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Police chase/Blue R1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by funky_monkey, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Hello all!

    Was at the intersection of Stud Rd and Heatherton Rd in my mates car as we looked to the left a blue R1 with a pillion and both wearing shorts n t-shirts, come hammering and bracking really hard to make a left hand turn from stud rd on to heatherton rd and nearly come off... at that point a cop car came flyin through the same turn and lost it badly and ended up on the other side of oncomin traffic, nearly hit 2 cars and then persued the R1. By that stage the R1 had gone down the side of the shell servo with the cop chasing and ended up comin out on stud rd again but riding onto oncoming traffic. By that stage the lights had turned green and I had to go. Soon as I got home the police helicopter flew past at great speed...

    What I saw today was just like you'd see in the movies but was quite stupid on both parties. This policman nearly caused a serious accident where a few innocent people could have been involved. As for the motorcyclist... well... he should have stopped in the first place as he was endangering pillions life, innocent people and himself. Dont know the end result but would imagine it would be in the papers or on the news.

    What a sight it was! :shock:
  2. Bank robbery?
  3. I've got money on it being the copper's daughter on the back of the bike!
  4. It's ok, the R1 is safely in the garage now.....

    Now, where can I get a cheap re-spray done?
  5. honest officer i only test rode the bike - i mean r1
  6. you sure it was an R1 Franky? surely the cops would have caught up to it :p

    must have been a gixxer :biker:
  7. well,if the rider harmed anyone i hope he gets caught but if he was goin a little bit fast i hope he got a way
  8. Apparently there was a shooting in Dandenong today. Related maybe?
  9. yeah the cops probably shot him when they found him :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Nicolas CAge...ghostrider?? :wink:
  11. Note likely. They sould only do something like that in a sectioned off area of road. Not just go blasting thru arvo traffic with a camera strapped to their bonce.
  12. good call :LOL:
  13. voodsy maybe Nic Cage went for a bit of a blat after work (which would explain why he was riding on the wrong side of the road being a yank)... the cops started chasing him, and yelling under his helmet "F**K YOU! I'M A GODDAM MOVIE STAR!" he made a break for it. sorry overactive imagination.
  14. More likely it was his stunt double, he probaly stole some coke off nic.
    As if a movie star could ride a bike :roll:
  15. Ah, you youngsters have never heard of Steve McQueen?
  16. yeah he was that gay movie star singer that died of aids wasnt he?
  17. That's why I ride!!!!!!!, no numpty full of testosterone is gunnas risk my life like that! If I'm on Bond when my number comes up so be it but not just to try & prove whether Mr. Richard Cranium can out run the coppers!
  18. Im the proud owner of On any Sunday 1 and 2.
  19. A trivia question: name the two current "A" list actors [1] who recently completed a trek by motorcycle around Europe. via Siberia, Mongolia and Alaska covering some 32,000 km.

    [1] well, at least one of them is on the "A" list...