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QLD Police are up to their old tricks again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Just read this article.

    Police sting or immoral entrapment? - Motorbike Writer

    I've heard a few people mention the police are in full force on the Sunshine Coast - particularly around Maleny where the proposed TT will take place if it goes ahead.

    I'm all for the police breath testing etc to make the roads safer but this is wrong!

    I was there last weekend and they were pulling over all motorbikes (no cars) for a breath test and license checks. I'd be fine with this if they pulled cars over as well! They were also photographing bikes which got me suspicious!

  2. isn't that a rehash of what was happening in the Royal National Park. I'm sure I've read about it before.
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  3. They used to do it in Qld on Mt Nebo/Mt Glorious (long windy road with very few overtaking lanes). They sat in an 80 zone in an undercover car doing 30 and video any bikes overtaking them. Dirty trick! Looks like they may have started again.
  4. Assuming you had your own camera footage couldn't you argue that the police run vehicle was a traffic obstruction? It's on the books as far as I know.
  5. Certainly immoral in my view. Their action seems deliberate in enticing someone to break the law or else why would they not just sit there on the side of the road waiting? Because nobody would do it normally.
  6. dirty bastards
  7. I was up there on that weekend and got pulled over. Got my free shammie. They had their ipads and brought up all my details before I even got off my bike. I wasn't aware and certainly wasn't informed that they were taking photos of my bike.

    I guess the one thing to take out of that story is to get yourself a camera otherwise it's your word against theirs and we all know how that ends.
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  8. I was on the Maleny Stanley River Road this morning. All motorcyclists were pulled over for a license and breath test, got my free Sixth Sense shammie. No entrapment or anything. The police were pleasant enough. They did their checks and I was on my way. I didn't notice them taking a picture of my motorcycle. I had my gopro running which I haven't checked yet.
  9. Until they confiscate your camera for "evidence" and the video you had on there is deleted mysteriously...

    Most cops are decent, but the bad apples tarnish the rest.
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  10. The disappointing thing about the way this has been handled is the fact that this road was 100KPH until recently.

    Had they left it at 100KPH, and regularly patrolled Stanley River Rd to show a presence and enforce that limit, most wouldn't have a problem. At 100KPH its a good road. With the nanny state being in full swing, the government instead decided to drop the limit by 20KPH and then the police enforce the crap out of it! At 80 its a boring road. Prior to the speed limit dropping, cops were as rare as rocking horse shit along there. The odd camera car would set up nearer to Maleny but other than that, it was extremely rare to see a cop.

    The undercover car that I saw the other weekend was travelling just below the limit so no entrapment there. Its just that the limit is too bloody low, and there are zero passing opportunities, which is how they managed to get so many bikes passing on double lines.

    Its a joke!
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  11. I checked my Gopro footage and there was a video camera pointed straight at me as I rode out. I wonder why?
  12. Agree, it is awful riding at 80.
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  13. agree, you need to get into 2nd gear every now and than for a bit of mechanical sympathy!
  14. It seems to be the trend lately. I was having a lengthy discussion with a policeman on Samford Rd. about a year ago. That road had just been resurfaced - and was silky smooth, almost to race track quality. In addition to the resurface they reduced the speed limit from 80 to 70. Its a road you could easily and safely travel at 100kph on. The policeman said there were a spate of accidents there so the speed was reduced. I suspect whoever had the accidents were probably doing a lot more than 100 so reducing the speed limit "ain't gonna make no difference!" The only effect it had was suckers like me make another donation to then policeman's ball!
  15. I sort of feel like if they didn't catch so many people doing the wrong thing, they would probably go away and leave us to it. I don't agree with entrapment tactics, but given what we know now if you start to get held up it might be better to pull over somewhere for a break and let the traffic get away.
    Also disappointing to hear that they got people for drug driving as well
  16. This started before the actual enforcement though. By dropping the speed limit by 20KPH to something just not suitable for the road and then increasing enforcement to ping people.

    Also by painting solid white lines where there used to none, limiting passing opportunities, while also not providing passing lanes. Makes it easy to ping people doing the wrong thing when the game has been set up so heavily in their favour!

    In the past, when cars, bikes, tyres, etc weren't as good, the speed limit once out of towns and cities in non built up areas was 100kph unless it was a 110 zone.

    Why do we now need lower limits, other than to make it easier to raise revenue? Is it to save us from ourselves? Is it purely revenue? Either way I don't like it!

    I feel that if you are in charge of any motor vehicle, you should be able to make a call on an appropriate speed for a country road up until 100KPH. If the road is clear and traffic light, do 100. If it is pissing down rain, and its dark and stormy do 70. Just drive/ride at an appropriate speed for the conditions. WHy has this decision been taken away and instead we are left with limits to cater for the lowest skill set. The 80 year old with a 30 year old, underpowered rust bucket on retreads!

    Super frustrated by this!

    Its getting to the point where I am seriously thinking that the only way forward for me on a bike is off road and track days.

    The thing is I don't want to be riding flat out on a track all the time. Sure doing double the national speed limit is fun in a controlled environment, but I don't feel the need to ride at that level all the time, round and round the same track.
    If I could just be left alone to do 100KPH on a country road, all would be sweet!

    At 80 I am falling asleep and just not enjoying watching my speedo all the time!
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  17. Simple reason is the current idea of safety, which is you can't kill yourself even if you're a complete fcuking idiot. Expect to see the 100 and 80 kmh twisties disappear under the guise of a "safe speeds" program, and double whites added for extra safety because crossing the centre line means death in the world of the safetycrat.
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  18. The problem is that simple solutions are rarely the correct ones!
  19. Unless overtaking a bicycle.

    Strange how all the reason to have the solid lines disappear when treadlies are involved, explains why there are so many bicycle parking racks at Monash University.