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Police are appealing for public assistance after an alleged hit-run collision at Wingham

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Police are appealing for public assistance after an alleged hit-run collision at Wingham on the state’s Mid North Coast left a young boy with serious injuries.

    About 12 noon today (Sunday 20 March 2011), a seven-year-old boy was playing with his two brothers in the vicinity of South Dennes Street when he was allegedly hit by a motorcycle and fell to the ground unconscious.

    The motorcycle and its rider allegedly failed to stop. (????????? great reporting)

    The child was taken to Manning Base Hospital for treatment to a suspected fractured skull.

    He was later airlifted to Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital.

    An investigation is underway into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

    If anyone knows who this idiot is, please dob him in, fair dinkum
  2. Have mandatory prison terms been introduced for hit and run yet?

    Idiot parents should also be given a clip around the ears for letting their children play on the road, by the sounds of things, unsupervised.
  3. Nothing excuses not stopping but yeah parents need a wake up call sometimes... I nearly cleaned up 3 kids (all under 10) who ran out in front of me on the GOR (I was in a car), they stopped mid lane to flick me the bird - I chucked a u-turn and followed them to their nearby house... After explaining the situation to the old man, he told me to get the f#$k of his property and I try opening my f@#king eyes...
  4. Geez how many of us when we were kids didn't play on the street? footy, cricket etc.
    How big was the street?
    how much traffic runs through it?
    These things are not in the report.
  5. Just goes to show us that arskholes ride bikes to. Maybe he'll get left for dead after he's been hit by a Mack truck...a little poetic justice.
  6. Didn't an 11yo come forward (with his parents) regarding this accident? That's what I thought I heard on the radio yesterday morning.
  7. Poor little child :( I hope justice prevails and the boy recovers somewhat....
    More so, the rider of the motorcycle receives his unavoidable cauldron serving of hot, spicy unforgiving karma !!!
  8. yes it was another kid on a mini bike....

    so much for journalists checking the facts of a story before publishing.

    It should have read "unlicensed hoon biker intentionally runs down small child in road rage attack."
  9. Then someone needs to write a letter to the editor, complaining about the B/S journalism, and DEMANDING the true story be published.
  10. I think it was his brother who hit him...

    grrr...can't find the article I read the other day :mad:
  11. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/...m?site=midnorthcoast&section=news&date=(none)

    Police on the mid north coast say a motorcycle accident involving two young boys yesterday was not a hit and run, as originally thought.

    A seven-year-old boy was playing with his brothers at Wingham when ran towards a motorcycle being driven by a 10-year-old boy.

    Police say the 10-year-old tried to swerve and avoid him, but hit the seven year old who was knocked unconcsious.

    The 10-year-old alerted his parents who took the injured child to hospital.

    He was airlifted to Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital where he remains in a stable condition and is expected to be released in the coming days.

    Police say the 10-year-old will be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act and infringements might be issued to the family for permitting an unregistered vehicle to be driven on a road.
  12. I love how quickly you fluoros rush to the podium to call for the heads of other riders.
    Are we feeling a little silly at our outrage yet?
  13. hahaha how did "going to mummy and daddy for help" turn into a hoon hit and run

  14. I don't. They should all be ashamed of themselves for believing the media and calling for any action against the "rider."

    All we actually knew was that a boy was hurt. All any of you lot should have said was that you hoped he fully recovers soon.

    Be ashamed. Be very, very ashamed.
  15. that's why publishing stories from the newspapers is very dangerous
  16. From where have you "speculated" this comment from, the only link provided in this thread was by TonyE, and what was written would seem to sum up correctly as to what happened.

    If you are basing this on the OP, once again it fails to state where this story originated from, so I will speculate that it came from the NSW Police site, as thats where the OP chases up his stories from.

    It's also word for word from the site http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/m...nb3YuYXUlMkZtZWRpYSUyRjE1ODc2Lmh0bWwmYWxsPTE=

    Now if the OP was followed up with the next post by NSW Police, which is 3 posts above the original on this page http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/media_release_archives
    and subsequent post being http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/m...nb3YuYXUlMkZtZWRpYSUyRjE1ODc5Lmh0bWwmYWxsPTE=, a better indication of the story would be had.

    The police follow up was made at Monday, 21 Mar 2011 03:52am , approx 7 1/2 hrs after the original police post, and approx 13 hours before the post was made here on Netrider.

    Therefore posting police reports can also be very dangerous, and obviously not as sensational if details are left out at the time of posting.

    As for posts 2 and 4, there was no mention that the kids were actually playing on the road, only they were in the vicinity of South Dennes Street.