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QLD Police ARE experts at estimating speed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Just read this and the post on NSW police estimating speed.

    Queensland police guess speeds for fines, says Commissioner Ian Stewart

    Looks like the cops in QLD also have "highly accurate speedometers in police vehicles" which helps them estimate speeds. What a crock of shit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they use stock factory supplied speeds.
  2. Police speedos are meant to be calibrated.

    In Victoria at least, an officer can claim accurate speed measurement of a vehicle based on the police car's speedo if the suspect vehicle was tracked for 300m.

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  3. Doesn't matter if speedometer is stock factory if they are then calibrated at set intervals.
  4. I'm pretty certain in Highway patrol vehicles they have an aftermarket display installed to compliment the speedo in the car this is what is calibrated. there is a photo on a similar thread somewhere on here with a NSW highway patrol bike with this setup, the speedo on the bike has a sticker on it stating "not calibarated"
  5. Qld police have separate calibrated speed readouts in their cars.
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  6. NSW po-po do the calibrated speedo thing as well ... when they can be bothered to look at them.
  7. Move along, nothing worthwhile to see here....
  8. Then perhaps leave the thread to those that think there is.
  9. You're wrong :p

  10. There ya go - I was not aware. I heard they get engine, suspension and brake modifications but that was it - plus the lights package.

    I was pulled over about 20 years ago by a cop bike who gave me a ticket for being 5kph over the speed limit. I looked at his bike speedo and it was standard - with 20kph increments over a gap of about 10mm. His guess at my speed was as good as mine!

    I still think its wrong they guesstimate your speed. It should be no radar reading - no dice!
  11. Actually I believe the cars are standard in terms of engine, brakes and suspension. Usually base model cars. Probably perform worse than the equivalent civilian model due to the added weight.

    No need for fast cars when Qld police don't pursue anyway and aren't allowed to exceed the speed limits by much.... 20 or 30kph I think for emergency jobs.

  12. In QLD police can pursue at speeds up to 140km/h until the chase is called off or the fleeing driver/rider exceeds this speed then they just go round afterwards with camera footage of the chase and the rego details and arrest them then.

    As for police vehicles, I work on a fair few at work. They often have chips (all over the carpet lol) in their ecu's or a custom ecu flash but other than that not many performance mods. They do have separate digital speedometers on the dash and these have a calibration sticker which is dated. If you were ever in the position of having an officer estimate your speed it would be wise to ask them to see their calibration stickers on their speedo, radar and other speed monitoring devices and to provide evidence you were speeding.

    Lack of evidence usually gets thrown out of court. the only catch is that if you ask the officer how they estimated your speed and they tell you they followed you for several hundred metres or more and used their speedo then you're up the creek unless their speedo is past calibration date (which is shown on the sticker on the digital readout)
  13. That is why it's very rare for police to issue an infringement quoting a specific speed when using estimation as the sole detection method, and in many cases (because it is the most difficult method to prove) a TIN is issued for the lowest offence, ie 1-10 km/h over in NSW. It is a case then of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the vehicle was exceeding the posted limit by any amount.

    The faster a vehicle is travelling, the more difficult it is to determine speed with accuracy using the estimation method alone.
  14. Chips on the floor lol.

    They can only pursue if they believe the occupants have committed a very serious offence and the criminal must be arrested immediately. QPol must be too scared of / fed up with being blamed for the actions of criminals by the do-gooders so seem to have decided not to bother. Fair enough I suppose.

    Camera footage depends on the individual copper, QPol don't provide video recorders so it's up to the cops to buy their own if they want it.
  15. Yes, you're right; but almost all have calibrated speedo's (+/-2kph) or are fitted with a separate digital unit if their stock speedometer cannot be calibrated. Take a look inside one day.
  16. aah yep, showed for me. thanks