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VIC Police action on speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, May 2, 2011.

  1. Well this will be interesting if it goes ahead, if only this happened all the time it would reveal what a crock these so called speed cameras are.

  2. Um, isn't flashing lights against the law???

  3. I think they mean the blue and reds
  4. I've wondered about that. What law is broken? All I've ever come up with is if flashing high beams at night.
  5. Ok, flashing the disco lights isn't against the law. Flashing headlights apparently is.

    Since there are over 600 mobile $peed $camera locations in Victoria alone this week, many in suburban streets, it's not really much of an industrial campaign.
  6. Lets just be a little sceptical about what the police are doing here. Are they doing it for altruistic reasons? Yeah right. For safety reasons? Doubtful.

    Ive never heard any police condoning motorists warning of police radar/lidar operations, even though thats guaranteed to slow drivers down for a distance.

    I think police are pissed they are losing business to other camera operators too.
  7. They are doing it because they want a pay rise. Well more than they are being offered.
  8. Flashing headlights isn't against the law. Depriving the government of it's legal revenue certainly is. Gotta prove intent though.
    It does show exactly what the police really think about the role of speed cameras.
  9. OK the police have just come out and said by alerting drivers to the presence of speed cameras (by sitting near them with flashing lights) they will 'enhance community safety'.

    Ie. By pointing out where the cameras are, people will actually slow down (instead of not seeing the camera, not slowing down, being pinged and receiving a fine a few weeks later).

    This is in complete opposition to the $hit fed to us that mobile cameras must be covert to be effective.

    The police are confirming to the public by their actions that the cameras are there to generate revenue, not slow people down.

  10. Exactly!!
  11. You made me look.

    Google it, I think you'll find plenty of references how flashing headlights has gotten people fined.
  12. Industrial campaign also includes:

    - Members banning the use of email;
    - Members not serving subpoenas or transporting witnesses for the OPP;
    - A ban on the preparation and provision of statistical information for the force or the State Government.
  13. This is pretty cool, for multiple reasons.

    And it shows how important it is to keep one's enforcers happy, since without them you have as much effect as an old man shouting on a street corner. Take note, megalomaniacs and criminal masterminds :p. See also a certain emperor and his personal guard.
  14. Yes, but not in every situation. Intent and circumstance. There are some where it is explicitly allowed. (ie. somewhere in r.266?) I think the issue we are dealing with here is the one in which police determine that someone is 'interfering' with police business, isn't it?
  15. good for them, maybe they"ll have some time and manpower now to tackle real crimes , instead of just processing speeding fines.
  16. I believe it's "using high-beams in a built-up area, or where it may adversely affect the visibility of oncoming traffic". Something like that, I'm not a lawyer.
  17. High beam flashers that flash ~250 times per minute are legal for motorbikes during daytime: and I've yet to be stopped by Mr Plod when I use mine :)

    On Topic, the argument put forward by the Police Union secretary is pure gold and will need to be pulled out and quoted ad infinitum whenever the drongoes at Monash Uni trot out their party line =D>
  18. Yep if you spin enough bullshit for long enough it eventually will bite you in the ass and make you look stupid.I hope that the media pick up on that exact comment and ram it up there asses.
  19. Hope they get their pay rise soon so they calm down and stop shooting everyone
  20. i hope they shoot more of them, before they get back to the business of fining us full time.
    no shortage of low life crooks, thieves, muggers here. since the increasing crime rate has been severely neglected in favour of raising revenue for the state.
    if shooting them gives the cops something to do until they go back to manning speed cameras, then that's a win for society.

    the role of the police officer in Vic is just a glorified tax collector nowadays. targetting and bullying the serfs. and apparantly rider serf has the deepest pockets and is easist to harass/intimidate.
    go for a ride on your bike on a sunny day and you can get a hundred cops all trying to suck you dry. helicopters, the works.
    catch a train instead and you have to constantly tolerate people trying to stab you ...with no cops around for miles.