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Police Bikes - what does your state use?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VladTepes, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Out of interest...

    What brand and models of bikes do the police in your state use ?
    Let us know about the usual overt ones as well as any covert ones you know if.

  2. i have seen the use of BMW GS here in vic alot
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  3. ****ing shit heap ones with squidly riders on them.
  4. Big Bear Choppers and HD bobber's
  5. marked are honda st1100 i think, and they have a busa and a triumph sprintST unmarked
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  6. BMWs, if the man booking a motorist for exceeding 60kph through the middle of Albion Park Rail, NSW today is any indication.....
  7. I've been booked (P plate fell off) by a Yamaha FJR1300 and seen a BMW as well. I don't think there's a specific bike that they use. I've also heard on this site (and seen picture proof) that they had a couple of Harley-Davidsons in NSW.
  8. Forgotten - what state are you in?
  9. I'm in VIC and the one time I was able to look at one closely it was a BMW
  10. watch out for the dark blue ones.
  11. BMW k1200s and now the 1600 BMW whatever it is
  12. In QLD, BMW (not sure what model, but big one) but being phased out according to cop I spoke to the other day. Currently using Yamaha FJR1300 and Honda ST1300

    For undercover work not sure what they have, but I have seen a Triumph Sprint on the qld police youtube channel.

    The qld coppers also use road trail, yellow ones. Dont know a lot about trail bikes so couldn't tell you what brand
  13. cue-el-dee

    st13's? at least i was close...
    seen the sprint in person popping phone users on the m1 a few weeks back, only giveaway was the bullet cam mounted on rider's helmet and staring at drivers he rode past. had a marked bike dawdling ahead in the RH breakdown lane waiting for him to catch up and nail the driver.
    i think they might also have a zx1400 unmarked too

    and the chookers are 'zuki drz650's. oddly enough the only place i've seen them is riding past the casino
  14. fjr 1300 and harleys now
  15. I seen a couple of ZX1400's, marked here in Vic.

    But with all the crap they have to carry, they might as well be two up, takes a lot off your top end,

    But you cant outrun a Radio,
  16. Could be honda st1100, but I thought they game them the flick cause of the steering damper (or lack of) issue, that may also be the st1300. Actually to be honest I have no idea!!! Next time I see a bike cop I will ask.

    As for the road trail, have to be honest the only time I have seen them is also heading down george street in the city.
  17. The usual bike in Vic is the Police version of the BMW R1200RT, basically an RT with some different electrics to take all the extra electrics they run and narrower panniers.

    They used to run some BMW K series bikes but haven't seen one for a while apart from an dark blue undercover K1200S. They auctioned one of these recently so depending on whether they had more than one, they may not have this anymore. And Heli reported elsewhere that they are purchasing/have purchased a new six cyclender K1600GT as an undercover bike.

    Steltzer said they use BMW GS a lot. Could be but I have never seen one. But I know they do have some off-road bikes but I thought they were smaller chook chasers mainly used for chasing kids off park land.

    Recently saw a stack of intrerstate Yamaha FJR's being auctioned (can't be sure but thought it was ACT) so some state had a fleet of them at one stage if not still.
  18. Locally (Riverina) they are using white FJR1300's that have more aerials than a Russian fishing trawler, I pray it stays this way.
  19. Brisbane and surrounding areas:

    Been pulled over by a Yamaha FJR1300 before, also can confirm they have BMW's - although not sure what type, went past one this morning on my way to work. Have also seen the Suzuki trail bikes before too, if I recall correctly they were 450s.
  20. In WA they have just brought back motorbike cops after about a 12 month break. They use BMW's. I haven't heard of any unmarked at all.