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Police Busting Splitting Bikes on the Eastern Fwy

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by oz-riley, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. On the way home tonight Peek Hour on Melbourne's Eastern Freeway.
    Two victims caught, was two more but did not get footage as trucks were in the way.
    Copper on a Plain KTM Motard thing.
    Glad I did not ride today, thank you pouring rain Gods!! :eek:

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  2. Funny, was pondering the legality of splitting just today
  3. Someones dept is low on funds
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  4. he was moving to catch the second guy, he caught him in a fairly short distance, Plain bike makes it hard to get away with anything, oh well do the crime, pay the fine.
  5. What is the fine?

  6. This guy is menace.

    KTM motard without any markings.

    See him around from time to time. Often in South Melb and Albert Park.

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  7. Scum, the cop was more dangerous flying along the grass and emergency lane
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  8. The cop was more dangerous, riding in the emergency lane, than the guy breaking the law? Oooookay.
  9. I would think if it was a longer pursuit, it sould have been called off as a dangerous pursuit. who would be to blame? if one of those cars broke down and the driver opened his door and splat.
  10. For my part, I don't believe unmarked vehicles (cars, bikes, whatever) have a role in pursuit, traffic, or general patrol duties. Same as I don't believe in speed cameras (fixed or mobile) - my belief is a marked presence with real people is a greater deterrent. So in my opinion, the first problem is that the bike is unmarked.

    That being said, he was riding up the emergency lane, not a lot faster - if any faster - than some videos I have seen on this site, which were lauded as excellent examples of bike control - while the rider was lane splitting.

    I just think it's an interesting paradigm.
  11. It's spring, and the lead-up to the GP. The season when they like to remind all motorcyclists who's boss in the state of Victoria. We shouldn't be too surprised. You might get some discretion elsewhere but never on a freeway.
  12. do a search filtering has been regularly discussed
  13. Thanks for the timely reminder, Oz. I've been getting a bit too brave with my splitting lately, and I need to knock it back a peg or two...
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  14. So you have footage of two bikes pulled over
    Another two without footage
    And they are 'busted'

    Do you know the outcome of each incident ?
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    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
    Nice fender eliminator and number plate angle.
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  16. riding in the emergency lane is potentially very dangerous. and stupid.

    you missed the opportunity to teach him why so, and you had a 4wd to do it with.
  17. How is he pulling people over? does the bike have lights sirens? is it a police bike or just his personal ride?

    I once had a copper on a dirt bike chase me from the mechano set to yagoona, I had no idea it was a cop i just thought it was some dickhead on a dirt bike looking for a race, the bloke was trying to run me off the road thats when i stopped and when i went to go give him a flogging before he had a chance to get of his bike he dropped the bike and started screaming police.

    at first i thought police aren't gonna help you mate, and then i realised he was saying he was the police.

    first he brought up my splitting through the lights, fair enough then he said he was gonna do me for speeding saying i got up to a 130 in a 70 and how he couldn't keep up to which i replied thats because some fcuk'n idot was chasing me and trying push me off the road.

    it went back and forward for a while and then he said he'd be writing it up at the station I said don't worry mate I'll come to the station with you right now and you can tell your boss why you are trying to run people off the road at 5am in the morning....

    then he decided all that was required was a warning, i told him to go fcuk himself and left, never heard anything else of it.
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  18. What with acid being thrown at a rider recently, I'd be less inclined to pull over for another rider if there was nothing clearly identifying him/her as police. Some idiot screaming 'police' wouldn't do it for me. Not with earplugs in, and a helmet on.
  19. What time was this ?

    I went down the Eastern around 5.15, It was a car park as there had been a nose to tail and a Div Wagon was sitting there with it's lights going, so of course every one HAD to slow down and have a look....

    I was splitting and let a few faster bikes past me - no sign of this guy
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  20. wow, that road looks like its having some real flow problems. looks just like the monash carpark. and you pay tolls to travel (slowly) on these stupid roads?
    what a joke.

    and besides all that splitting that fast through traffic probably hasnt done that second guy any favours. imho splitting through only just faster than the traffic helps you not to be such a stand out. and ''looks'' safer and less shocking from a cagers point of view.