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Police bike rider rammed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sbb, May 9, 2013.

  1. I hope the rider pulls thru OK.
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    FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2013 16:43 PRINT EMAIL
    Police are appealing for witnesses after a police motorcycle was rammed at Melbourne Airport this afternoon.

    It is believed the police officer intercepted the vehicle city-bound on Sunbury Road near Oaklands Road around 3pm.

    The officer was talking to the driver when he allegedly sped off.

    The officer took off after the vehicle and was rammed, causing his motorcycle to veer on to the other side of the road and off the road way.

    The vehicle fled the scene and was last seen travelling towards the

    The vehicle is described as a silver Commodore VE sedan with mag wheels and a Chevy badge on the rear.

    Police believe the vehicle’s registration started with SAH.

    The officer was taken to St Vincent’s hospital with minor injuries.

    Detectives from the Major Collision Investigation Unit are currently on scene.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
    or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.

    Senior Constable Melissa Seach
    Media Officer


    ##mmmmm commodore with a Chevy badge now were have we seen that before'
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  3. Penrith.
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  4. We had a thread on here a year or so ago .i rider was posting his videos on line ( i think his name was Neil ) he was hit from behind or the side from memory . He was involved in a stand up argument with some dude in a commodore with a Chevy badge .

    Anyone remember this ?
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    @pastafarian thanks brother that's the one . Cheers

    wrong colour and its a ute
  7. It's a scary day for us all when car drivers think they can use their vehicles as a weapon.
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  8. I wonder if the driver looks like this:


    Hope the coppa is okay.
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  9. I used to think all highway patrol were pricks but a couple weeks ago a motorcyle copper let me off on a amber/red light he said I was the second person in 12 years he had let off.
  10. It sounds like the bike cop took off after the car after he did a runner and before he rammed the bike.

    I was under the impression that motorcycles weren't allowed to do pursuits in Victoria?
  11. Only let off two people in 12 years? Well that would confirm that he was a prick wouldn't it? LOL Good for you for being let off, but this doesnt sound like a fair and reasonable bloke imo.
  12. Maybe the cop pulled the car over for a license and rego check.
  13. It would be a decidedly long stretch in the credibility stakes but there could be the slimmest of chances that he wasn't like the other 99.9% of highway nazi's and didn't pull someone over just for petty and vindictive shit, in order to fill their quota or stroke their ego.....

    when he pulled you over it was because you had really been a 1st class knob and deserved it, hence only letting 2 off in 12 years..........
  14. If this driver was prepared to do that to an officer, imagine what he's capable of to any of us. I hope they find him. I also hope the officer is ok.
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  15. Nicely veiled insult there mate!
    I haven't been pulled or in Vic. Its likely he has pulled you over though which poses the question: Were you the only other person who he let off in 12 years or were you the first class knob who no doubt deserved all he got?:troll:
  16. @ :troll:......you can read into a post whatever you like....I'm guessing its your female side at work, and I'm not biting...;)
  17. Here, here.
  18. I still hate the popo
  19. So no video from the cop's bike??????? Wouldn't that have the rego????