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Police Ambo Fire radio scanners

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Anybody here a hobbyist??

    Few questions

    What does the future hold in decrypting the digital signal for police? buckleys and none?
    I used to enjoy listening to it in the analogue days
    What is worth listening to these days?
    I know about Ambos, Firies and airports, what else is there..
    Are analogue scanners useless today?

    Also are there any good online sites to listen to apart from http://scanneraustralia.com

    Goz :)
  2. I do believe its going to be encrypted, so unless you get the Key for the Encryption, then definitely Buckley's and none.
  3. reason i ask is that foxtel came out with their new system (Digital) and said its impossible to crack, lol well they where wrong
  4. they make a duplicate of the card, not break the encryption.
  5. I'm pretty close to a NSW Fireman and I know that he has a scanner (it be like a crystal ball at times) so I'll ask him a few questions about it for you Goz.
  6. Melbourne metro Police, Fire & Ambulance have gone digital while country Victoria are all still on VHF analog networks (150-170MHz).

    I believe you can get a scanner that can handle the digital encryption but I hear they change the key code regularly to make it harder for the casual listener.
  7. Above is correct.
    The encryption keys are changed at random and they frequency/channel hop as well. The control channels determine and re-code on an ad-hoc and predetermined interval, 2 modes.
    The CFA also has a tender request out for a digital system. This has been ongoing for some time but at least the base is there now and there are a few players involved.
    It's really a PITA to follow the encryption codes and control channels and not worth the expense and pain.

    The SMR (around 162-165MHz without the control channels) as used by CFA currently is also being used by vic country police, rural ambos etc. There's some good stuff to listen too still and a few good relays, especially Warburton/Healsville if you're heading up that way, and Melton Bacchus etc if you're going out west. LIcence checks at the bottom of Reefton are still relayed via SMR so you'll hear the lot.

    I'm a bit of a hobbyist but work in the field.
  8. shame really, i understand its stops criminals listening in while doing their crime, bit of a bummer for the casual listener and hobbyist
  9. yeh it is a shame. It's always good to know what's happening in the neighborhood when you hear the siren. Is it a crash, burg, what?? Now Vicpol uses as much non-voice traffic as they can, reg/lic checks done online, no voice really needed. Takes up too much bandwidth when other data can be coming through, automated expiry dates etc.
    It was difficult initially but after lots of training and getting used to the idea the whole comms thing has changed.
  10. Checked with the fireman. Decryption of NSW Police digital signal is a "not likely" scenario. Analogue scanners aren't totally redundant but the list of frequency users will shrink over time.
    It's official, I'm well and truly out of my depth. Backing away now.
  11. thanks for finding out j3st3r, and thanks for your info FastR1Red, wouldnt mind your field of work also :)
  12. mmm. listening in during the riots certainly was interesting.
  13. Yeah. But the night after when the reprisal attacks happened was interesting. The cops had no idea what was going on.

    Also good to sit and work on the bike/car and just listen to the goings on. Pursuits up the M5, domestics etc. I don't really think that many crooks were listening in. Much too much effort for not much practical information.
  14. I live in port stephens, I get x2 police channels without encryption

    first ones raymond terrace to taree and west to singleton (rough area)
    2nd ones Wagga Wagga area (reliably as well) Maybe due to a link frequency or somthing on gan gan mountain near where I live.

    Newcastle coppers are all digital tho and I can only hear beeps and crap, alota stuff is on the GRN these days, I dont have a GRN capable trunk tracker but can still listen ok generally (although I got no clue who is talking lol)

    I listen to (apart from ones stated)
    RAAF hornets etc practising dogfighting or bombing on the local bomb range here (and yep it sounds like topgun action lols, and when they get problems its interesting eg runaway gun sounds scary)
    SES,security companys, cb, marine radios, westpac chopper etc
  15. they will all 1 day go encrypted, all we will get is mcdonalds drive through and cb radios, breaker breaker, booooring
  16. Scratch the Maccas drive-thru as well, they'll be run via a VOIP based central call centre where the order is processed in India and your burger cooked in Australia.
    Yes, it's been done already as it was trialled in the US and found that the system can process orders so many seconds quicker than the traditional "drive through to the next window" method.
  17. LOL I can imagine that
    "would you like fries with that? That'll be 1000 rupees sir, I can also offer you a very cheap phone services and package holidays"

    McDonalds "<unintelligable speech> .....fries with that?"
    customer "What did you say?"
    Mcdonalds "<all unintelligable speech>"
    customer "nup still cant understand you"
    set on repeat