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NSW Police chase - motorcyclist death

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mark57, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I don't know which is worse - a rider desperate enough to run after he's handed his license to the police, or the police for chasing someone who has already demonstrated that level of risk taking behaviour.


    I don't think there any question that road chases will happen - the police simply can't rule out chases without encouraging people to run, but their approach to bikes needs to be different....

  2. Mixed feelings for me. I think it's silly to cause the pursuit if they already had his name and address. Why bother? They bang on about "speed kills", then enter into what appears to be an unnecessary high speed chase. ON THE OTHER HAND, it's not the police fault that he chose to run and put himself at such risk. That fault is fully with the rider. As I said, mixed...

    Sad for the rider (and his family). He's paid a high price for his mistake. RIP.
  3. Sometimes it's someone taking someone else's bike for a joyride ... I can see both sides of the argument.
  4. After participating in this thread I'm pretty confident the cops involved wont get an easy ride and will be held accountable if they made errors leading to the death. With out knowing a lot more, it is pretty hard to comment.
  5. As much as I loathe cops, there is something very wrong with a society in which criminals whose own actions lead directly to their deaths are somehow made out to be victims. The cops did nothing wrong at all.

    The fanciful notion that they could have easily tracked him down since they already had his details is simply ridiculous. - People frequently have incorrect addresses on their licenses, so it could have been weeks or months until the police were able to catch the guy.

    He was running for a reason and gets no sympathy from me.
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  6. True - I think most riders over-estimate their own abilities. Running from the cops mean committing to a speed of +180, and whatever your thoughts on speed limits generally, our roads are not built for.

    Sure, a good number of bike riders have probably done that speed momentarily, or on a stretch of road they know well, but doing it for any period of time take not only a dose of crazy pills, but riding skills most people don't have.

    I don't envy the cops jobs - I know people like to think that they enjoy chases, but I know a few guys who have been there, and put it down as one of the worst parts of the job.

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  7. There was no reason for the police to chase the man as they had his details. He wasn’t wanted and he didn’t have a current license. It’s hardly a reason to endanger the community, the police and the rider.

    The police’s cowboy like behaviour is woeful. They should have the book thrown at them.

    The question is could they have avoided the death of a person?
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  8. Yes, yes...and what would you be saying if the rider while not being chased had hit and injured/killed someone? Despite what a certain moderator seems to think, I submit that insurers would refuse to pay out, on the grounds that he was operating a vehicle for which he was unlicensed.

    The only person who endangered the community by their actions was the idiot who rode unlicensed and then ran from the cops.
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  9. There was no if. The chase occured and the rider was the only person that died. Fact.
  10. Gotta find someone to blame, it's the modern thing.
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  11. As I said, it's not the police's fault he died. He made his own choice to run. I'm just not entirely sure they NEEDED to chase him this time. Maybe they did, but they make it sound like they knew who he was etc.

    I don't have an issue with police chasing someone when required. I also don't blame the police when someone dies in a legitimate chase. Like those kids who stole the car and crashed it. I only don't know why it was so totally important that he be arrested right that minute. Why not in a few days when they track him down.

    Anyway, it happened. it was his choice. it cost him his life.
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  12. If they knew who he was when he did the runner then the pursuit was totally out of order.

    So what if he wasn't licensed for that vehicle:rolleyes: ... he had obviously ridden it to there and the only reason he later crashed was due to being pressured to ride at high speeds during the chase >> a combination of pissing contest and adrenaline factor. To be sure it is not a good attitude to have ie this running from the law (because the law always wins) but when they continually spout the 'safety' meme you have to wonder how chasing someone improves their safety :whistle: all fun and games til someone gets hurt (or dies).

    I have been witness to a police 'pursuit' for an extremely trivial traffic matter ... the officer put many lives in danger for what amounted to ~$200 fine ... it was a disgusting display of wanton disregard for anyones safety :(
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  13. That idiot is dead now. The copper will have to live with it till the end of his days.

    Everyone paid huge price.

    Blaming one or the other won't change this and doesn't really matter.

    Both guilty, the rider more IMO.
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  14. Dad was a rider back in the 50's. The cop would see him, he'd take off, and they'd wait for him at home. You cant beat a radio or someone that knows where youre going.
  15. Rider initiated and continued the chase. Hard to think of him as the victim considering he got himself killed. At least he didn't cause the death of anyone else.
  16. i love the useage of the term "strict guidelines"... is that an oxymoron? if they are that strict why are they not rules? i believe it's so that police dont have to take responsibility for their actions... if they broke RULES they could be held accountable and fired... the fact they are "strict" guidelines is just to make them sound like they are rigorously enforced while, in fact, they aren't.

    eg. the strict guidelines on taser use..
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  17. yeah.. hes a dumbass. at the same time... he probably wouldn't have continued if he wasn't chased... whats more dangerous to the public? an unlicensed rider riding normally, or a rider and a load of patrol cars breaking every rule in the book until someone dies to stop the chase.

    the riders a dumbass, but the police chose to chase and continue as well.... just a tad hypocritical.

    ps. i base my assumption he was following the rules on the fact he chose to stop for a breatho and wasn't spotted riding dangerously for any other reason.
  18. The reality is though that police need to be able to initiate pursuits. Here's a decent article: http://www.caradvice.com.au/62738/police-pursuits-shoud-we-ban-them/

    I'm not even a remote fan of the police force but they will never win on this issue. The public expects cops to catch dangerous/criminal idiots and they have a duty to apprehend. Ie, they need to do their job. We all know the consequences of running from the police - they will chase you. It's not like he can claim ignorance. He got himself killed. If you're farking stupid enough to drive/ride unlicensed and uninsured, then you can man up and do your time if you're caught doing it.
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  19. sometimes I just have to laugh
  20. If you run from the police and crash doing it, you are a dickhead in more ways than one.
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