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NSW Police Blitz Old Road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. From the MCC of NSW

    The Central Coast Cluster of Traffic & HWP Command will be commencing a motorcycle route enforcement operation this weekend (Nov15-16) . Initially the operation will be small scale, however, depending on observed rider behaviours, the level of enforcement may have to escalate.

    Here's the Police message:

    As a result of a number of serious injury crashes on motorcycle routes over the past twelve months, the Central Coast Traffic and Highway Patrol Cluster are commencing an operation with a focus on the Old Pacific Highway between the Hawkesbury River and Somersby. The Operation will predominantly be high visibility with a component involving the use of covert police vehicles. Any vehicle could be a police vehicle.

    Speeding and dividing line offences are being specifically targeted as these represent dangerous driver/rider behaviours. Helmet offences are also being addressed, which also includes ensuring helmets comply with Australian Design Rule 1698. If helmets have been modified in any way (including the fitting of cameras), riders may be reported for these safety offences.

    This Operation though being focused on motorcycle routes, is not specifically targeting motorcyclists. We will be addressing dangerous driving behaviours by all road users, as the actions of some drivers compromise the safety of motorcyclists.

    Tony GRACE
    Senior Sergeant
    Cluster Senior Supervisor
    Central Coast Highway Patrol
    NSW Police Force
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  2. I find particular interest in the lines about targeting the fitting of cameras to helmets
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  3. Covert vehicles/dividing line offences.

    They better not be trying the old slow car set up again.
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  4. One would still argue with the difference between putting a camera on with adhesive, and screwing / bolting one on :)
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  5. It's hardly surprising given the amount of idiots who run out of skill every weekend there.
    I'll only ride it during the week now due to the wannabe Rossi's and 'bad asses' on HDs at the weekend.
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  6. What is the slow car setup may I ask? Driving slow to encourage overtaking?
  7. Exactly that. They used a van then a ute and finally got busted for some form of entrapment last year
  8. Yeah was done on old pac and mac pass. Tinted window 4wd drive would drive the routes 10 under the limit and film double line overtakes.

    Last time they tried it all the tickets got chucked out after a court case. Though who knows if they've created a loop hole.
  9. ^^slow mod
  10. So does having a bluetooth setup attached to your helmet count as a hazardous mod?
  11. When I finish fixing 141 I will fix this.
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  12. Incorrect.

    Tickets are "chucked out" before the court case, not after. We also do not know how many TIN's were issued, let alone the number who objected. The MCC of NSW did say that they provided limited assistance to 5 riders who decided to go to court, all of whom were successful in Court.

    No loophole was created.

    Link: Old Pacific Hwy campaign - Alleged police incitement

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  13. Looks like its a jetski weekend then
  14. With its 60kph limit and double unbroken lines for most of its length I'm surprised anyone even bothers with the old Pacific Highway any more...
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  15. I love '..not specificall targeting motorcyclists...'

    That makes us think you're being fair & just...a fair dinkum A*rshole & just a proper Cnut!
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  16. Well the nice weather is here and the first traffic blitz is on.So the current bee in the bonnet is cameras on helmets.In the past it was tail tidys,helmet stickers etc etc.Just another excuse to wag the finger.Nothing to do with being safer on the road.On day tailgating or no indicators before lane changing might draw some interest,but I doubt it.
  17. which also includes ensuring helmets comply with Australian Design Rule 1698. If helmets have been modified in any way (including the fitting of cameras), riders may be reported for these safety offences.
    This statement implies that fitting a camera in any way amounts to modification. Looks like the NSW force wants to test the validity of the compliance regime. This could get interesting.
    Would federal legislation apply here?
  18. According to a mate this Sargent reckons fines issued on helmet mods have been tested in court 5 times and still apply.I have no idea why they are so interested in this small fry stuff.Plenty of dangerous behaviour happens all the time and goes unchecked.Drive on any expressway and see tailgating,sitting in the right lane ext ext.
  19. Come on any deckhand with a camera on his helmet in a cage is also going to be booked. You guys are just so pessimistic
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  20. Oh, and let's not talk about a speed camera outside the dairy farm on the long straight leading out to Macquarie Pass. Where I have never ever seen an accident in over 40 years driving and riding the Pass......