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Police at Healesville

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LadyRider, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. went for a ride this morning to Yarra Glen
    had breaky with other riders
    then headed over to Healesville to do the Spur

    just past Bub's servo (last servo east end )
    opposite the Nursery
    on the south bound side
    Policewere pulling Motorbike riders up

    doing licence checks and RW checks

    hope no one got done
  2. Scumbag posted this warning start of the week (or even last week), I'm hoping everyone remember this and stayed away instead of not getting caught...
  3. I hope all those that were riding unlicenced, unregistered, riding bikes that are defective all got done.
  4. amen to that !!
  5. I agree with that Vic
    but surelyyyyyyyyyy :shock:
    None of the N R members would dream of being up there unlicenced or UnReg'd :grin:
    OR on bigger bikes than the licence type they have permits
    IE; on L's on a 650 (Vic licence )
    on P's and riding a 750 (on Vic licence )
  6. Not a fan of arbitrary detention myself - why dont they pull over the eejits in Skylines/commodores/other shitebox of choice and do a license and defect check on them? Not a soft enough target? I am sure they would score a-plenty, keep their quota serviced for months...
  7. They don't do it in those areas because they arent the ones killing themselves in the hills.
  8. The coppers reckon when they pull large capacity bikes over they discover a very healthy percentage of unlicensed or insufficiently licensed riders.
  9. They're probably right too.

    I figure if they're catching a whole lot of unlicenced riders then I'll encourage them to keep doing it. The unlicenced riders make up a large portion of motorcycle injuries and deaths, contibuting a great deal to our insurance costs. They also contribute to the stats making riding appear dangerous and we all suffer as the government hits us with knee jerk reactions designed (at least in Bracksy's head) to reduce the toll.

    It's great to see the cops actually doing something in an effort to prevent a tragedy for a change rather than simply taking photos and waiting till the end of the day to post us the bill for our "Temporary Speeding Permit". :)
  10. I don't have much of a problem with this when it happens in high accident areas and as long as they target licensing and safety issues like dud brakes, bald tyres etc.

    If they get like NSW did for a while and start booking people for noise then it's pretty obvious it's more about revenue raising than safety.
  11. hmmm wonder if the police presence has anything to do with the dude i saw being chased last sunday by a blue pursuit car (wooriyallock/healsville rd). Dude on the bike took the left hand corner at speed, i was very impressed. Cops had to drive ahead into a side street to slow down, turn around and continue their chase. Way too late for them to catch the bike, he was gone. I have no idea what speed he was going when he went past me as i was standing next to my pushy on the side of the road, all i saw was a blue (?) flash.
  12. i am also in agreement with Vic, egiste and others. I went thru around 9 this morning, must have been before they set up.
  13. it was approx 11.30 am when we went through
  14. I knew that was coming today and posted it on the ride for today.
    I am keeping away from those roads for a while. All the wannabe tossbags getting there bikes out as summer kicks in and forgetting how to ride.

    I agree that you shouldnt be riding with defective parts and unlicensed........serves then right.
  15. Went for spin yesterday for the first time on the spurs and thought i was going fast, but today, there were some really really really fast people.

    Saw the coppers, they were friendly enough and didn't bother me, because i was going at moderate speeds, not 190km/ph and overtaking through turns etc....

    Saw an ambulance and stretcher around 5pm.
  16. Sounds like you have a "devoted few" who have ruined it for everyone.
    I bet the council puts in some speed humps soon, seems to be the way councils think.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. yeah i only just discovered this absolutly wonderful part of the WORLD, and it is, beautiful roads and beautiful surface, beautiful scenery.... i really hope they don't reduce the speed limit or put speed humps or something stupid like that....
  18. True, but they are the ones killing motorcyclists in the hills. ;) Or more to the point, in Healesville itself. There are some SERIOUS fcuktard drivers in that shopping district.
  19. which is what they'll do if people treat it as a private race track
  20. As long as they are picking up appropriate RWC items and unlicenced then no issue. If they are going out of their way to find fault with seriously well maintained machines and sensible riders then I'm not happy.