was off work for a year, he lost his job as a crane driver because he can't sit for a long period anymore. He also can't ride because of the injuries. the internal injuries involved a bowel resection painful, uncomfortable and long term problems.

    if the rest of your knowledge is similar to your medical knowledge then you really are an unmitigated idiot!
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  14. Well this thread has been a roaring success
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  15. Or its gunna be!
  16. This is just another example of the out of control NSW police cowboys.
  17. We all know people who have been terribly affected by accidents and miss out on things because of them - that's life...my views are black and white - if a man has lost a job and his house and a year or two of his life but can work on rebuilding it after that ? good on him he's a far better person than most that take life for granted - meanwhile someone who has lost the ability to walk permanently or ends up dead ...well that's a whole different bag of potato chips

    As for being and idiot - come onnnn I've been here how long now? As one moderator has said I'm just 'a bipolar spastic wiping his ass with the forum'
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  18. Nice generalisation. What do you base this on, personal experience? Or are you just perpetuating some "people are shit" line?
  19. I don't think being 'out of control' it is a preserve of any particular cowboys. Seems to me that many people out there on the road just don't have a clue how badly things can go wrong and how badly people can be hurt by 'simple errors'.

    Everything we do leads to an outcome ... think about that as the needle edges above the speed limit or that knee touches down ... sometimes the outcome doesn't include bragging rights at the café.
  20. HWP car takes out another car and you somehow manage to twist it around to make it an issue about all motorists and motorcyclists in particular, while specifically not mentioning the HWP. You could write up police media releases, you should contact them. :finger: