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police blitz St Kilda/Port Melbourne/ Albert Park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Just got done by the cops there is currently a blitz on and they are pulling over all bikes.

    The guy before me got done for 156kmp in a 60 zone.
  2. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Tosser deserves to be locked away and beaten hourly for 3 months.

    I'll see them out in force tonight. I do mobile patrols and work in those areas. I was told about the blitz 3 months ago :)
  3. I wish i had known, it would have saved me two $116 fines :( but then again i could have avoided it by simply not riding the bike until the 18th of Jan when i can legally ride it.
  4. ta mate, was gonna head down to the beach that way. I wont now.
  5. What, you can't ride at/below the speed limit? :?
  6. they'll find something to pick on me, whether its speed, stunts, not a RWC bike god knows
  7. ...unless they catch you again. :evil:
    Just remember they know the way to your home, give them quite a few minutes just in case they are the other type who like to wait around the corner to see if you will ride off.
  8. I have been pulled over a few times on the 14.. Once was because i went around a bend at the 100kph speed limit and cause the cop car had to slow he thought he would give me a lecture about going to fast around a bend. :?
    Any way we had a few words about my riding ability and his driving ability, and off in to the distance i went.. :LOL:

    Other times i have been pulled up for a random check and its all been sweet. In the end they are doing there job, thats what they get paid to do isnt, check that people are doing the right thing, like having a licence to drive, not over the the .05 limit, etc.. Only way they will know is if they pull people over .. :roll:
  9. Exactly!!

    I have no problems being pulled over for a licence check. Only thing is that hasn't happened for some 5 years.

    I did get pulled over in April this year, but that was so he could copy my licence number onto the TIN that he issued me :LOL:
  10. Saw the check point set up on nepean hwy inbound to the city. I was in my car, with other drivers. Two bikes in the pack, everyone was hitting about 85 ish, only the bikes got flagged over.

    Weekends until end of Jan are going to be blitz times I suspect.
  11. Well if you're speeding, stunting or riding an unroadworthy bike past them then you deserve their attention.
  12. Wait for it.... probably stuck in third!
  13. I am leaving all the quoted text for a reason. Posts like this will be removed unless you trim the unnecessary excess.
    It is sheer laziness and it must stop!
  14. Depends. If it was a litre bike, then more likely he was stuck in first.
  15. And people have no problem with this?

    Imagine if the police were allowed to drag anyone off the street based solely on how they were dressed, or if they were male and under 25, or had earrings in their noses or whatever. There'd be hell to pay.

    But, as soon as you get on a bike, or behind the wheel of a car, then any such freedoms from being targetted on a whim go out the window.

    And prey tell (note the spelling), how many motorcyclists that get pulled over in these blitzes (which is German for "lightning", a derivitive of "blitzkreig" or "lightning war" when London was saturated with bombing during the Battle of Britain - how apt to term it when harassing law abiding road users) were actually doing something wrong and got booked for it?
  16. TMU units inc an unmarked beemer and a couple of marked bikes and cars
    have been working bayside and related SE 'burbs since Friday night

    I saw them in action on Beach Rd on Sat morning


  17. The reason behind this is pure statistics.

    1) Roughly about 20% of bikes cops pull over are not roadworthy or unregistered;
    2) Many out there are unriders (no licence at all, so no insurance etc), and
    3) Lot of riders have suspended or cancelled licences, so random checks are much higher.
    Unfortunately. Only 7% of drivers licences have R on them. So we are easy to target (fewer on the road).

    Also we bear the sins of our brothers.

    Only today saw three bikes squidding and popping mono's with pillions. This is the kind of activity on main roads that attracts the law and gets them to pick on us.
  18. 100% spot on. Every week we all do or see riders doing completely stupid things out there and these things attract attention, resulting in Mr.Plod paying us more attention.
  19. interesting stats pro-pilot.

    i read somewhere that unriders account for a good precentage (30 odd) of accidents.

    so if i t means i get pulled dragged into the same net as them, then let go...back into the sea..to swim deep and free...i don't have a problem with that.

    although maybe with over-stretching metaphors...