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VIC Police blitz on "hoons" this weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. From the Victoria Police Website (the comments in red are mine):

    Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Noel Ashby today announced a blitz on Victoria’s regional hoons.

    “Police have identified specific locations throughout regional Victoria where we know hooning offences continue to be problematic,” Mr Ashby said today in Shepparton.

    “We are giving motorists one day’s notice that police will be out in force from this weekend targeting hoon behaviour in regional Victoria.”

    The blitz begins tomorrow however the locations and length of the blitz will not be publicly released.

    Under the new legislation, police can impound vehicles if the driver is detected committing any of the following offences:

    * participation in a race or speed trial (group ride)
    * dangerous driving committed in circumstances involving intentional loss of traction
    * careless driving
    * failure to have proper control of the motor vehicle (riding with only one hand on the bars?)
    * causing a motor vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke (aftermarket exhaust)
    * exceeding the speed limit by 45 kph or more
    * travelling at 145 kph or more in a 110 kph zone
    * intentionally drive in a manner to cause loss of traction to one or more wheels (wheelie)
    * improper use of a motor vehicle
    * driving while disqualified

    So if anyone is heading out for a ride this weekend might be an idea to keep your speed (and front wheel) down and generally behave, they've already caught 12 motorcycles so far with the new laws.
  2. Fingers crossed it just this weekend or so... and i hope for all riders sake that the heavens open and it buckets down with rain. It certainly wouldnt be a bad thing for nabbing do-rif-to morons in cars, but it would reduce the impact on riders having a good time.

    That list is ridiculously general! Causing a motor to make noise could be intentionally giving it a rev (which is a little wanky), or it could mean simply winding out a gear! Failiure to have proper control of the motor vehicle is the one that i know has been cited on a number of occasions to book riders who were enjoying themselves. If either wheel leaves the ground they can be done for that. The loss of traction one is more targetted to burnouts, but also will cover the do-rif-to crowd.
    As for improper use of a motor vehicle!? Who are they to say what is improper use of my vehicle.

    :? :mad: :evil:

    edit: Fine & 18º for Sunday makes me think this little escapade might work quite well. It'll be 'Riding Miss Daisy' mode this weekend fella's.
  3. yep targeting a minority group just an excuse to collect the cash$$

    1 hand on the handle ( I do it all the time when I take off and then close my visor)
    What Drive blind or Drive with one hand for a fraction of a second.

    I know what I pick!

    Riding Miss Daisy on the weekend sounds good! hehehe
    keep me out of trouble!
  4. While we're being paranoid, let's expand the list shall we?

  5. Yep, i think you've adequetely summed it up Cathar - anything fun is off the cards for the time being. :LOL:

    Remember, speeding makes baby Jesus cry.*

    *I'm definitely not religious, so if you are please don't take that too literally and hate me.
  6. on that note.. think of the children, won't somebody please think of the children! :tantrum:
  7. Hmmm. I frankly don't have much of a problem with the others, they all seem to relate to doing dumb stuff. But that one could get even an old coger like me. On long runs many 'distance' riders have a friction cruise control and ride reasonably straight traffic-free stretches with no hands on the bars to ease back strain, and I'm one of them....bugger.
  8. I love the word "hooning."

    It just doesn't belong in any serious conversation.
  9. Except possibly when ordering at the Chinese restaurant.
  10. i'm pretty certain that in it is legal to ride with only one hand on the handlebars. I'd swear I read that in the handbook. something along the lines of "must have at least one hand on the handlebars"...
    otherwise how would you change to reserve? :grin:

    i think that rule is referring to pulling a wheelie
  11. The only way to break the rule requiring a driver to maintain proper control of the vehical is to lose control. This can't be proven to have happened unless the vehical loses traction or crashes.

    To be booked for taking a hand off the bars under this rule you would also have to crash the bike in the process. :)
  12. participation in a race or speed trial (group ride)...

