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Police Behaviour in Yea Sunday 14/8/2011

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Ride Alot, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Just want to share this info with everyone.

    Today at around lunch time the township of Yea was suddenly full of police. They were in unmarked cars, a BMW motorbike and highway patrol.

    It was like they were on a feeding frenzy speeding around the shops and pulling over just about everyone they could and then setting up a road block to pull up all the homebound traffic.

    They were getting people in cars and bikes. At the toilet area I saw one group of bikes where a cop was issuing a defect notice to a rider of one of the bikes. Another rider from the group was arguing with the cop about harassment.

    One young fella driving a beautiful condition old commodore was pulled over and they couldn’t get him for anything so the cops pull out some device on a stick that they placed under the car to measure how low it was. It just touched something under the car but I don’t know if they issued him with a defect.

    Families in the eateries and in the park thought that something serious was going down so in fear they all took off. The whole place emptied out in less than half an hour. I have never seen anything like it.

    These police were out of control and their behaviour was that of a pack of hoons.

    Being pulled over and harassed has become pretty much commonplace in Yea and the group I was riding with today agreed to steer clear of the place. Along with many other people who were either driving cars or riding motorcycles we were made to feel unwelcome in Yea.
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  2. So let the businesses of Yea know that they will become a ghost town if the police harassment continues, also let the local member know as well.
  3. Ahhh community policing at its best!
  4. Same goes for the Healesville.
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    Looks like we chose well to ride Sat this week.
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    Dam straight!

    Pulled over twice in the same day, in the same area, going out and return trip
  7. Healseville is allready dead , compared to bygone years.
    used to like that bakery too.
  8. Are Vic Police running low on funds? Don't think so as they have cameras generating a million dollars a day.

    Hmm..Maybe looking for criminals. Nah..not that as well.
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  9. I've only been going Healesville for the past 2 years but yesterday was crowded as usual at the bakery and in town. Was there with about 10 other bikes, did the black spur not a single cop & hardly any traffic in sight in either direction. This was about noon.

    On the topic of Yea few months back about 8am arriving in to Yea checked my rear view mirrors for anyone behind but was clear, checked again few mins later and saw 10 cop bikes riding double file in 5 rows. Turned right in to town and pulled over to the left waiting for my mate to catch up and for them to pass. True to form they headed straight to the bakery to gorge out on donuts. After eating it they all dispersed hiding in the bushs camouflaging themselves to pin unsuspecting prey. Yea is a bit of a crossroads town so there is folk coming from all directions passing thru.
  10. Sounds more like "Nay" for the future.
  11. Think I saw you ride past in healesville resmen. Recognized your bike from the photos ;)
    Mine was the silver 600 hornet next to the white gix parked at the crossing if you saw it.

    I had something like this happen in kinglake as well. Cops covering all the roads into town and pulling everyone over. At least the cop checking licenses was a good bloke...
  12. I'm sure there were some very gentlemanly Stasi as well, when they asked to see papers…
  13. Yes remember seeing your bike & the white gix there both when we were coming in and on our way out of town. You guys were at an eatery in town, near the traffic lights. Hope you had a nice ride.
  14. they were also stopping all riders on the gembrook road this morning.
  15. I found it odd they only stopped our group on the gembrook road, after we had seen them at the start point (maccas) and they were letting trail bikes and several other riders through..
  16. they told me they were stopping all riders. maybe they changed their minds.
  17. ah well, just doing their jobs at the end of the day
  18. Sometimes its just too much. Lots of Cops are good blokes but some are a-holes

    I bet no-one can beat this one!

    I used to live in Cootamundra (My parents still do). There is a cop there who is the biggest a-hole in the world. I have heard this story straight from the lady's mouth. He pulled over help our old next door neighbour on the way into Coota to help her change her spare tre as she had gotten a puncture. He put the wheel on for her and let her go only to pull her up and fine her because the spare was balled. She is 85yrs old for f*ck sake. She probably had never changed a spare in her life and it wasnt even her car.

    What do you guys think of that???
  19. Have there been any deaths due to hooning recently?
  20. Plenty of kittens have been killed this weekend.... allegedly....