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VIC Police blast motorcycle hoons PROTEST ANYONE?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. From The Age:

    It is the last part that I have a particular issue with. He's using the "38 times more likely" statistic, which is dubious at best and statistically unrealiable - as stated by the authors of the report that the figure is taken from.

    I'd also like to know where they get the figure that 75 percent of motorcyclists involved in a fatality were at fault. That seems unlikely to me because most of the accidents that involve another vehicle are the fault of the other vehicle. Right of way violations are the most common cause of collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles.

    Does anybody know where these figures come from?

    (I've made a comment to this effect on the website, too.)

  2. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    just checked the photo's, all is good none are of me :LOL:

    yeah all you hoons your giving me a bad name:woot:
  3. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Out of his arse by the sounds of it. Those stats are 100% incorrect.
  4. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Makes no difference where the dud data comes from.
    The agenda is to implement Road Safety 2020 strategy in which motorised two wheel transport is not welcome.
    Enjoy riding for the next few years to come before its all over.
  5. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    I'd like to know too, but it may actually be true. single vehicle accidents take more lives with motorcyclist than collisions with cars/trucks (as I understand it).

    What I'd like to know is what is "Lane Cutting" and if he is considering filtering as an activity that puts motorcyclists "in grave danger". If that is the case this guy needs to be educated.
  6. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Hang on, so 35% of 32, or 11 deaths in reality, have involved excessive or inappropriate speed. So, of those 11 deaths how many were inappropriate (meaning they occurred at some speed below the speed limit)? Half of them? 6?

    Is this guys seriously laying all the blame for a higher road toll this year over the last year on just 5 or 6 riders who were "hooning"?
  7. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    There's a few things with the article that shytes me: The "we have to protect them from themselves" attitude, he intimates that not wearing protective clothing is illegal (I hope they don't bring in compulsory gear), the use of dubious statistics, and the introduction of front number plates (all they need to do is turn the f**king camera around to take a photo of the rear of the vehicle, other states manage to do it).
  8. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    The lying sacks of shit police high up in the pecking order need to get their collective heads out of their collective arses and start telling the truth and not mangling statistics as they are wont to do.
    Lay should be sacked as well as all the upper echelons of the victorian police farce.
    I bet a lot of those in the photos are unriders (not licensed)
    They can't put a front number plate on a bike it hase been tested ad nauseum it doesn't work so get off the weed you knobs up top and start to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND what the motorcycle lobby is doing.
    As for the Motorcycle lobby where is the rebuttal?????
    Committee meeting?
    Discuss at next VMAC meeting before coming up with a "formal protest?"
  9. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Sounds like a declaration of war to me. Armed with an arsenal of bullshit. As if we needed any more clues.
    Ken Lay has the credibility of cockroach to me.
  10. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    am I the only one giggling away at work at that squid on the 'tard on the back wheel...?

  11. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    While we're on the topic of cops, if you know of any confirmed patrolled country vic roads or know first hand of someone getting done on Vic country roads, drop in on this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=113324

    As for Ken Lay and the article, what a bunch of emotive clap trap. Are each of the photos from this year? How many speeding car pics could they put up if desired? At least two of the fatalities were riders in their own fricking court!

    Have a look here: http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?h...0333373865308010614.00047c5bfd62d964e6ee3&z=9

    Have a look through the motorcycle fatality reports - the majority ARE NOT SPEEDING RELATED. Here's what I make of the fatalities.

    Lost control on a bend... 6

    Overtake head on (bike pulled out into oncoming vehicle)... 3

    Head on collision (rider or other vehicle runs wide or drifts onto wrong side)... 5

    Collision same direction (Rider rear ending other moving vehicle or failed overtake)... 7

    SMIDSY T-bones... 5

    Other: Clipped curb, fell off bike, Alien influenced complications, ran into parked car... 8

    How the frack do you get hooning out of that? Not. Happy. Jan. The age should know better. Just posted a comment. We'll see.
  12. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    You Mexicans are wild! ;)
  13. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    In every incident they always tick the "inappropriate speed" box. Which for some reason correlates to speeding hoon?
  14. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    yeah I had a bit of a giggle. It also had me questioning the validity of the speed. It looks like a smaller and older traily to me, so the ability to do that speed is marginal, but to then have enough reserve to get the front wheel up . . . .
  15. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    out of someones head. The figures that the cops presented to the last VMAC meeting were quite different.

    To say I'm furious is an understatement. There's some sort of hidden agenda running here.

    Declaration of war is spot on...

    Running wide on a corner may be inappropriate speed - generally going in too fast for the riders ability. This is not fundamentally a "SPEED" issue. The rider in most cases was below the speed limit but lacked the competence or judgement to take the corner.

    This is a totally different issue the the sort of "hooning" that they are carrying on about.

    Using the fatalities till 2nd May as examples.

    Ken Lay said at the last VMAC meeting that there was no discernable pattern this year - two of the single vehicle deaths were at speeds below 50k with no alcohol/drug involvement.

    Two were alcohol related one may have been drug related.

    Four unreg and/or unlicensed - a couple of these had no helmets.

    Quite a few (about 9 or 10) coming off on corners - as I said above, quite possibly riders riding outside their own limits (but still not "hooning" as such)

    A B double turning across a rider.

    A rider overtaking but possible sun glare so he couldn't see what's coming.

    A car running a red light

    A heavy vehicle changing lanes into a rider

    A 4WD failing to give way

    Running up the back of a car turning right

    Yes, there's a few that are the riders fault, it would be remarkable if there weren't.

    I believe SBS has interviewed the MRA pres Kerry Walton and he may be on SBS news tonight.
  16. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Two of the pics are clearly from last year.
  17. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    How can you tell holster, where's the date?
  18. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Top right corner - middle line - time and date
  19. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    Doesn't work Holster. 2nd and 5th pictures don't follow a date pattern that makes sense?? e.g 2nd pic: 1722 (39) 100327
  20. Re: Police blast motorcycle hoons

    2nd pic: 5.22pm 27/03/2010
    3rd pic: 6.32pm 08/11/2009
    5th pic: 2.25pm 26/12/2009

    1722 (39) - Time (seconds) / 100327 - YYMMDD