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VIC Police admit data blunder (motorcycle related)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/police-admit-data-blunder-20111020-1ma9y.html

    Now this is interesting! Statistically worse, how can anyone trust the data now? They can't even get basic numbers right. Sounds like they were more likely pulled out of a hat...

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  2. Gee, that's embarrassing.

    What's that officer? No, I wasn't going that fast, you've obviously mislabeled some data.
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  3. Bad MV. You just made me laugh out loud at work
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  4. maths is hard
  5. They carp on at us and make us feel like "enemies of the state" FFS.

    Their submission was crap.... Compared to all the others.

    I attended the RSC Hearings for all 3 days, and theirs was one of the worst presentations of the lot. You could see that the two subordinates with Keiran Walsh were singing the bosses song. And they had the temerity to call themselves motorcycle riders....

    And to make things even better, I got the impression that the RSC picked up on the fact that the Police were off track, because FNP never rated a mention in any questions to any other submission presentations. The RSC were far more interested in thisgs like SMIDSY, Training, car driver awareness. They appeared to be very impressed by the submissions and presentations given by the VMC, Ulyses, VACC, the Scooter Presnetation and Maurice Blackburn and not to forget Prof Marcus Wigan - who all had credible evidence based presentations which made the Police look like an absolute joke....

    I'm looking forward to reading a letter that gets published on this - someone needs to keep the flame burning on this one.
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  6. As pointed out elswhere, this doesn't actually do us any good unless we can get the point across that their failure to prosecute unidentified riders is NOT resulting in a greater rate of offending than other road users. Which also happens to undermines the whole rationale for speed cameras.

    But I guess it does serve to further damage confidence in the administration.(y)
  7. Was just thinking about this - I stumbled on a post on ASB that was worried about the revised figures and corrected figures showing that even more riders "get away" with it, but even the revised figures are another cynical attempt to muddy the waters.

    The VicPol submission highlighted that half of the uninfringeble riders were from failed shots from the rear. The revised information in the media suggests that the total number of evading riders was all due to lack of FNP. What a crock of negative spin. And just goes to show how cynical the police are on this topic.

    I think this information did filter to the journo's but since the issue ran out of legs, this point couldn't be made and a response couldn't be obtained.

    If you're on other forums and this topic has come up, round off the discussion by adding the above point to it.

    The other issue is that an independent third party, without an axe to grind should be given the raw data for ALL camera fines that can't be levelled and then we'd REALLY know whether there's a problem with bikes, or with any mode of transport, or with cameras in general... and possibly highlight just how cynical the Police brass are in pursuing this topic against riders.
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