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Police Baiting me on the M4 Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. I am a reasonable rider both in terms of roadcraft and technique. I wont deny that there are times where I have strayed over the offical limit or line though, im no saint. However today i popped out for a ride and hit the M4 going to make my way out to bathurst.

    I must say that I am truely lucky to not have recieved any infringments today. Past the blacktown exit to the penrith exit i passed 2 motorcyle police who were in the process of using LIDAR, and the other issuing an infringment notice. I assume that they tag teamed, one detecting and the other to chase and pull over the driver.

    I then past a marked highway patrol on the medium strip, at one of the u turn points for emergency vehicles. I had completed a few overtaking manouvers that exceeded the posted limit, mostly due to the fact that the vehicles in front were trucks with uncovered loads which resulted in specks of dirt hitting my neck and visor. They were breif, safe however I was lucky that i was not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    To the point of my post, i turned around at penrith, deciding today was not the day. I needed to fillup petrol and coming back east on the M4 at the Blacktown exit, one of those new Ford Typhon (GOLD) un makred was hiding in the bushes. As a natural reaction i tapped the brakes, but was not speeding, so proceeded to change from lane 3 into lane 1 and into the pertol station.

    After filling up, and exiting the station, i was slightly held up by a van, which was travelling very slowly on the service station exit. I manouvered my bike to see around the left side of the van, in an attempt to over take (whilst still in the petrol station grounds) the van on the left, before getting back on the M4.

    As a matter of nature I checked my mirros, saw the Ford Typhon (GOLD) behind me, turned my head. I decided not to overtake on the left although we were effectively still in the car park.

    The van headed off, and i moved to the left to let the Ford Typhoon (GOLD) pass which it did. I was intending to follow it and see the nature of an unmkared police car perform. However the police vehicle strangely moved more the the right, albeit slowly, almost on the right shoulder. It was almost like he was baiting me to overtake on the inside left side, as at this point we were on the way back to merge on the M4 but travelling painfully slowly. If it was any other normal citizen i would assume the werent paying attention to the road and accidentally drifting off the right. But this is a unmakred highway patrol car???? Highly unusal.

    In a finally manuevoer the police car swerved to the left and slowed to complete stop on the left shoulder, WITH indicator lights and I then passed without incident onto the M4. I must admit that after all this rubbish i could not help bringing the 1st gear up to 10k rpm with my new yoshi pipe as i overtook... keeping it under 100kpmh.

    I found it a strange day, glad i called it quits early.

    note, i lane split with a motorcylce copper in the city yesterday and had a good chat with him. today i meet a dickhead copper who seemed intent on prooving his point with a shiny black motorcycle.
  2. Why turn around , you can still enjoy the trip to bathurst without having to speed. Pick your moments. I do.

    Its good to see the police finally get of there fat arses and do what they are paid to do and enforce speeding as opposed to using speed camera's .

    I hate riding on the freeway , i avoid it like the plague. The shitty trucks with shredded tyres and sand all over the place, utes with rubbish flying out of the back, dickheads on scooters doing 80, asians , i could go on forever !!

    Over the last few months the police are zooming in on speeding drivers on the M4 regularly. I reackon the m4 is not a motorway its a 3 lane road full of fcukwit drivers.
  3. I find the racists to be more of a hazard
  4. Why? Do Racists drive bad too? LOL :LOL:
  5. Could be difficult with those hoods they wear!lol :rofl:
  6. Speaking of police baiting people, my mate in his car got tailgated in an unmarked car, pressuring him to speed. It's a joke, especially since he was on his p's and now he loses his licence. :twisted: The cop was being a total smart arse, making fun of him, demeaning him. Not good.
  7. Some police personnel certainly are master... oh, never mind.
  8. I like riding on the freeway because I know that *d$&kh%^d* who hates Asians does not use the freeway.
  9. cops are rabid pigs out this way
    consider yourselves warned. make sure you get your shots next time you pass through the Penrith ghetto
  10. Funny you should mention that gold typhoon. I saw one with a bike pulled over about 100m from the windsor rd M2 onramp this morning. Probably the same car.