    Are you sure about group ride? Don't think that's how it is interpreted.
  13. Don't Do anything evasive to save you A$$
    Because if you do your considered a Hoon!
    So if you see a drunk pedestrian jump in your lane just go Straight, Don't Stop, Don't Swerve, just collect the 5points target!
    In your statement say that you didn't want to lose your bike for being a hoon and you wanted to be insured!
    No Skid marks = No hooning!

  14. Me either. Those laws have been in WA for more than 2 years, and there are plenty of group rides going on. In fact the WA police regularly organise them for 'awareness' reasons.

  15. here here. I love how the word 'hoon', that's as coloquial as wog or shiela, is used as an official term by our law enforcement agents :LOL: only in Australia!!!

    From wikipedia

    "Hoon is an Australian and New Zealand colloquial term applied to individuals who typically drive fast and dangerously. The term is also used as a verb: "to hoon" or "to hoon around", meaning to act in a reckless or otherwise less than sensible manner.

    The Hoon subculture

    The stereotypical hoon is a young male who owns and/or drives a high-performance or otherwise modified automobile, often a Japanese import. Hoons, known as street racers in most other parts of the globe, are generally affiliated with the import scene, although hoons have existed long before the import scene ever came into being."

    nice to know that we're part of a long established tradition :grin: an entire ancestry of hoonery!

    mind you, i rather like the term 'street racer'. so much more official and grand. :p
  16. These laws are relatively new - so I reckon the cops will be under pressure to book as many as possible to make the blitz seem a "success". To be booked for "participating in a race or speed trial" you don't actually have to exceed the speed limit - they simply have to claim that you were competing against another vehicle. That's why I mentioned group rides - two or more bikes riding in close proximity could be claimed by the cops to be a "race" - it's then up to you to prove otherwise in court. Similarly I don't think they'd book anyone for momentarily taking a hand off the bars, but they might if you were cruising with one (or both) hands resting on your leg/tank/whatever. Again up to you to prove that you were still in full control of the vehicle at the time (your word against that of one or more cops). That's possibly the biggest problem with this new anti-hoon law, it's so open to interpretation and misuse.
  17. So you can drive dangerously provided the circumstances don't involve intentional loss of traction :LOL:

    for something to be deemed 'excessive' there must be a limit set to exceed in the first place.

    Again, have they defined the proper use of a motor vehicle?

    I reckon a good lawyer could get you off most of these dumb ones.
  18. Yes, that's true. But you would have already had your vehicle impounded for a period of time.
    That's the problem with this kind of law. The police get to try, convict and punish you immediately, and you cannot appeal or have your case heard until after you have been punished.
    There are other situations where the cops can take immediate action against someone, without a warrant, of course. Usually on the basis of public safety etc. But the accused usually gets at least a chance to make them accountable somewhere along the line. Not sure if that will happen here.
  19. If the vehical is impounded and then the offence is overturned in court they have to refund all expenses.

    Adding to that, I would also bet that a good lawyer could successfully sue for compensation for not being able to use the car in that time on the basis that the police never had the right to impound it. They only have a right to do it for certain offenses and that right can't exist if the offence is not committed. If the offence is overturned, it could theoreticaly be argued that rather than a lawful judgement, the police made a misjudgement caused by incompetence or inadequate training.

    Then again, I'm not a lawyer. It'd be fun to see tested though. :)
  20. I doubt it. The onus is on the police to prove that you were "racing". Not for you to prove that you weren't. In other words, the prosecution has to prove guilt, not for the defence to prove innocence.

    You merely state that you and your mate were riding together, obeying the speed limit. The worst that they could probably hit you up for is careless riding, say if you're "tailgating" your mate, for example.

    Anyway, until such time as someone challenges this in court, and hopefully at County Court level or higher (which is highly unlikely), then we'll not know how easily these new laws can be challenged.

    What we need is some rich single child with parents who, being mega rich, dote upon him, to get caught hooning, and with the usual attitude that comes with these brats "you can't do that to me - my dad's xxxxx", they'll take it to court. Spend heaps of dough on an appeal to the County Court, or even higher.