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Police action from lanesplitting protest

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. We have now had a response from the police regarding our complaints re driver behaviour on the Eastern Freeway.

    The response (despite the video evidence) has been a little slow hoever it is now moving along...

    We need individual complaints so if anyone wishes to make a complaint here are the details. It would be especially useful if anyone who is shown in the Channel 7 video with the car in the emergency lane could do so...


  2. no probs its seems to b a plan
  3. I wouldnt bother going thru all the shit. Live & let die.
  4. thats rite Ma milly vanilli :grin:
    blame it on the rain yeah yeah blame it on the rain yeah yeah :LOL: :LOL:
  5. :LOL: :LOL: pmsl :LOL: :LOL:
    happy days bro :grin:
  6. i was one of the six riders, i'm not 100% convinced it is worth following up, the guy in the white car did drive very dangerously but he was provoked but us deliberately taking up all the lanes while riding at what i think was significantly under the speed limit (i think we may of been doing 80-90km/h.)

    i would of been annoyed in his shoes to, trying to get to work etc.

    there are better ways riders can direct their energies to our cause than by getting this guy booked for his actions.

    i support the idea of the protest ride but sitting in the far right lane doing 80km/h is twat behaviour rather than constructive behaviour.
  7. gee imagine if we had to all ride to work like that everyday foxy :wink: there would be even more bloody idiots on the road! i say nail the prick :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Yep nail the prick, anyone that impatient shouldn't be allowed on the roads :evil: . Who knows, he might start dangerously passing funeral processions and parades next :LOL:.
  9. Personally i think the buck is being passed here
    why is say that is the cops can and DO book offender with video evidence and dont ask for others to submit complaints ,it IS blatently Obviouse who the car was by the plates and i think once again they are passing the buck and i dont care whome thinks the riders were going slower Everyone HAD TO cars and bikes ,And FWIW the camera's along that stretch of freeway would also have the car on tape with the front and the back view showing IF there was only 1 person in the car they also could be booked for being in the transit lane .
    Tony i see that No excuses by the police be allowed with this one :grin:
  10. They can't just book the guy because of the charges that they would have to lay.
    If he had just been speeding, they just send out the fine in the mail and its up to the driver to prove innocence.
    Since it is dangerous driving, they must take the driver to court and prove guilt. If the person making the complaint is not willing to go all the way to the court room, then there is no point the cops wasting their time. Afterall, they have speeding vehicles to book.

    Honestly, I think this prick would be doing this kind to shit everyday to every rider, if you get the chance nail his balls to the wall !!
  11. You are joking aren't you? Annoyed my arse. He drove like that for the same reason anyone does. He's a fcuking arsehole driving around with his head up his arse. :wink:
  12. ------------------------------------------------------
    They can't just book the guy because of the charges that they would have to lay.
    If he had just been speeding, they just send out the fine in the mail and its up to the driver to prove innocence
    They Have Video evidence and those Hwy cameras ALSO show the speed ,it is all up on the monitors how the hell do you think coppers are up in front of you ready to book you ,
    they are called on a radio because the persons watching the camera's /monitors ,Know what is being done 24/7 on the roads,they are Not just flash for cash cameras you ARE being watched .

    Gees am i the only one that watch's the early news on the TV when they actually Show these cameras and operators and the traffic with all the details up on screen,car,bike,truck,lorry , how many passengers in the vehicle ,speed,crash's,EVERYTHING is seen and recorded.
  13. And you wonder why motorcyclists dont trust the police.
    This is only ANOTHER example of riders being treated like second class citizens.
  14. If you were one of those riders you have an absolute duty to every other rider to nail the prick. Imaging if in a years time he runs your gf or dad off the road. Sheesh. Nail him.
  15. Of course by going to court and giving evidence the first thing you have to answer is who you are and where you live, great info to give to someone who "allegedly" tried to kill you.
  16. Nah, just another example of riders who can't read teh post directly above theirs and see the reason why it's not tinfoil hat persecution. :roll:
  17. It a case of delaying tactics bc they just couldnt be f*cked wif it all..
  18. Uhhhh, yeah they can... my mate lost his lic., for 2 years cos they caught him street racing on video... charged with dangerous driving.... What are you talking about?
  19. I think this comes back to apathy...the riders in question have been asked to help prosecute a dangerous car driver. If you had asked them would they do it BEFORE they actually had to get off their ass and do something, they would probably have said "Oh yeh, I'll stand up for myself and other riders, no worries."
    Now however, that they ARE being asked to stand up and be counted some seem to be reluctant.

    Evil flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing!

    Either you've got the bottle to stand up for what you KNOW to be the right thing or you dont.
  20. Sounds riight to me. :)
    Anytime I say I will do something I will do it. But some people...????