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police blitz at reefton

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by abvc, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. 3 cars looking for unlucky riders. been around since morning and met again at noon. do they bring speed camera as well? anybody know their motive? or if they will stay around for weeks?

    i always think that reefton is police free but today just dismissed my belief
  2. and they were on the Black Spur all weekend & Kangaroo Gorund-Yarra Glen Road. Pulling in every single bike and breath testing, rego & license checks.

    Rumour has it they are having a huge blitz in September in the hope of scaring everybody for the rest of the summer.

    After getting breath tested twice in 3 hours today, I'm scared and I'm not riding again this year.....NOT!!! :LOL: :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    PS: Hello to all the Mr Plods that read this. :grin:
  3. What would they catch anyway? It's really pushing to do > 100kph on reefton!
  4. Saw a couple yesterday when i was out around whittlesea, kinglake area. Just do the right thing and there will be nothing to worry about.. :grin:
  5. true! hopefully they are gone sooner than later
  6. They can't be seriously getting many (any?) people RUI (riding under the influence).
  7. I can't believe there'd be any positive returns either. It's just a way they can legitimately stop a large group of people under the pretence of road safety.
  8. I got breath tested twice today.... Once in the morning and another time coming back from work.... I was like WTF twice in one day..... But I knew I didnt do anything wrong but it can get annoying since I was jus enjoying my ride after work and I was late for work in the morning....
  9. There are quite a few bikes up that way with no plates, rego etc that do hard core runs.
    They try to grab these ones, but they usually cane it.

  10. not good
    choppers and roadblocks next :evil:
  11. This is is for me... I'm getting a scooter....


    But I will be staying off the spurrs this year... I want to do some exploration rides... I think I'm bit over the spurrs...
  12. i was up there 2day, and i also so 3 cars... just patroling tho i think. it was after lunch

  13. Andi

    you telling fibs again.....? :twisted: :wink:
  14. There's plenty of places on reefton where you can exceed 100km/hr. At least where I can anyway. But at least it doesn't really spoil the ride if you keep it under that for the majority of the ride. Just means you have to use less brakes :)
    Personally I don't see the problem with the huge police presence. As long as you have a license, your bike's roadworthy & you aren't p!ssed off your nut, there is no problem. In fact -if it keeps a heap of the d!ckheads away, all the better
  15. Somebody said they caught 60 odd bikers on Saturday. Mostly those who were unlicensed, over the limit or no plates. Spring is here, bikes are starting to be dusted off in the garages so the police will be out in force (for a while).
  16. a lot of what they are doing is more to catch unlicensed riders of which there are plenty.
    Many fatalities involving riders are called "unriders" since they are not licensed.
    Now the good weather is starting the police always do this sort of blitz.
  17. I counted six marked police cars in Healesville on Saturday.

    It is obvious they have been sent there on a mission. :shock:
  18. I would be MORE WORRIED about these fcukwits than the police !! Better stay off it on the weekends then :(

    ps. True you could do 200kph on that straight bit. But why ?
  19. Umm.. Easy 225 to 237 depending on how much power you have on tap. :grin:

    Why? No idea. The hoons would have their reasons tho. :LOL:

    Ask em!

  20. This is the biggest point! I don't like weekends, too many sliders cutting across your lane (when the fu*k up left handers).