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Police Blitz 26/10

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trevor Whatever, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Hi peeps. Just a small thing I wanna get off my chest , whilst out riding last Sunday around the Healsville/Kinglake area I saw an abundance of police out and about. I had my license checked at Healsville which I didnt mind at all , with some complete c*ck knuckles getting around thinking they are "Ghost rider" with no number plates lately you can't blame the cops for upping the ante.....BUT heres my grumble , between Healsville and Kinglake which is only a 25 min ride really we saw no less than four police vehicles (two unmarked) I would rather see the law out more often in smaller numbers than ridiculously over-policing like they were .
    And then while sipping on a cold one at St.Andrews we saw some hero on his R1 with his camo pants and sneakers trying to run from a toggy , he was spending more time looking in his mirrors than the road. Does anyone know what happened to that guy ? the copper was right up his ass , I thought the law had to back off at some stage??? I had thoughts of the guy coming unstuck because he sure as hell couldnt shake a Commodore :shock:

    I love a good fang as much as the next person but these blitzes pee me right off.

  2. AFAIK the toggies (TMU now) can pursue until they feel it is unsafe or until told to back off by thier senior officer via the radio. Love to know what happened, didn't read any "police chase kills...etc" so it must have ended alright.
  3. Don't like blitz' dont ride, cause they will always hassle us. Cause we are "dangerous" or some sh!te.

    If the guy couldn't shake a Commodore on an R1, he needs to do something else. Cause that is pathetic.
  4. Most of the time you dont know about the blitz until you are in it , I'm not saying I dont like it but my point was at the lack of policing consistency around these areas. Four or five cop cars one day , none for the next six months, wan*kers getting around unlicensed thinking they are ghostrider

    There should be a Camo pant BLITZ :wink:

  5. :LOL:
  6. a blitz is a not an issue for those that obey laws, unfortunately though, i always seem to get stung :oops: :LOL:
  7. Listen to yourself. In one sentence you infer that any extra attention is unwarranted because of a misconception that we are dangerous, and then in the next sentence you call a bloke pathetic because he was unable to outrun a police commodore.

    Honestly, logic and consequence is lost on some people.
  8. numbers

    if there's a problem then of course police are going to blitz it... i'm not sure everyone would like to see them around more often.. :LOL:
    but theres not enough of them to be around all the time... if theres an issue in a certain area they will probably run an operation to put a halt to it... but once the op's over they are just back to the regular number of police in the area which im sure is fcuk all
  9. Two things gave me the shits riding near Healesville on the weekend.

    1. Heaps of cops (no real prob) pulling over bikes exclusively (the shitty bit). I was sitting at the bakery and watched as bike after bike after bike copped the license/rego/roadworthy routine on the way out of town. Not one car. Even when the turbo cordia club (bout 7 of the pathetically underpowered ugly wrongwheel driving heaps of crap) came through (defects galore) even though the whole club pulled into the last side street before the cops, turned around and went back the way they came! FFS!

    2. My bike got some bit of crap in the carby that feeds the rear cylinder on the very first corner of the spur. Splutter choof FCUK! Said piece of crap refused to move until I had limped home far enough to not be fcucked going back for a ride at which point it promptly cleared itself and buzzed happily all the way home.
  10. If people didn't ride it like it was a race track, then they'd happily be doing something else. Fact is, any weekend when the weather is nice the racers will be out in force, some riding well, some riding fast and some riding fast and bad. And crashing. It's the crashing that I think upsets them off the most. And I think the unlicensed rider thing is a real problem for them too.

    The Spur's are a general no-go for me over summer during the peak hours. Why anyone would want to ride that road with tourist traffic is beyond me. Coupled with the police presence, just too much hassle to be worth it.

    I came down Myers Ck road and saw the cops sitting just to the left. I was going to the bakery anyway and pretended I didn't see them and just turned right.
  11. Unfortunately, this is what happens when a small minority ruin it for everyone else. The same thing happened on the Old Pacific Hwy north of Sydney. Massive police force, and eventual dropping of speed limits.
    Now, barely anyone rides/drives it.
    Same with "The Bay Run" in Five Dock/Drummoyne, full of traffic calming devices and 40 signs now.
    If I was you guys, I'd start looking for another nice road, sounds to me like the Police have been called in by local council/resident complaints. It wil only go downhill from there. :cry:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Not really Andrew, the police around here are quite reasonable. I don't think they're responding to community complaints but the very real accidents that occur up there every time the sun is shining. I don't have a problem with them stopping me or others, as long as it's done correctly. No lectures and no abuse and I'm happy.

    If in doing the stops they can ward off some of the unlicenced or unroadworthy bikes, that might calm it down for a while. The Spur is a lovely road and a gateway to other lovely roads, but also a magnet for people who just do laps of it and think of it as Turns 13 to 60 at the Island!
  13. Those wankers in the Cordia club are dangerous. I came across them between Kinglake and St Andrews. One of them comes flying around the corner with the back end stepping right out! Just what I don't want to see as I'm heading towards him.