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NSW Police always stop the chase early.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Unless of course, they shoot the guy at the end.

    On phone so takes to long to link. Armed robber in Penrith chased to Parra where he gets shot dead. No one complains about the chase this time because no one got hurt. I'm not saying either way, but some balance would be nice.
  2. http://www.parramattasun.com.au/new...hoot-man-at-westfield-parramatta/2499744.aspx

    Fark me, I honestly wondered how long it would take for this topic to come up so someone could have a whinge.

    He performed an armed robbery at knife point, then hijacked another vehicle at knife point. He then violently struggled with a police Inspector before producing a weapon which led him to being shot dead.

    The chase was mostly conducted by the PolAir helicopter it seems, which significantly reduces the risk to the public.

    What's the problem Lilley?
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  4. It was in a service corridor, after a weapon was produced. What should the police officer have done?

    Edit: Just saw the part you wrote about the Taser. Sometimes Tasers are just not the viable option.
  5. They were close enough that a member of the public could have been killed by a stray bullet. The deceased didn't even have a gun.

    To go back to the OP, it is interesting that they continued the chase after the accused crashed on the M4 and stole the lancer. They were happy to put the Publics lives at risk even when a crash occured already. Had he crashed again with fatalaties I presume it would have been reported that they called the chase off.
  6. VC you are speculating all over the place. Tone it down. You don't know if the chase was continued only by helicopter or by car. You don't know what sort of knife the guy had, how big it was, how close the officer was, or anything. Knives, especially large knives such as hunting knives, kill much faster than a gunshot, unless it is a head shot. You don't know if the officer was pointing his gun in the direction of any members of the public. You do know that the thief has already violently carjacked a vehicle. Get some persepective.

    I have no sympathy for thieves, let alone a violent thief.
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  7. Waaaaaah

    He had a knife.
    He ran and then when caught, he tried to attack the cop.
    He got what was coming to him.

    Every time you ride your bike you're close enough that you could ram a car. That doesn't mean you used it iresponsibly.
  8. I am just going by the reports

    "I'm not aware of this man being armed with a gun."

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/police-sh...was-nothing-20120326-1vt1u.html#ixzz1qBYuMaho

    it was not clear if he had the knife allegedly used in the robbery.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/police-sh...was-nothing-20120326-1vt1u.html#ixzz1qBZ2fgf2

    Whether he was being chased by cars or helicopters is irrelevant, he was being chased otherwise they couldn't track him. He did crash but the chase was not called off. You have to wonder if the chase had ended in a road fatality would the police report that the chase had been called off.
  9. I am yet to read an article that says the man had a weapon. Even the article you linked has this: It was unclear if the man was armed with a knife when shot.

    Except when there are six police officers chasing a lone suspect who has his back turned? It seems viable then.
  10. http://www.news.com.au/national/car...field-parramatta/story-e6frfkvr-1226309790799

    I did not say anything about the young man who was tasered and as a result died, so why have you brought it up?
  11. This is my problem spruce. I don't have an issue with police chases per se, there is certainly a place for them and in this instance does seen justified. I have a problem with their inability to report it honestly.
  12. So am I. You were speculating like crazy. Read what I wrote about knives. He had a knife at the robbery and carjacking. A weapon was produced, according to the articles.

    Give the police a break. Some people commit robberies, are violent and don't care who they hurt. Do you want them to pick you next time?
  13. I expect to get quite the response from this but anyway. In those cases where a crash resulted from what was, "A police pursuit was terminated before the crash took place". How do you know whether the pursuit was in fact terminated and they are telling the truth, or they are lying? Unless you were actually there then it's purely speculation and does not do anyone any good.
  14. I don't want to be killed by stray cop bullets either, or by crashes caused by unnecessary chases.

    We are just pointing out that it seems suss when every time there is a crash with a fatality it is called off "moments before" but in this case they are happy to report that the chase had been continued because the crash happened not to have a fatality.
  15. Exactly. And the probability of the chase actually being called off minutes before the crash lengthens each and every time they report it.
  16. Yes, an unamed "senior police source". Case closed I guess. As always in these situations the story is not 100% the same in all news articles. You can't just pick the one you agree with and hold that to be the truth.

    Whether or not you mentioned him is irrelevant. I was replying to your comment about the viable use of tasers. There is discussion around the death of the student and whether a taser should have been used in that situation. Vertical C raised the question of taser use in the Parramatta shooting. It's all relevant.
  17. This is... interesting. What are you trying to say here? This is bordering on "you're with us, or you're against us" absurdity.

    That applies for all cases. You seem pretty certain the suspect in Parramatta produced a weapon on the police officer, though.
  18. I was not speculating though. Only stating what I read. Don't you consider it likely that he produced a knife upon the police officer given that he used a knife in the robbery and a knife in the car jacking?

    I first read this yesterday when it happened. The very first article I read Deadsy stated that he produced a weapon before being shot. Sure, some articles now say it's unclear about that.

    Do yourself a favour and click on the video that is on this website. It's the Matty Johns radio show speaking to witnesses about what happened. Click on the first tab on the left titled "Witnesses speak about car chase".

  19. I listened to the link. It paints a picture of a pretty desperate guy. However, you could ask questions about comments like "he looked like a typical criminal", estimating the speed he was doing, etc. 10 eye witnesses, 10 different stories.

    Isn't that speculation though? A motorist would not have a gun to defend himself with, a police officer certainly will.
  20. Haha yeah the part about looking like a criminal was a bit left of centre I agree.

    Yes my second part was speculation, and I knew that. But I just thought I would ask where you stood on the prospect of him producing the same knife he did in the first two instances.