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VIC Police ban traffic fines in pay row - The Age

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CeeKill, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Wow, finally it's happening. Who's going for a ride next Saturday (1/10)??? =D>


  2. Should we be celebrating? This came up last time. Theyre mercenaries essentially. Once their price is met, who do you think will pick up the tab??? Yeah, more speed revenue.
  3. But it's not about raising revenue, honest.
  4. I sympathise with their struggle for better pay, but what the police are saying is "We're happy to put everyone's life at risk to get more money for ourselves." What kind of bull**** is that?
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    Please explain exactly how they're putting everyone's lives at risk?
  6. Wow. Just wow.
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    I would assume since the general public believes speed kills, it is now noticeable that more kittens will die due to the announcement of no speeding ticket infringements being sent out on a particular day, increase in speeding drivers means a sudden rise in accidents/injuries/deaths...thus making it a danger for the general public until the police get more pay.

    Here I thought police do what they love...sadly mistaken.
  8. Highway speed limits should be about 120-150, but I think 50-60 in residential areas is fair enough, if only to reduce braking distances in an emergency.
  9. With the 3 month blitz going on this is fairly big if I'm interpreting it correctly. It's basically a "**** you boss, pay me or I won't do what I've been ordered to" type thing.
  10. Theyre only not fining low end speeders apparently. dangerous excessive speeders and hoons will still get done (according to a 3aw interview with a union spokesman this morning)
  11. Though I think they mentioned that these cases will go to court in order to clog up the system? I read that they were advised to use discretion, makes sense, otherwise this would be an invitation for everyone to do 200kph everywhere.
  12. I will still be sticking to the limit cause its what I do

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    Mighty proud of you son. Many kittens will be saved because of your actions.
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  15. :popcorn: <-- seriously.
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    Hi Dougz, I mean't according to their own rhetoric.

    Although, as a motorcyclist, I'm not very big on the idea of lawless roads.
  17. wont change my riding style for this, i never ride within the laws so its just another day on the 'race track'
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  18. Wish I saved the get a load of this guy cam picture for that post, sigh.
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    Eaaaasy people, let's avoid turning this into a "I ride faster on the road therefore I have a bigger penis" thread.

    Besides we all know that girth is what counts.
  20. Well I heard on the news today that they wont issue fines but will send you to court instead. SO they still be out there just slower and more expensive to get your fine.