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N/A | National Police and go pros

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Driving through Menai half hour ago and spotted two cops on trail bikes, get that a bit round there. One of them had a very suspicious small rectangular box on to of his helmet.

    As much as I love and trust police I can't help but think they are pulling a similar number to what that banned cyclist fag plays.
  2. NSW cops have been able to video and record for a while now. They will also advise you if the conversation is being recorded.
  3. .... riders use cameras, why shouldn't the Police? Arguably they have more reason than riders....
  4. as long as they are just recording what they see and not creating situations or editing it in some way than oh well... i'd rather get done for something i did than something i didn't and they SAY i did.... wish ALL cops used video... the number of times they've made shit up on me is just bull5%!t.
  5. Yeah what are you worried about, its not like there are programs that let you photoshop a number plate over another.

  6. Cameras would be an improvement over the old tactic of kicking illegal trail bike riders to make them crash.

    Seems somewhat unlikely they'd be using trail bikes to police road traffic though.
  7. I never said anything about should and shouldn't. Feel free to stop constructing straw men any time now...
  8. So long as there's access to raw footage.... it might help a rider here and there.
    They'll try stitch people up regardless of whether they have video footage.
  9. It's all in your head...
  10. They're filming the next big youtube stunt flick.
  11. lol as long as BOTH sides have access to the raw footage.... and it doesn't go conveniently missing.
  12. I don't think it's for that, I think they are going to be making a big youtube hit with the cops doing stunts like the superretards.

    Any of them riding a KTM by any chance? :p
  13. Want that close to them.
  14. I believe Menai has ready access to popular dirt trails along Heathcote road, so it's likely they were heading to or from there rather than patrolling the streets...
    I'd still be interested to know whether the cameras were operating, and whether they conform to standards such as tamper-proofing in the way of those digital timestamp thingies?
  15. Ready and widespread. They were northbound on the north south link of bangor bypass and turning into the east west link towards Sutherland. Going back to sutho PS I imagine.
  16. What planet are u guys on? if the footage is in your favor it simply gets "lost" by the police. It's happened to a number of mates. You think the cops are really going to prossecute you with evidence that helps you or makes them look corrupt??

    When I went to court recently the officer cut bits out of the video that wasn't in his interest (and left it out of his 20 page statement). However he admitted to the missing event taking place when cross examined by my lawyer. These ****ers know how to play the game better than anyone..
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  17. Video cameras are quite susceptible to IR light, even during the day. Already there's products on the market designed to blind cameras, although high-powered IR LEDs are cheap and simple enough to make your own.

    Of course this information is provided purely for educational purposes. ;)
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  18. Your ideas are intriguing and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  19. Sections of Menai have been subject of a Native Title claim and they have been attempting to remove the dirt bikes for a while.Those same dirt bikes have been using this area since I started riding more than 30 years ago.Those KTM riding cops are enforcing this.Its very contentious considering a fair few riders are licenced and regoed,the boundary's are not well defined.Ride there unregister and its a big fine though.Most know the risks and with a quiet bike with rego and ever decreasing riding areas I can understand it.Thats not mentioning the Native Title being turned into a subdivision of the sacred land.
  20. http://www.topledlight.com/5w-5-watt-infrared-ir-high-power-led-850nm_p251.html
    Price is slowly coming down. I paid nearly $30 for the same thing only a couple of years ago to replace the 1w LED in a cheap torch - and that will certainly affect a camera in full daylight if aimed directly at it (though this is not the purpose I bought it for).

    (These I've not had any experience with these).