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Police car catches fire after chasing bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by V2, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. This is at an intersection at one of Brisbane's most popular riding routes. Looks like the police car exhaust was a bit too hot for the dry grass! Although I cant see how he ended up down the ditch - I suspect he may have had one too many rumbo's with lunch?


    Police car stops in long grass, catches fire

    The rider who did the runner, stopped and watched the whole Car-B-Q incident.

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  2. GOOD! :)
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  3. By the look of the road I'd say he was doing do-nuts and lost it.
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  4. Can't imagine a plod losing a doughnut.

    I reckon he was in 'hot' pursuit etc......
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  5. 220px-Roasted-Marshmallow.
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  6. Catalytic convertors get incredibly hot when hard at high revs.

    If he'd just parked on the grass it would have been a rookie mistake. Driving into the ditch means he's going to have a sore backside for a while.
  7. witness suggested both cop and bike were being silly... 180+ on bike.. pull over then nick off again? not exactly upstanding behaviour :p
    but cop dumping it in a ditch is just a little comical :D
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  8. FCAI guidelines mean that all cars sold in Australia have to meet exhaust temperature requirements such that parking on long grass cannot cause a fire. From the photos I'd say that's a falcon so it definitely passes those tests. However, the tests only require the car to be driven at 110kmh before being parked up - pretty sure nothing would prevent a fire if it really was being driven at 180kmh.
  9. Couldn't find the link on PC (saw it whilst on my phone) but the witness (Mr Hunn) plans on putting in a complaint about the officers driving leading up to the accident.

    Apparently overtook his truck on a blind corner at a crest. I'm a bit dubious about these claims of the car and bike doing 180 km/h on that stretch of road. Certainly not on a motorcycle, you'd have to be suicidal to attempt to take any bends at that speed on that road. I would only suspect you would have one maybe two straights where you would hit those speeds for a thrill but the rest of it anything beyond a sustained 120 would be pushing it out of the 'fun' factor. Road is an 80 zone.

    Other part of the article says the officer is not facing any disciplinary action and that he had slid off the road after accelerating off the verge from being stationary. I wonder if he would be charged with driving with undue care and attention? Any other member of the public would be. Sounds like the rider had already pulled over by that point so any heavy acceleration or 'pursuit' would be negated as a factor for any 'brisk' acceleration as part of his duties.
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  10. That's the one V2! Thanks.
  11. so... cop accellerates to catch fleeing motorcyclist, loses control of vehicle, crashes down embankment. Then gets out to catch fleeing motorcyclist ON FOOT. Who still happens to be there??? despite having been involved in 180+kph chase seconds earlier, and now seeing the chance to get away, doesn't? and this story is meant to be believable???? Then crashed vehicle sparks potential bushfire...... but no disciplinary action will be taken because there's nothing suspicious. I can see why so much crime remains unsolved.
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  12. .... And was seen to be giving the rider an infringement which at the very least means he was close enough to have a conversation with the said 'fleeing' rider... Never mind the argument between the two where rider was accused of speeding and rider counter accused officer of trying to run him off the road.

    There is a lot that really does not make sense about this story with the exception of a picture with a burnt car and officer scratching his head.
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  13. Where's this? Is this on the back road from Fernvale to Kilcoy where the Nebo turn off is? I went past there late Monday afternoon and didnt notice anything except a bike cop standing underneath the big sign with a radar gun.
  14. That's the one yes.
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  15. looks like the end of northbrook pkwy where you come out onto wivenhoe-somerset rd. I had to look up the names but recognised the corner.

    it's an easy rd to be doing 180 on in any direction, sadly cops dont book you by your average corner speed.
  16. Coming down from Glorious? There are maybe two straights but you'd be mad to be pushing some of those bends faster than 120. There's a lot of bumps and 'repaired' patches on those corners. Your sphincter would be puckered up big time going 100 plus on a lot of those bends. It's especially bad going back towards Glorious.

    Saying that it is one of my favourite stretches of road.
  17. lol you beat me, i edited my post. cops dont quote our mid corner speed sadly.... that'd be almost logical.

    it's a nice road, there's a few too many crazies on it for my tastes... and a lot of piggies. But once you're out past mt glorious it does get a lot better. Ithink the best thing is its so easy to get to good twisties from brisbane!! I wish they'd make it a one way touring route from the gap to mt glorious rd, and make people go back the other way, that would go a LONG way towards safety and reduce the number of people coming round corners at you on the wrong side, and number of vehicles off the side.
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  18. Oooohhhh I just got giddy thinking about making it one way giving you both lanes to use!