    Not suprised about how the traffic cops behave out that way, given how some of the drivers do. (Gt Western dragstrip for example)
  11. Mate, you did the right thing. Sometimes you just get "that feeling".
    Live to fight another day I say.

    As for the cop, only he knows what he was trying to do. At least you showed some maturity and experience.

    I'm sure you'll have a great ride next time :)
  12. Havnt seeen the gold typhoon yet but there is a jellybean blue one getting around the hills area - bit obvious with the aerials and computer but was getting plenty of cagers to have a go at the lights.
  13. guys i can tell you for a fact. i work at a hotel in the city, and i regularly use Hickson Road at night. On weekends its a police blitz, no questions asked, mainly due to its high volume of street racer type cars that patrol Hickson Road and George street.

    I have no problems with car enthusiasts but a large majority of these drivers are idiots, offensive and illegally modified.

    I have observed on one night:

    1. Ford (GOLD) typhoon umarked.
    2. Ford (BLUE) typhoon umakred.
    3. Ford (RED) typhoon unmarked.
    4. Ford (WHITE) XR8, with aftermarket stickers unmarked.
    5. Ford (GREY/SILVER) XR8 Boss 260 unmarked.

    All patrolling at the same time. No longer can u assume that seeing one means the chances of another being around is slim.

    I can assure u, they are becoming more common.... which makes the days of me blasting along in a guests ferrari modena, or porsche 911 turbo long gone.....lol.
  14. ROFL cmon you are kidding right?

    Personally I just LOVE the way that everyone that uses the word "asians" is branded a RACIST!

    What do you think they would prefer to be called? Gooks? Slints? Chinks? Yella's? Or should we just stick to the name given to them determined by their countries of origins? Cos I know how much fun that would be. Go call a Cambodian, Chinese so I can laugh when he kicks your ass.

    I got a better and safer idea. How about we just stick to asians. And if you still believe its racist, the next time I get called "Australian" I'll stab a guy to make you feel better.


    And papermate, I'm glad you got home safe and ticket free. There was an unmarked cop car near where I live that would sit at the lights next to nice looking cars and rev the shit out of it, and 50-50 could usually get a drag race out of the guy, straight through the red light/speed camera at the next intersection that most people haven't realised was installed 2 weeks ago. Was good for a laugh but that's a bit below the belt I reckon.
  15. um, you missed the point. its not the terminology used which is considered racist, its making the generalisation that all Asians are bad drivers.

  16. No, you missed it.

    Because otherwise that would mean that, all trucks have shredded tyres and dusty loads, all utes have unsecured rubbish in the back and all scooter riders are d&^heads that do 80 as by result of generalization. ]

    But we know that that is just silly. There are only SOME trucks, SOME utes and SOME d%$ckhead scooter riders, therefore SOME Asians.

    So Again I state that if there is some other name that this group wish to be referred to as, speak up or get off the racism bandwagon.
  17. No one is pressured to speed. The solution to tailgating is to slow and pull over, allowing the "hoon" to pass, as soon as possible.

    Tailgating is not acceptable in court, and I know of at least one red light offence precipitated by a tailgating police vehicle, in which the driver wriggled out because he complained appropriately.

    I would suggest that when police start following a vehicle closely it is because they have observed something wrong anyway.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  18. I mean, another way of looking at it is the way that asians describes a certain demographic of bad drivers the same way that the taxi driver tag does.

    There are some good asian drivers, as there are some good taxi drivers. But the tag is not intended to be racist, it is simply the easiest identifiable feature for that section of the driving population.

    calling a taxi driver a taxi driver isn't offensive, so why should be labeling an Asian as an Asian?

    Besides, you have to admit, the bad ones do have a certain driving style of which certain elements are not recreated often, in any other group of bad drivers. They are distinct certain poor skills, with the majority of occurrences of those particular flaws only observed in that group of drivers.

    I just don't believe it makes for racism.
  19. Alright guys, let's stick to the topic about police baiting shall we rather than turning it into a racism debate. Otherwise it'll be locky-locky time.

    Butz. :beer:
  20. feel free to move it all to a thread of its own if you like.
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