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SA Police apply to tear down Mongols fortifications

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by edgelett, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. wow, been so long since SAPOL tried to use these powers, i was still a govt employee last time they did this!


  2. Flavour of the month, All states are in a competition to not look like the soft on bikie crime one.
    Evidence of a crime be damned they are legislating away any presumption of innocence whilst people sit on there hands saying it's only the big bad bikies
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  3. If they are no doing anything illegal, why do they have fortified club-houses? The Mittagong Chess Club doesn't have six foot high walls with razor wire......
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  4. I have nothing to hide, but i still lock my front door. Do you do the same Hornet?
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  5. If they had evidence of criminal activity, then why wouldn't a search warrant be sufficient?

    NSW granted, but I imagine SA wouldn't be that different...
  6. Have seen plenty of private residences with as much security.
    I can't see an issue. If there is a legit warrant and they then don't allow access then I'd think it is another matter.
    Don't cops have infrared and spy satellites and computer hacking equipment and the like anyway or am I watching the wrong TV show? ;)
  7. Really Hornet? Have you seen some of the so called 'fortifications'? They are no different to the 100 other sites in an industrial area, or even on some private homes I've seen.

    As for the SA laws, well given they have to present evidence to a court, and that evidence can be disputed by defence lawyers I have no issue with it.

    The crap in Queensland is a very different kettle of fish.....
  8. yes keep in mind folks, the police have to present evidence to a court, then the court decides. The cops can't just storm in & tear stuff down.

    as for the type of fortifications, they HAVE used this law once before on a private residence - it had razor wire everywhere, and the court ordered it had to be pulled down.

    I'm not sure exactly what fortifiactions are on the Mongols clubhouse, i've never been there. But the laws are to remove 'excessive' fortifications such as razor wire, 12 ft high fences & the like, not to stop people from locking front doors, having security cameras, and having automated gates.

    So the cops have to prove that whatever is at the Mongols property is seriously over the top or the court won't allow it.

    will wait & see what the outcome is
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  9. Of course I do, but that's to keep the criminals OUT, not protect them while they're IN.....
  10. In honesty, some of the security I've seen around private businesses in industrial areas are as you described. 12ft walls, razor wire etc.

    But as I said, I have no problem with this going to a court of law and being decided upon by a magistrate/judge based on the evidence provided.
  11. So Hornet, they cannot be doing the same?
    You are assuming they are all criminals, who says what people or bussines deem as adequate security.
  12. well, that would be the court, since they are the ones who have the final say in this case.

    as far as I know this 'anti fortification' legislation is unique to South Australia. I don't know of an equivilent elsewhere.

    as it is, it's been used a total of three times since it came in to effect. Once for a clubhouse, once for a private residence, and now once again for another club.

    I know people always say 'once cops have these powers they will be unstopable' but i think this law has been around since 2007 or even earlier, and it's only been used 3 times....SAPOL need a LOT of evidence to present to a court so its harder for them to do than you think, or they would have done it to every clubhouse in Adelaide by now.

    as b1smick said, I have no issue with the cops having to present evidence to a court, and natural law being given (i.e oppertunity for defence) in these cases. If the court don't have enough evidence, then they won't allow it.
  13. If you are storing members bikes (which they do from time to time) it's not beyond the realms of possibility to have in excess of $200,000 worth of bikes on site at any given time.
  14. Slow Coaches objection was to Hornets assumption not the courts ability.
  15. Yes I agree it is the courts decision now. I was directing my comment to Hornet about his response that the local chess club does not have this fortification because they have nothing to hide, and if you have fortification or add security to your building then you must be doing something wrong and something to hide.
  16. NERDS!

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  17. yup sorry Slowcoach my apologies :)
  18. Hell, if we're talking Harleys -likely with customisations, too- I wouldn't be surprised if 200k is the low end.

    Have to be pretty balsy (or very stupid) to steal bikes from a bikie gang, though. 'Course, if you can think of something, there is someone out there stupid enough to do it, and all it takes is for them to think of it too...
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  19. They throw good parties and commonly have lots of booze on site. Good reason for security I would think
  20. I think they are wasting their time, they wouldn't keep much on those premises anyway except bikes maybe. All the illegal shit would be kept in safe houses that look like the average suburban dwelling with nothing more than a sliding gate.