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Police call for more road cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by undii, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. from here

    Check the url for the rest, it's a couple pages[/url][/b]

  2. if they want to stop people dying on the roads, roll cages, 5 point harnesses, fire suits and helmets. simple.
  3. You've got to love the emotive and simplistic terminology, haven't you? "carnage on the roads"

    More people die from smoking, (wholly preventable) each day nationally than die annually on the roads, but we don't see any Smoking Cameras, do we?
  4. Actually, I'd disagree with the wholly preventable thing in regards to smoking. Just look what happended in the prohibition days(USA). Ultimately it just ends up being a topic on tax/revenue for the government :roll:
  5. 150 people die from falling coconuts each year and we don't see coconut cameras either :shock:
  6. No wazza, you're wrong. I'm not talking about prohibition on smoking, obviously. I'm talking about the fact that people can prevent the bad effects of smoking, of which death is the worst, by stopping smoking. Deaths on the the road have far too many variable causes, which leads to simplistic "speed is the only problem" programmes from witless and lazy governments.....
  7. Simple fact is though that speed cameras only book people for speeding - they don't actually slow them down. Taking a photo of someone doing 100+kph in a 40 zone for example is hardly going to make them suddenly think "oh I've been booked, better slow down now". You only have to look at the number of people caught each year driving unlicenced to realise that demerit points aren't much of a deterrent for some either. Funny how they credit speed cameras with reducing deaths, would have thought the massive improvements in vehicle safety over the last 15 years might have also played a part.
  8. I dredged up some stats from Vicroads Crashstats online stats database. It's not perfect as I can't pick exactly where the Geelong Freeway starts and finishes. But according to what I did retrieve, in a 100 km stretch of that road, since 1994 there were 35 fatalities.

    Since 2003 when the road improvements were finished there have been none. And there have been no permanent cameras in operation until the other day.

    Ass. Commish (with the emphasis on the "ass") Ashby wanted to cite that bit of road as to why we need cameras. Pity he didn't also say that there've been no fatalities BECAUSE of road improvements, not because of any enforcement programs.

    As for the term "carnage", it broadly means wholesale slaughter. 2 people a day out of 5 million dying because of a vehicle crash is hardly carnage.

    If you bother to read the death notices summary in the Herald-Sun, (I don't normally), and count them, on average there are 150 or so people listed. The road toll accounts for less than 1 percent of all deaths.

    Perhaps they should be concentrating on what the majority causes were out of those people. If it's diet related, look at banning red meat or fast foods, or alcohol or anything else that can cause premature death.

    If the police ploughed as much resources into fighting real crime as it does into funding expensive equipment for the TCO or the TMU, they might just have a win over the war on drugs and other crimes that inflict so much misery on society.
  9. I came across this piece of fiction the other day.....
  10. Permanant speed cameras do nothing.
    Eventually people get to know where they are located and slow down for the speed camera before and then speed up again afterwards and the placement of the speed cameras on freeways is even more pointless than the cameras themselves.. really how many crashes to you ever see on freeways??
  11. How many times do you keep looking out for speed cameras (mobile) or watching your speedo as you drive past a fixed speed camera rather than watching whats up ahead?
  12. I was in the Bundoora Park yesterday and noticed warning signs about the fact the trees drop limbs without warning so maybe they need to put signs under coconut palms about it :roll:

    There's been two since the rebuilding has been completed.

    The first was Melbourne bound at Little River when a car being driven at warp speed rear ended another car and put it into a road side pole,

    the other was Geelong bound at Lara when another car being driven at warp speed hit another fixed object.

    By warp speed I mean well in excess of the 100km/h limit, like over 160+

    There's an age old saying;

    Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics :roll:
  13. ok so we fine everyone for goin .000001K over the limit

    and people still die from accident.

    Why? they will ask.

    Because everyone is so busy watching their speedo so they don't go over the limit they will just not see other "things" onthe road. That and they'll still have distracting passengers, rubber necking, drunk, unroadworthy car that the brakes fail on etc.

    yep more speed cameras are the answer.......
  14. Given that exceeding the speed limit is a factor, depending on who you talk to, in between only 3-20% of all accidents, it's quite clear that merely installing more speed cameras is the obvious answer to "prevent road carnage". :roll:

    ALL of the most significant drops in road toll death have ALL been achieved with either increased safety measures, improved road surface/visibility/conditions, or through driver education (no drink driving, arrive alive, etc).

    The argument that speed cameras work to reduce the road toll is flimsy and weak at best. We now have more speed cameras than ever before, and yet our road toll rate has remained flat since the introduction of speed cameras as the #1 road safety focus initiative of the governing road bodies. Speed cameras do nothing but fine the average road user for not watching their speedometer religiously instead of watching the all important road conditions.

    Speed cameras in fact have been the only "road safety initiative" in history which has had so close to a near zero impact on road safety that any call for more of them as an effective road safety tool is totally specious.
  15. Appearently, (i have no sources to confirm this) Victoria is the most severly restricted, fined, levied and controlled road systems in the world, or at least one of the top offenders.
  16. Does anyone know, are these cameras point to point or just the usual speed cams working off road sensors?

    Just in case anyone dosnt know, some kind hearted soul has taken the time to spray paint huge C before every camera and/or on the pillars of the bridges that they are under.

    As far i can tell they are all mounted on bridges facing front or rear of vehicles.
  17. Is that an award given to the policeman who has written the most tickets in a calendar year?
  18. Personally, I'd like to see more red-light cameras in queensland. Drivers up here regularly run red lights with impunity, especially at those sets with short greens separated with lengthy reds.

    Speed cameras suck though
  19. im sorry i dont quite follow the thread??? umm so is the point of cameras being argued or are we all just thinking crap aloud?